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Avatar m tn My EF is low because i had a heart attack about 15 years ago. I do not have irregular heart beat just a low EF.
Avatar f tn my baby has apparantly got a tacky heart i am wondering what can possibly cause this and what help wil my baby get when he's born the ultrasound scan has shown a normal heart
Avatar f tn That would depend on a few factors I would think. What kind of congenital defect are you speaking of? Pulmonary hypertension is a serious condition in itself, and the condition usually gets worse unless it can be successfully treated. Again, this is difficult to answer because we don't know the cause of your PH. It could be due to heart disease or it could be due to problems with the vessels in the lungs among other things. Is the right side of your heart dilated at all?
1124887 tn?1313754891 If your sinus node for some reason fails, or the heart develops a blocking due to heart disease that makes ordinary impulses not conduct - PVCs will keep you alive until you've got a pacemaker implanted. However, those cells can fire impulses though it's not needed.
Avatar f tn While I agree that it should be your choice in caring for your child I strongly disagree with you and I believe you are putting your child & the rest of the population at risk. I suspect your doctor feels this way too. I think your decision is logically flawed and I hope your kid & my kid don't go to school together. Yes it's your choice but it affects other people too. Vaccines work on the "herd" since not everyone gets 100% effectiveness from a shot.
Avatar f tn To the doctor - quick! Doxy - quick! Do not let them take it lightly. You may not see the bullseye. I am now diagnosed with Lyme disease, CDC positive, and 20 years ago I had three ticks embedded in my head when playing in a barn in the suburbs of Indianapolis! I had lumps on my scalp and was not treated - and here I am diagnosed. This is too close to my story to not take seriously. I'm not trying to scare anyone to death, but those are the facts about my case.
1647333 tn?1302443078 It can be related to many different reasons,coronary artery disease, hypertension, valvular disease and congenital heart disease . It is very important that your friend get evaluated and treated as soon as possible he may need medication and certain type of tests to rule out wether he is susceptiple to sudden cardiac death. He will need an EKG,echocardiogram and tests to determine the cause.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with Grave's about 5 weeks ago. Doc put me on Methimizole and I had a sever allergic reaction. Took me off meds and went in for follow-up 1 wk ltr. Was told that I can do Radioactive Iodine Treatment or Surgery...I'm soooo confused. My numbers are literally BORDERLINE hyperthyroidism...doc said I should not wait too long to make decision. If I am borderline, why do something so drastic? Does this mean if I decide not to do either treatment, my numbers will go higher.
Avatar n tn You will need to acknowledge the facts about HIV and reconcile with these facts. . You need to spent more time in your other daily affairs rather than sit on these issues. Cheers!
Avatar f tn They may have a diagnoses of Heart Failure; Congestive heart failure would be more of a flair=up of the disease. Why does this person think she has CHF?
Avatar m tn s a new study and it needs further study, but the new suggested link to heart disease worries me (dad died at 56 of heart disease). I was diagnosed with HPV when a wart was removed in 2008, the latest I could have gotten it was 2005 (latest "new" partner and monogamous from then).
Avatar f tn It just scared me because my entire family has gone to heart disease. Honestly, my grandpa died in '98 of a heart attack and my grandma died in August of a heart attack. My mom has heart problems and my dad and his side of the family has heart murmurs. It's a matter of time before we're diagnosed. I haven't had anymore but my heart is racing and I feel flushed, I can feel my heart beating hard. I think I will pay the doctor a visit tomorrow.
Avatar n tn No problem. :) 75% who have a heart attack due to heart disease have normal cholesterol levels. As mentioned, if inflammation isn't under control, plaque build up occurs. Good luck with surgery.
2085487 tn?1332432719 Buth without you will continue to deteriorate. I had heart disease since 23 and seen multiple doctors and countless medications until i found the right ER, the right Hospital, and the righ Cardio Team. I was misdiagnosed with mitrval regt. buy one hospital and the treatment plan didnt work. Another hospital diagnosed me with dilated cardiomyopathy. I feel fine now with the right meds and my rates/bp/heart is fine. So being misdiagnosed is a very dangerous situation. So shop around and quick.
Avatar m tn Six months have passed and I have managed to lose sixty pounds and managed to lower my blood sugar, trigylcerides and blood pressure. Knowing that Metabolic Syndrome put me at greater risk for heart disease I wanted to get a better idea of what caused my father to have a heart attack. Despite not being close to him, my two half sisters or his side of the family at all, I knew vitually nothing. I contacted my stepmother and when I did, was in for the shock of my life.
Avatar f tn Funny that's what someone else said to me .
Avatar n tn Your chances are very low. Getting an std orally is very rare. The bacteria do not like the conditions in the mouth.
Avatar m tn The fact that the examination was quick is a good sign, nothing probably needed more evaluation, and your heart was easily visible. Of course, none of us can say what the results were, but do not worry about the time. It's normal. When I had an echo done, it only took a few minutes and everything was normal.
Avatar f tn I have tried to be helpful to others by giving my honest opinions based on my own experiences and facts of my life. Due to circumstances I feel these opinions are not well received. So let me be clear: therapy has not helped me. I've seen therapists primary care, all sorts of things in an attempt to feel better, unsuccessfully.
Avatar f tn thats unfortunate that she told me that its completely frazzled my head and caused me such anxiety. Thank you so much for your help! one more quick question, do you know of any cases of a person testing negative after the 3month mark and then testing positive through another test after?