Heart disease risk tied to mom's number of births

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Avatar n tn i bet your mum already taking it , these is no other miraculous tablet which can cure what she has apart from an open heart surgery. yes open heart surgery is risky , you never know what might happen , but its a risk you have to take. i hope you will do what' s best for your mother.
Avatar n tn It is good you do not suffer any symptoms from your pvcs but definitely see a cardiologist to rule out heart disease. I am not certain pvcs are a precursor or cause of afib but take these questions to your doctor as he would have they best knowledge on any health risks you might be under with your age and heart health. Take care.
Avatar n tn If you have no other risk factors that would predispose you to developing heart disease I do not think you should worry about this or think that what happend to your mom's friend is happening to you. Your skipped beats are most likely benign PAC's (premature atrial contractions) or PVC's (premature ventricular contractions).
Avatar f tn These are usually due to foetal distress. There are a number of things that increase your chances of emergency c section, such as induction (particularly with pitocin), epidurals, continuous electronic foetal monitoring. They may also do a c section for 'failure to progress'. In other words, failure of doctors to wait. (Not all the time, there are legitimate cases where labour has gone for days and mother is fatigued etc).
Avatar n tn t take to much notice (depending on the number of previous c-sections as the scar becomes thinner with each one) or they will not want to risk it and say c-section right away. There are alot of women on here who have had a vbac with no problems and lots of sites telling you all the info you would want about them so that may be of some help. All i know is a vbac is not out of the picture and you should not be pressured into having anothe c-section if your do not want it.
Avatar f tn My doctor told me I should think about getting my tubes tied because I would be considered high risk if I was to get pregnant with a 4th. I'm not sure if that's something I want to do because it's so permanent. Anyone have any advice on that? Also my iron level is 34 and they consider you anemic and 32 so they're watching my iron. Is there anything I should worry about if my iron goes down.
20833372 tn?1528247675 Studies show a 3x risk of heart disease after uterus removal. A recent Mayo Clinic study shows increased risk of heart disease and metabolic syndrome. Many women also report blunting of emotions / loss of connection with others after removal of their uterus.
Avatar m tn The study, from the international Myocardial Infarction Genetics Consortium, is one of several in that issue of the journal that discuss new genetic findings about heart disease risk. Most used the new method of genome-wide association, in which researchers examine the genes of cases and controls, seeking single-letter variants -- so-called single nucleotide polymorphisms or SNPs -- that are associated with the disease in question. In the study by Dr.
Avatar f tn Myth. There are actually medical facts to provide reason for the need of C-Section: Breech baby, baby is stressed or heart rate is fading, previous pregnancy was C-Section, your personal preference, etc.
Avatar f tn My source indicates normal values are usually between 60 and 400 IU/L and is a marker for a heart attack, muscle breakdown, etc. Elevation of CK is an indication of damage to muscle (skeletal, cardiac, etc.) and your question is not specific for the type of CK that is elevated. Thanks for the quesion, and if you have any questions or comments you are welcome to respond.
Avatar n tn Cardiologists are also exploring the role of BNP in coronary artery disease. Although measuring BNP to help diagnose and treat this form of heart disease is still experimental, scientists have found that BNP levels rise during treadmill stress tests in patients with coronary disease. BNP testing will never replace treadmill tests, heart scans, or coronary angiography, but it may soon help doctors decide which patients need additional tests.
5555001 tn?1372873198 Yes, women do have successful pregnancies and the number is increasing in best of hands who carefully monitor the autoimmune disease during the pregnancy. The complications like flares, premature births, miscarriage, low birth weight etc are better managed today, but yes, the risk always remains. There may be an increased risk of neonatal lupus, but again this is usually self limiting and the baby remain healthy. So, please be in touch with your Obs and Gyn at every step. All the best!
1952347 tn?1326475939 i heard a story from a friend last night that is a teacher and one of her mom's got pregnant about a year after her husband got snipped. So she got her tubes tied and within a year of that she was pregnant with twins. needless to say stranger things have happened.
Avatar n tn If you have a history of heart attacks in your family and anyone under the age of 50 has had one it means that you are simply in a higher risk group. The best thing that you can do for yourself if this is the case is to make sure that you are checked annually by a good heart doc so that they can keep an eye on you.
Avatar n tn However, whatever scan you have, if they reveal heart disease of a substantial level, it will always lead back to the original option, an Angiogram.
Avatar n tn To reduce risk factors of heart disease make sure that your LDL level is 100 or below, HDL in the 50's for females, 40's for males, triglyercide levels 150 or below. Eliminate red meat from your diet or reduce it. I dropped my LDL and triglyercide levels tremendously when I stopped eating red meat for a year. My LDL is 79 and triglyercides 35. I can relate with you. All of my mom's side of the family over 100 people have heart disease now or have died from it.
7801614 tn?1401768235 I have kaiser. They have two different locations within a twenty mile radio us and the only place they have a tub to labor in is in room 7 at one location lol they also won't let me labor in the water after water breaks due to risk of infection. And they absolutely don't deliver babies in the water. For the first half of my pregnancy I tried hard to figure out a way to have a water birth, this is my third and final child and I wanted something different.
870027 tn?1239744927 Hi Merbear, There are certainly a large number of children looking for loving families to be adopted by, so please always keep that possibility open. But don't feel that having your biological children is particularly hazardous. Although MS is not an inherited disease, people with relatives with MS are more genetically predisposed to having MS, but not by a large enough number to keep you from having children for that reason alone.
Avatar f tn The authors of a meta-analysis suggest that this helps to explain the apparent increase in risk sometimes associated with low diastolic pressure, and warn that some medications for high blood pressure may actually increase the pulse pressure and the risk of heart disease. Last, be aware that certain anti-hypertensive drugs and combinations thereof have a better effect on pulse pressure than others. Examples are diuretics and certain calcium channel blockers.
Avatar n tn She delivered as a high risk pregnancy due to her Rheumatoid Arthritis, Addisons, Clotting Disorder, high number of prior miscarriages, and some smaller issues (her blood pressure remained fine during this pregnancy, unlike the previous 7 with one live birth) I know the rarity of this disease now however I can't help but feel too many Doctors dropped the ball on this one since she presented so many of the symptoms.
Avatar f tn Can anyone help me to understand where she is possibly in the staging of this disease. She is totally immobile and cannot be removed from her chair without a machine and is quite heavy set. I know this does not help her. Can anyone help me?
Avatar f tn relationship * The most common form of a consanguineous relationship or marriage is between first cousins and in some societies, can account for a large proportion of relationships * Traditionally, some cultures have practised and continue to practise marriage between relatives such as cousins as a means of strengthening family ties and retaining property within the family * We all carry several harmful faulty gene copies on our chromosomes but have a working copy on the other partn