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Avatar f tn Any ladies have any tips for summer fashion? Like beach/swimsuit wear? Seeing as all us July girls are going to be big and roasting for June and July.lol.
Avatar n tn What do I have if i can't stand because i have severe vertigo,neausa,vomiting and fainting,more than five times a month for 2 days or more I have lost 60lb in 1 1/2 months. The dr. told me it isn't inner ear infection. I've gone the hospital and had MRI nothing shows up.?
Avatar f tn t forget the sunscreen! Have a great time! I also had to buy a swimsuit this summer, there was no way I was buying one last summer. It wasn't as bad as I thought (buying a swimsuit that is)! Have fun and happy 4th!
Avatar n tn I have two "finger" like flaps that hang down outside of my vagina and I feel very insecure when i wear a swimsuit because I have to constantly check to make sure they aren't sticking out. I feel very self conscious because i always have to make sure they are pushed in. They can be uncomfortable especially when I am active. It wouldn't be a problem if they stayed inside my vagina but they hang out about one to two inches. I could really use some advice on this matter.
Avatar f tn Wear pantyliners . And idk if its too normal ..
1933343 tn?1336242468 I have contamination fears. Is it possible to catch anything from trying on a woman's swimsuit? There was a white strip present in the crotch area, I was wearing underwear, but now I'm obsessing about herpes, std, etc. in case someone else tried it on and contaminated it before I tried it on. I waited about 10 hours after I purchased it to try it on. Please help me, I'm struggling with this.
Avatar n tn Less than one minute later, my wife went out of the pool, and then inadvertently went to that shame shower. After pushing the water tap, she pulled the lower and back part of her swimsuit slightly backwards to let the water flow inside the swimsuit and wash the chlorine of the pool water. When I noticed she had done that, I went to the shower and discovered that there were small drips of semen at the water tap.
Avatar n tn i recently was diagnosed with molluscum. i have 5 small bumps in my bikini area and my husband has nothing... i did buy a swimsuit recently and used it without washing it, i know it's dumb to do that but i was taking my son to swimming lessons and didnt have time.. im wondering if its possible to get this that way. if so, could the person that tried on the swimsuit have something even worse and could i possibly get that as well....
Avatar f tn I took a urine analysis test last week and tested negative for any STDs. Could this be from the swimsuit? I also masturbated a few times prior to bed the night before. I can upload a picture if necessary.
Avatar f tn Is it Normal not to hear a heart beat at 8 weeks I'm 8 weeks and 2 days i went to the er Friday for a UTI and they did a ultra sound seen the baby but I didn't hear a heart beat . .
8377023 tn?1399509160 I live out in surfside beach lol I just bought a bikini from academy and this really cute black/gray stapless swimsuit cover thing and loveeeeee it. It is like a short little strapless dress but it is actually swimsuit material so you can wear it in water and everything, no biggie!!
Avatar f tn I have been getting a red bumpy rash on the back of my legs after swimming in oceans, lakes, pools and hot tubs. The rash is in places that come in contact with my swimsuit. The rash on my penis is flaky and dry on the tip.
Avatar f tn im nearly 27w! only gonna get worse bigger baby gets. greeeaaat lol I cant imagine carrying twins. my heart goes out to u. wat are u ladies using for stretchmarks?? the hell we put our bodies through but its all worth it.
628735 tn?1273875777 you should get a cutecover up over your swimsuit. When you get in the water just set it with your towel. Nobody can see your legs in the water. Plus, my personal opinion is long boardshorts bring a lot more attention to legs than a swimsuit...It not only makes legs look bigger with the added fabric it shows your trying to hide something. You have to love your body and rock whatever you've got! good luck!
Avatar f tn Ouch. sounds painful to me. And I am sorry you are hurting. As Sandee said you really should have these "cramps" evaluated. You termed them "old fashion" cramps. Old fashion cramps to me mean menstrual cramps. But you report them as under the breast area, at ribs. Therefore I am confused and concerned. How long have you been experiencing these cramps and are you having them in other areas besides under your ribs.
Avatar m tn Should I get tested and if so what specific test.
Avatar n tn My boyfriend ejaculated in the swimming pool we were both in while we were kissing. We were both wearing swimsuits. Is there any possibility for the sperm to go through his swimwear pass through the chlorinated water and get through my swimsuit etc. ? Can I be pregnant? I'm so scared please can someone help!
Avatar f tn If my girlfriend grind on me when both of us with swim suit on but the swimsuit is wet.
Avatar n tn Wear a tampon and you will be fine. Make sure that the string isn't hanging out of your swimsuit and don't forget to change it even though you're having a lot of fun.