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973741 tn?1342342773 And as to exercise, for many, regular exercise is like medicine for their heart. With coronary heart disease and hypertension as risk factors for fatal outcome for corona, it is wise to do all you can for heart health right now.
Avatar f tn yes how good are those self inflated digatal blood pressure moniters i have one for me an hubby to use,well i been having some bad spells for about a year now so i decide to check my blood pressure when i feel one an there is this little heart at the bottom lets you know if your heart is beating irregular well its starting to pop up once in awhile on me first time for that.but its only when i start sweating really bad for no reason an feel faint.
Avatar m tn If my heart checks out ok, what else would cause the palpitating, or irregular heart beat? How can I be sure, my heart is ok and that I am not having a heart attack? I have been to the ER like 15 to 20 times with these symptoms, and an ekg looks very good, but yet the symptoms continue. Please help!!
Avatar f tn This is what I would suggest: Start doing the ovulation kits so you know your ideal time to get pregnant. My doctor told me that after awhile you'll be able to tell when you are about to ovulate by the signs and counting the days, etc when you use the kits. When you are able to figure out the day you should be ovulating she said it would be good to have sex a couple days before that-that way your husband gets rid of the sluggish sperm and has time to build up nice healthy ones.
21064 tn?1309308733 hi I found a website with great recipes that are heart healthy. I found one on coffee now if that is not a great thing for me. A heart healthly way to drink coffee. The name of the site is www.mayoclinic.com. Key in heart healthy and they have recipes for deserts too:) I have not tryed it let but i think I am going to try the coffee drink.
Avatar m tn I have one pre-existing heart condition; an enlarged heart. My heart itself is only slightly narrower than half the width of my ribcage. I believe anything wider than half is considered a serious danger sign. My resting heart rate is 74bpm. I have tested this regularly over a period of weeks. My blood pressure is 130/90. So do these figures put me in a real danger zone?
11294269 tn?1422402907 I am 13 weeks and 2 days and the woman who did the sonogram said baby's heart is beating at 153 abandd is doing great. What's the normal range?
Avatar m tn I've started working out every day pretty intensely, as I'm trying to get very strong. I'm a seventeen year-old girl, and I was recently diagnosed to PACs and tachycardia, much to my surprise. I was completely unaware of these conditions until I went to my annual physical (which was the event my doctor discovered the conditions), two specialists, and had to wear a holter monitor for a day.
Avatar f tn Then we got a positive. Previous months we had used ovulation kits and did all the usual to ttc however the month i fell pregnant was march and my dad passed away suddenly we must have had sex once! Its true what they say when u stop trying it just happens. Id say its still too early but dont be down if it hasnt happened yet...it will !
1554498 tn?1327900374 I had a scare this morning, ended up panicked & in the er. Both babies still have beautiful beating hearts. Baby A, the one in the larger sac has 132 beats per minute & baby B was 127 per min. Baby B is measuring 3 days smaller than A and A's sac is really large. Are those pretty healthy rates?
1701959 tn?1488551541 So, I was diagnosed with PVC's back in March. Was told from the EC and Cardio that I do not need meds etc, just cut back on caffeine and other stimulants which I have done. I also suffer from panic and anxiety which I take meds for and they really do help. But it doesn't control my health anxiety totally. So, around the time I began heart testing (monitor, EKGs, Echo etc) I began having "heart" twinges. It was like a twinge of pain directly above my left breast.
Avatar m tn Generally, three sessions of aerobic exercise per week, with each lasting 20 to 30 minutes, should suffice. A vigorous walk, swimming, riding a bike, or anything similar counts as aerobic exercise. You just need to get your heart pumping along within your target range for aerobic exercise. This is a number that is based on your age, but generally is between 100 and 150 beats per minute (bpm).
Avatar f tn We are over 35 years old so I was looking to see how long we should try before we take any other steps. And do you have any suggestions on things to do now (like ovulation kits)?! I sincerely appreciate any good feedback and insight. Thank you!
Avatar f tn Before I went to have my FBS drawn for my physical, I was extremely nervous to the point my heart was pounding. I always get scared before blood is drawn at the Drs. My result was 107. Could my anxiety have caused the high reading? I'm wondering if I really don't have pre-diabetes and it was a false elevation due to nerves.
Avatar f tn Yesterday I had a trans vaginal scan done at 7w1d. It showed a fetal pole and a sac measuring 6 weeks. But no heart beat!!!! I know when I conceived... I was charting, using ovulation predictor kits and my hubby was working double shifts so we just did the deed when I got the positive. I started with good hcg levels, but low progesterone. So I was put on Crinone suppositories. I had no bleeding until the day before my scan. I had an orgasm and bled bright red for a very short time.
Avatar f tn I am 24yrs old and have been in a 6yr relationship with my boyfriend and for the last 6month we have been tying to get pregnant. I saw a doctor who advised me I was completly healthy, although my cycle is not the standard 28days. I have tried ovulation calanders and kits and yet all im getting is negitive test results. Yet, I ovulated from Aug 12-15 and am hoping that maybe something might have happend during that time. When would be the prefect to do pregnacy test?
Avatar n tn This enhances the chances of conceiving. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. You should have sex during ovulation days. Ovulation predictor kits can help you detect when you will ovulate. This enhances the chances of conceiving. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. You should take a balanced and nutritious diet. There are many vitamins which can help in ovulation like vitamin D, vitamin B6, vitamin C.Stay away from stress and exercise daily.
Avatar n tn Have you tried ovulation kits? Maybe you're missing your ovulation. Otherwise, they do recommend consulting with a physician if it has been a year of TTC without getting pregnant. Good luck!
Avatar n tn but for the past week now since the party one week ago that i used MDMA and LSD, i have been experiencing tight chest, worry of dying and i think my heart is racing but seems to be normal. i get like tingles in my body and keep thinking im having a heart attack. is this anxiety? also has last around 4 days now and i can't seem to shake the feeling or get it out my head.
387168 tn?1214756393 Has anyone tried the ovulation kits? I have the Early Response ones. I havent got a test line at all and last night all of a sudden there was a faint faint line along side of the control but then tonight there was nothing again. What do you think that means, I plan on testing everyday, I dont care how much money it cost me. Whats anyone else's opinion?
Avatar n tn If you are not having regular periods, or any periods, then you are not ovulating. Urine ovulation prediction kits work 90%-95% of the time, but they fail to pick up ovulation in 5%-10% and so you might fall into that category, if your periods are regular.