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Avatar m tn what is difference between Heart attack and Angina pain
Avatar f tn t any family history of heart disease. My age does not indicate towards heart problems. I am so worried abt my health and future. Somebody plz help me. If i am at risk of heart attack or CAD. What should i do. Plz reply.
1200240 tn?1289339687 My hubby has heart disease.He went along to the GP yesterday and he is refering him back to the consultant for further investigation as he has been coming over very poorly and his pulse was low. The GP told him the consultant will probably tell him he's to have a heart bypass which is worrying him now. Today he came over bad in himself as he has been doing quite a lot, he seems a shadow of his normal self.He gets so fatigued and feels very ill in himself.
Avatar m tn Multivitamin-Mineral Use Is Associated with Reduced Risk of Cardiovascular Disease Mortality among Women in the United States. http://jn.nutrition.org/content/early/2015/01/07/jn.114.204743.
907968 tn?1292622204 I have posted a copy of this question today in the heart disease forum which I have been a member since May(?) '09. I had a double bypass in April '09. ............... looking for the benefits of Salmon/fish oil and because I love fish I have been purchasing a "family pack" of "Farm Raise Atlantic Salmon Fillets". Prier to my heart attack I'd have "a" fillet a year and even then it was deep fried in oil.
Avatar f tn hello, brookstar here! i need someone to tell me some facts about masturbation. good healthy or bad ones. thanks! they have to be detailed. ex: you get a disease called bla bla bla when you masturbate for over (extended period of time) it helps since im a worrier. i need all the facts so i dont do the wrong thing.
Avatar m tn My EF is low because i had a heart attack about 15 years ago. I do not have irregular heart beat just a low EF.
Avatar f tn my baby has apparantly got a tacky heart i am wondering what can possibly cause this and what help wil my baby get when he's born the ultrasound scan has shown a normal heart
1315420 tn?1344299361 heart catherization at hospital. no heart disease.
Avatar n tn My wife is 57 years young and was just released from the hospital over a week ago we have both searched diet books and the net trying to find a web page that gives detailed nutrition facts they are either for heart disease or diabetes not both she is a type 2 diabetic and just had 2 stints put in we are getting very frustrated if anyone out there can point us in the right direction i,d greatly appreciate it THANK YOU!!!
Avatar f tn had open heart surgery and lung disease have to be on h2o
Avatar f tn That would depend on a few factors I would think. What kind of congenital defect are you speaking of? Pulmonary hypertension is a serious condition in itself, and the condition usually gets worse unless it can be successfully treated. Again, this is difficult to answer because we don't know the cause of your PH. It could be due to heart disease or it could be due to problems with the vessels in the lungs among other things. Is the right side of your heart dilated at all?
269806 tn?1219877244 does anyone know if shaking or tremor is one of the symptoms of heart disease or heart related problems? my boyfriend has a tremor and he was going to donate blood and they told him they couldnt do it unless he had medical clearance because shaking/tremor is a sign of a heart problem. thank you for any input you can give!!!
Avatar f tn Delete all the facts you like.
Avatar n tn I know for some this is true based on their stage of the disease and the necessity. But we are offered the interferon by the medical community because that at this time is all they've got. To assume that that is all there is could be erroneous. Some of us might be able to wait and stave off the "dragon" for a time until something better comes along. There is no doubt with all the money to be made by the pharma houses that they are looking hard.
1124887 tn?1313754891 If your sinus node for some reason fails, or the heart develops a blocking due to heart disease that makes ordinary impulses not conduct - PVCs will keep you alive until you've got a pacemaker implanted. However, those cells can fire impulses though it's not needed.
Avatar m tn An estimated 5.4 million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease, and an estimated 600,000 more may suffer from an often misdiagnosed subtype called "hippocampal sparing" Alzheimer’s Since there’s no conventional cure, the issue of prevention is absolutely critical if you want to avoid becoming an Alzheimer’s statistic.
469720 tn?1388146349 Early Warning Symptom for the #1 Killer of Women Is Under-recognized Heart disease is the #1 killer of women in the United States. Peripheral arterial disease (PAD)-clogged or narrowed arteries in the legs-is a red flag that the same process may be going on elsewhere because PAD is associated with other life-threatening vascular diseases. Through early detection, interventional radiologists can save women from future stroke, heart attack, and early death.
Avatar f tn While I agree that it should be your choice in caring for your child I strongly disagree with you and I believe you are putting your child & the rest of the population at risk. I suspect your doctor feels this way too. I think your decision is logically flawed and I hope your kid & my kid don't go to school together. Yes it's your choice but it affects other people too. Vaccines work on the "herd" since not everyone gets 100% effectiveness from a shot.
Avatar m tn www.smilesbydrjafari.com The word periodontal literally means “around the tooth.” Periodontal disease is a chronic bacterial infection that affects the gums around the teeth and the bone supporting the teeth. Periodontal (gum) diseases are serious infections that, if left untreated will deteriorate the bone and ligaments that support the teeth, eventually leading to tooth loss. What Causes Periodontal Disease?
1593682 tn?1297701082 First of all Dr. Atkins did not die of a heart attack. He slipped and fell and died of "blunt impact injury of head with epidural hematoma". As far as the diet itself is concerned, it's safe if you do it correctly. I've been on it for one month and not only am I losing weight I'm burning fat. The same components that scientist were applauding in the French Paradox system is basiclly the same. Fat is not the enemy.
Avatar m tn //www.leesebergvalentine.