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Avatar n tn Trying to gain weight. Anyone have any meal plans that they wouldn't mind sharing?
Avatar n tn Shrimp brocilli onoions spinach soy beans and whole grain rice r whole grain noodles use olive oil instead of vegetable oil or vegetable or beef broth . Good n healthy meal at same time only 264 calories and is good n fiber n vitamin e .
Avatar n tn Normally, the glucose level rises after a meal. If your pancreas produces too much insulin you may experience hypoglycemia episodes. Have you spoken with an Endocrinologist, a diabetes specialist? How about a Clinical Dietitian/Nutritionist about your meal plans? Are you on any meds? In your case, it's best to have your pancreas and thyroid checked.
Avatar m tn Here are a few small adjustments to try and note the results. 6-8 glasses of water a day. No food after 7pm and bed by 9:30. (It's good to be asleep by 10)The evening meal should be light, easy to digest, never any cheese. Broth or warm milk is good) If done regularly, the results should be positive. It sounds easy, but it takes self-discipline.
Avatar f tn t concentrate on anything, but I find it really difficult to come up with a truly effective meal plan that would get me up to a healthy weight that I can stick to, mainly because my appetite is so small. I am 5"6 and weigh about 104lb. My ideal weight would be at least 126lb (probably a bit more). I really need some advice as I have lost about 9lb in 2 months without meaning to & I'm going to uni in September!! At this rate I won't be able to cope :( Thanks!
Avatar f tn Does anyone know of any apps that has a good variety of healthy & nutritious - diet meal ideas/ recipes? Preferably one that gives breakfast, lunch, dinner, & snacks :) thank you!
Avatar f tn Looking for the prefect app to use. What app would you recommend using for healthy meal plans for expecting moms? Would like one with a recipe book and a grocery list too if there is one.
Avatar m tn m in a hot area in gulf region 40 c heart rate 180 and BP was 180/100 the doctor put me on atenolol 50mg ...
Avatar f tn t eat it. I stick to healthy meal plans as my default food. Just make sure you eat something because baby needs his/her nutrients!
Avatar n tn I'm not familiar with milo in place of milk; what is it? Yogurt is good for you. You do need to make sure you eat some fat, as certain vitamins/minerals need fat in order to be absorbed... low fat products may not have enough fat in them. Cooking can be fun, so yes, look up those recipes and sharpen your skills.
Avatar m tn i do know herbal life is a good product but they are more meant more for meal replacement.and my wife plans to stop the kids from drinking milk powder.is it advisable?i do heard from certain nutrinionist in malaysia that consuming cows milk powder is not healthy for preschoolers in long run.is it true?do i still continue giving the herbal life formula mix to my kids?
Avatar f tn Eating one healthy meal won't make you fit. Eating one bad meal won't make you fat. When you decide to eat something delicious make it a choice not a cheat.
Avatar f tn It is good you are eating fruit and dinner meals. The slower you lose weight, the less likely you will gain it back. Try a Heart Healthy diet to lose weight which is a moderate fat diet and a moderate fat diet means = using polyunsaturated (omega 3, corn oil, nuts, etc) fats and monounsaturated (olive oil, canola oil, peanut oil, etc) fats, no saturated fats (high fat snack foods, butter, fat spreads) and no trans fats.
579258 tn?1250649343 The best laid plans can sometimes go astray and leave us in a whirlwind. Monday started off like a normal day and before it ended I ended up with an urgent deadline, working 15.5 hours at work and then having to keep my previous Tuesday plans out of state. Without prior notice, and the stark and hard-fast rule that ALL food is cleaned from the refrigerator/freezer over the weekend, my calorie-friendly frozen meals had been discarded and I was left with vending machines for my evening meal.
Avatar n tn Using a 1,200-calorie meal plan helps you stick within your weight-loss calorie allotment. However, although 1,200-calorie meal plans are often suitable for women seeking weight loss, men should consume at least 1,500 calories daily unless supervised by a doctor, notes Harvard Health Publications. combining low-carb and high-protein diet is effective for weight loss, carbohydrates are your body’s main and preferred source of energy.