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Avatar m tn Soft plaque presents a higher risk for a heart attack as it may rupture the inner lining and form a clot.
Avatar n tn The most common indication for mitral valve replacement is mitral regurgitation or mitral stenosis, which is increasingly caused by degenerative mitral valve disease rather than by rheumatic heart disease. Age alone does not contraindicate valve replacement or repair.
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Avatar n tn Physical Signs of Heart Disease Swelling of Your Feet and Lower Legs Retention of fluid in the feet and legs is known as peripheral edema. Edema may appear as "sock marks" at the end of the day. Mild peripheral edema is common. Your doctor may check for this sign by pressing a finger against your ankle or shin bone to see if a depression is left behind. This is called "pitting edema.
Avatar m tn Oral sex. I used to say that oral sex was very low risk but as time goes on my assessment is that it gets closer and closer to being a no risk event. There are no credible instances in many years in which anyone has even claimed to get HIV through either receiving or giving oral sex and the few old case reports in which it was suggested to occur are not convincing. I would not worry about HIV from oral sex. I won't address your "have you ever" question.
Avatar m tn I assume you are being treated for high blood pressure, and patients with CAD and very low BP can increase the risk for a stroke and heart attack. There is a study that 110 or lower for systolic pressure and 60 or lower for diastolic pressure may increase the risk. There are other doctors who want the blood pressure as low as possible without side effects such as fainting, dizziness, etc.
Avatar f tn Since it is a risk factor for heart disease and stroke, this is important to find out. The current recommended treatment is niacin in a dose of 1-3 grams daily. However, please do not take it without asking your doctor. Take care!
Avatar f tn Bottomline- you do have risk factors for coronary heart disease, the biggest one being history of heart attack. You need aggressive risk factor modification including a statin.
Avatar m tn Asking partners, while not perfect is a good idea an will reduce your risk somewhat. As for oral sex, the quoted figure for HIV risk, if one has oral sex with an infected partner is less than 1 in 10,000 and, in my estimation that is far too high. Some experts state there is no risk at all from oral sex. Neither of us on this site have ever seen or reading the medical literature of a convincing instance in which HIV was passed by oral sex.
Avatar n tn ran home looked up what this was and am now afraid their gonna tell me heart disease. i have always had some level of chest pain since i was a very young girl. but after the hbp diag. monitor it daily and have noticed a beat that it not in perfect rythym. obviously if this were of any comcern they wouldn't do the surgery. i don't want to have a heart attack on the table. just some laymen explanation would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn t reach that level through fatigue or discomfort, they resort to an injection which stresses the heart. If you have heart disease, it suddenly feels like someone is sitting on your chest and breathing is very hard. This lasts for about 2 mins tops. They then take the patient to the scan room where they have to lay on their back, keeping still, for about 30 mins. Slowly you watch the machine go around the front of the chest as it takes images.
Avatar m tn Your doctor knows the major limitation of the stress test approach is that it requires high-grade stenosis to indicate heart attack risk. And high-grade stenosis, while a good indicator of advanced arterial disease, is NOT the major cause of myocardial infarctions (heart attack).
Avatar n tn When you say your stent was occlusive, did they tell you how large the blockage is? There is always a greater risk of heart attack after your first one, but it depends on so many different things. What does your doctor say?
Avatar n tn my PA took the test but said he had no idea what to do w/ result. [he said normal is 1 - 10] he did not think this is a problem since I have very good cholesterol.....so did my dad til his heart attack!! In the Harvard Women's Health Study, results of the CRP test were more accurate than cholesterol levels in predicting coronary problems. Twelve different markers of inflammation were studied in healthy, postmenopausal women. After three years, CRP was the strongest predictor of risk.