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Avatar f tn heart papulations and rapid heartrate. hand shaking.
Avatar m tn nitroglycerine) as it can cause potentially life-threatening low blood pressure. Individuals with heart problems are at increased risk of cardiovascular side-effects such as heart attack, stroke, chest pain, high blood pressure and abnormal heart beat. Other side-effects include headache, facial flushing, indigestion, dizziness, abnormal vision, and hearing loss.
Avatar m tn Individuals with heart problems are at increased risk of cardiovascular side-effects such as heart attack, stroke, chest pain, high blood pressure and abnormal heart beat. Other side-effects include headache, facial flushing, indigestion, dizziness, abnormal vision, and hearing loss. These products are not authorised for sale in Canada but it is possible they may have been brought into the country by travellers or purchased over the internet.
612876 tn?1355514495 Pharmacist says adjustment to Provigil (and reduction of side effects) may take a couple of weeks.
551789 tn?1237180929 They are getting very tough to handle. I nearly fainted on 3 separate occasions and felt like I was having a heart attack! I tried very heard to fight it off and not go to the ER and I succeeded. I can't imagine how much worse this is going to get, but I hope it all works out in the end. I need relief from these new feelings and let me get on with my life.
Avatar m tn The b6 is in both of the supplements, one because the health coach thought it would help with my stress and high cortisol levels 35 (high end range being 19) Its also in the vessel care for a gene issue where I don't absorb folate correctly. FT3 ranges were 2.0-4.4 for those >19 years FT4 ranges were 0.93-1.7 I know I am definitely not a medical professional, but the free t3 doesn't seem low at 3.1? I am waiting for a call back from her to see what is up.
Avatar m tn Calcium boosts risk of heart attack, stroke for women, study finds https://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-checkup/post/calcium-boosts-risk-of-heart-attack-stroke-for-women-study-finds/2011/04/19/AFKcJK5D_blog.
877337 tn?1249844450 I was on prescription medication but stopped taking it due to the side effects. I did research on my symptoms and started taking vitamin and dietary supplements. Not only did I start taking these for my illness but to help with its symptoms (heart palpitations), but also for mild depression and overall general health for a 49 year old woman. Below is a list of what I have been taking. Please review it and let me know if any of these are conflicting with one another. TIA!
332358 tn?1194987746 I'm fascinated by the holistic side of health and always looking to learn more. Feel free to say hello if this is of interest to you.
559187 tn?1330782856 Am a bit leery of this because I have heard other people have had bad side effects. Am still considering whether I should do this or not or to just stick to the 2 pills a day for now. BACK AND UPPER CHEST PAIN - This is still occurring. I think I've heard people call it the MS "hug" and probably from the sound of their descriptions this may be what is happening.
Avatar f tn Health professionals with the University of Michigan Health System report that treatment with CLA supplements may negatively affect the function of your blood vessels, which may elevate your risk of developing heart disease. Additionally, CLA supplements may also increase your blood sugar levels and may exacerbate diabetes symptoms in affected people.
Avatar m tn My source and refers to a most recent study to link calcium supplements with heart attack risk among women has researchers encouraging people over age 50 to get their daily recommended 1,200 milligrams of the mineral from food sources. The study published this week in the journal BMJ supports previous findings, and the lead author called for a reassessment of using calcium supplements to fight the bone-thinning disease osteoporosis.
Avatar n tn Last night I woke up around 430 feeling very sick, I was nauseated, I was gagging thinking something would come out. I was also having heart palpitations. I know it's from the Abilify b/c the night before that I had same mild nausea in the middle of the night that woke me up too and caused me to moan, but yesterday was way worse! I ate some crackers and slowly sipped water. When I got up out of bed I felt even worse.
Avatar f tn The Dr put me on Bystolic, but it was samples and there is no information on side effects. I have started having stomach problems and acid reflux lately. Can the Bystolic be causing this? What would be other good choices?
Avatar f tn To prevent unwanted side effects, avoid vitamin supplements that contain mega amounts -- more than 100 percent of the recommended daily allowance -- of particular nutrients and those that promise miraculous benefits.
Avatar m tn Totally agree with you every drug I have ever been given has side effects and some long lasting ones, check out the ADD forum and see what drugs parents are giving to their children with horrific side effects, and experts have said that supplements have as good an effect as some of them.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if there are any health side effects if you don't take harmone medicine other than hot flashes, which I am experiencing?
Avatar f tn m on Ramipril 5mg od, 81m ASA od and was prescribed Atenolol 25mg qam. Since reading the side effects I am very nervous to start this med. I love to run but am I at a high risk for stroke if I don't start this? BP readings are well controlled. Can I productively run,swim and bike still?
Avatar n tn A local radio station has been advertising Calotren, a collagen supplement for several years and the manufacturer and testimonials report no side effects. I've been researching and have also found a collagen supplement called AminoSculpt, which is a little less expensive. All of the various collagen supplements I've found report no side effects.
Avatar f tn After reading the expanding literature on heart health and fish oil supplements, I would like to begin taking this supplement on a regular basis (about 1 gram/day) . I have had two surgeries for a congenital heart defect and now have 2 artificial heart valves. I am taking coumadin (target INR 2.5 - 3.5). I live overseas and have very limited access to fresh/frozen fish. To regulate my INR, I use a portable tester that works well.
Avatar n tn Fish oil are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which help in lowering rates of coronary artery disease. These oils can prolong bleeding times and it is recommended supplementation be stopped 7-14 days before surgery. 3g / day are consisted a safe dosage of fish oil. Flaxseed contains oil that is converted into omega-3 fatty acids; it too has the potential to help prevent heart disease. It also effects bleeding time in our bodies, and >45g of flaxseed powder has a laxative effect.