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Avatar m tn Multivitamin-Mineral Use Is Associated with Reduced Risk of Cardiovascular Disease Mortality among Women in the United States. http://jn.nutrition.org/content/early/2015/01/07/jn.114.204743.
469720 tn?1388146349 It kills nearly twice as many women in the United States than all types of cancer, including breast cancer. Only 13 percent of women think heart disease is a threat to their health. The misleading notion that heart disease is not a real problem for women can be blamed in part on medical research. For a very long time, heart disease studies have focused primarily on men. Changes are under way, but some doctors still fail to recognize the warning signs displayed by female patients.
469720 tn?1388146349 Early Warning Symptom for the #1 Killer of Women Is Under-recognized Heart disease is the #1 killer of women in the United States. Peripheral arterial disease (PAD)-clogged or narrowed arteries in the legs-is a red flag that the same process may be going on elsewhere because PAD is associated with other life-threatening vascular diseases. Through early detection, interventional radiologists can save women from future stroke, heart attack, and early death.
Avatar n tn I understand there are differences in symptoms of coronary heart disease in men and women. Please advise the symptoms of women in this instance. Thank you.
976897 tn?1379167602 It would appear from some papers published that Heart disease in women used to be a lot less in numbers than in Men, especially up to a certain age. I think this is why so many Doctors dismissed heart problems in women with typical symptoms and some still do. However, it has been realised that since women have taken the roles they have in the work place, heart disease is definitely on the increase for them. It seems the more stressful the job, the worse their condition becomes.
Avatar m tn It seems like anxiety is listed with the same symptoms as heart disease what is the difference other than anxiety attacks
Avatar m tn what is difference between Heart attack and Angina pain
Avatar f tn t any family history of heart disease. My age does not indicate towards heart problems. I am so worried abt my health and future. Somebody plz help me. If i am at risk of heart attack or CAD. What should i do. Plz reply.
1200240 tn?1289339687 My hubby has heart disease.He went along to the GP yesterday and he is refering him back to the consultant for further investigation as he has been coming over very poorly and his pulse was low. The GP told him the consultant will probably tell him he's to have a heart bypass which is worrying him now. Today he came over bad in himself as he has been doing quite a lot, he seems a shadow of his normal self.He gets so fatigued and feels very ill in himself.
Avatar f tn Also, you said you were recently diagnosed with heart disease and that can contribute to anxiety symptoms. You are pretty close to delivering so deep breathing, stress management, hot bathes. Make sure you let your OBGYN know that your anxiety is out of control. You are also at higher risk for post partum depression and you may need to have an open dialogue with your OBGYN on getting ahead of the anxiety/depression aggressively.
Avatar n tn : There is alot of discussion of women and heart disease lately and the distinct : : difference from men and heart disease. Are there cardiologists that : : specialize in women's heart disease and how do you locate them. Also how : : important is it to have a doctor who specializes in this area. I have had : : angioplasty and have had a stent put in.
Avatar n tn Hello, I was just wondering if you could tell me why men recieve more aggressive treatment,when comes to heart disease, Then women do c/o of the same symptoms. When alot of articles out there say women are more likly to die from a heart attack then men. If this is the case, should'nt the same aggressive measures be taken for women. Also,could you please tell me what variant angina pectoris is,and what can be done about it.
Avatar n tn His Doc wants him to start meds for high blood pressure. He has a family history of heart related problems........his uncle had a heart attack at 38yo.......died last year at 55 but of lou Gehrigh's disease. His dad died at 57yo.........had several heart attacks previously , was a smoker and cause of death was cardiovascular collapse.. His youngest uncle had stents put in a few years ago......in early 40's,,,,,,,, was really tired....went to doc.......and they saw blockages.
1344197 tn?1392819171 Hysterectomy for benign, non cancerous, indications is one of the commonest surgical procedures in women, but the association between the procedure and the increase risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD), heart attack and stroke is not fully understood. Hysterectomy has traditionally been considered the method of choice for treating a variety of benign, non-cancerous, gynecological disorders due to the low surgical complication rate and definite cure of these diseases.
Avatar f tn I'm sure this is a very common question on here but I am really concerned. I'm 21 years old. I've been having panic attacks since Aug 2008. For a while they consumed my life and other times like now they would only be occasional. At first I really just thought it was anxiety but now I'm really starting to think it's something else like my heart.
633403 tn?1281175065 well i got locked out. i had to come in throw the window. I could hardly even walk. i had so much anxiety i toke a xanax then and another at 8, then 2 more at 10 so i had a total of 2mg. I was feeling so bad I actually thought about drinking just so i wouldn't feel so bad. put i didn't thank god.
Avatar n tn My second stress test was done when my second brother in 2004 went in for a routine physical and decided he should have a stress test, he had just retired from the SWAT team and the local sheriffs dept, he failed his stress and when they cathed him they found he had heart disease but had alot of collaterals.
Avatar f tn Plus, your age makes heart disease very unlikely plus the fact that women of child bearing age are generally protected from heart disease would make heart disease very unlikely.
328799 tn?1276565732 feeling of unreality like im in a constant dream and everything looks fake, sweating , tremors, fear of dying/doom, rare crying spells, nausea/gagging, trouble consitrating, racing heart, switching body temperatures.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if heart disease is hereditary and if its congenital or can it develop later in life? Ive been having what I believe are palpitations from anxiety, I just want to know any possibilities. Thank you.
Avatar n tn Heaviness in the chest and pain between the shoulder blades are classic heart attack symptoms for women so if you have them before you can see your doctor, go get checked out at the ER. It could be nothing, but why take a chance?
Avatar n tn my heart start beating fast for around 7-10 minutes on nervousness and end only if after 10 mins i lay down Is this a disease and suggest remedy and reason why it happens
1315420 tn?1344299361 heart catherization at hospital. no heart disease.