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1065985 tn?1254938229 Suggest you eat 3 meals a day, with snacks between meals. A Heart Healthy diet which will give you the nutrients, vitamins and minerals your body needs, and help with possibly preventing future disease states. Heart Healthy diet which is a moderate fat diet and a moderate fat diet means = using polyunsaturated (omega 3, corn oil, nuts, etc) fats and monounsaturated (olive oil, canola oil, peanut oil, etc) fats, no saturated fats (high fat snack foods, butter, fat spreads) and no trans fats.
Avatar m tn Nutrition is a very important component for good health, and an improper diet can cause CAD and heart problems in the long term. You may want to consult with your doctor to bring your physical conditioning to an acceptable level with a diet and exercise protocol. I don't know the significance of the ulcer for your low BMI, but that may need an intervention as well.
Avatar n tn The main goal is to first, get the proper nutrients to the heart, then help the heart utilize them...something much easier said than done. An allergy can be a contributer, this is caused by literally anything under the sun, including sunshine. Many allergies are hereditary and may not exhibit symptoms until a later date. It has been proven that, the stronger the genetic factor, the earlier the probable onset. How might this relate to a heart problem?
782988 tn?1242685985 Seeking answers for my heart problems-in the process of getting tests. Hoping to get advice and support.
3060903 tn?1398565123 statins are given to high sholesterol , low dose statin may be good.. blood pressure meds, extemely effective, people eover the age of 60, before lifestue, 150 is when you use drugs, upper 150, old scool water pill direetic , liefstyle can revere extreme heart disease reduction in health care by 50% exercise.
Avatar m tn Basic Cellular Health Recommendations VITAMINS Vitamin C 600 - 3,000 mg Vitamin E (d-alpha-Tocopherol) 130 - 600 IU Beta-carotene 1,600 - 8,000 IU Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) 5 - 40 mg Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 5 - 40 mg Vitamin B3 (Nicotinate) 45 - 200 mg Vitamin B5 (Pantothenate) 40 - 200 mg Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) 10 - 50 mg Vitamin B12(Cyanocobalamin) 20 - 100 mcg Vitamin D3 100 - 600 IU Folic Acid 90 - 400 mcg Biotin 60 - 300 mcg MINERALS Calcium 30 - 150 mg Magnesium 40 - 200 mg Potassium 20 - 90
Avatar n tn I do not know, why the Companies are packing such easily availble vitamins along with some other difficult to get nutrients like zinc, omega3 or B12. So, while taking supplements, always do consult the doctor. Alternatively, get the vitamins and nutrients from the dialy food or natural inputs, for example, wheat grass, etc.
Avatar f tn s lost a lot of value, and conventionally grown produce is grown in soil deprived of nutrients. But he asks the right question, how do you know you're lacking?
Avatar f tn Nutrition Including Florida citrus as part of a balanced diet is a powerful way to improve your health and supply your body with the nutrients it needs. Study after study has continued to prove the positive effects citrus can have on your health. From disease prevention, to building immunity, to supplying a daily dose of nutrients, 100% Florida orange juice, grapefruit juice and fresh citrus are important keys to overall wellbeing.
Avatar n tn Vitamins past their expiration date lose potency and may not be as effective to treat vitamin deficiency or to provide extra nutrients! purchase vitamins that contain a printed sale by date or expiration date.
Business woman1 I am going to start steaming frozen vegetables so that I get the best nutrients from them an not end up in the hot water.
Avatar n tn Suggest you eat 3 meals a day, with snacks between meals. Since you are having issues with your health try to eat a Heart Healthy diet which will give you the nutrients, vitamins and minerals your body needs, and help with possibly preventing future disease states.
Avatar n tn I read the 12 nutrients great for healthy skin. Would taking a multivitamin containing all of them be enough?
Avatar m tn All that food which have balanced combination of all the nutrients, protiens and carbohydrates is good for health but you shoud keep in mind that this type of food can make you fatty.
Avatar f tn Prenatal vitamins are usually indicated as a nutritional supplement and help provide adequate supply of nutrients during pregnancy/ lactation and not to increase fertility. Folic acid, one of the component of prenatal vitamins, if taken in proper amounts not only help prevent birth defects, but has also been shown to improve fertility. That is why this is prescribed in women who are planning to get pregnant. Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn If its just from the pregnancy then try laying on your left side, never on your back, and see if it helps. U definitely need the nutrients from food. Not good for you or baby. Ensure helped me thru my first pregnancy.
5724867 tn?1373203976 I see vegetables and fruit as vital nutrients necessary to fortify my body, mind and spirit. I see creative ways to incorporate these nutrients into my body on a daily basis. I am creative right here and right now. So it is.
Avatar n tn For example, Sodium and Potassium are vital elements to heart health, and too little or too much can be deadly. Listen to your doctor, not health boards. Hope that helps. Keep us informed.
Avatar f tn wont do much harm besides make you gain weight fast and give you heartburn.
Avatar m tn heart beat 160 sounds health
Avatar n tn ocs because i have back probl i took them for about 4yrs and i just stop taking them about 20days ago withtrew are over with but i have a doubleheart beat it dose it pretty offen my dr put me on metoprolol25mg it sims to work but it still does it sometimes i fill lightheaded i felt that way before i stared taking metoprolol what can i do to feel better ill never take a drug again could this still be withtralle simthems i heard something about a pach thay put on you to put the vitamin and nutrie
Avatar f tn t know if I should push for heart related help(heart disease??) or if I should just attribute it to COPD/ashthma/daily allergies from pets/dirt in my house/dander. Or should I just continue on my thyroid medicine and also get help for my allergies/asthma? My daily inhaler doses are not working and I feel just miserable with all this coughing. I want to live my life and not worry about my health anymore.