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Avatar n tn Much depends on the progression and nature of one's heart disease. You may be building plaque in your arteries and not feel any symptoms until the plaque ruptures or closes an artery completely or to a level that it causes cells to be damaged. Then you would feel short of breath, sweat intensely and have chest pain radiating to your arms, back and neck. This is normally a crushing pain or a feeling of pressure. All these are what you would feel after a cardiac event.
Avatar n tn Hi i read your post...the Mayo Clinic one of the best in the world recommends the "DASH" diet and Omega-3's but no matter which direction you go in make a quick call to your doc to make sure that the food groups that you are putting into your body do not react adversely with the meds you may be on. Your doc should be able to provide you with a print out of recommended supplements that you are able to take...
4451049 tn?1387153437 s patients have Lyme Disease and improve with extended antibiotic treatment. The two biggest clusters of the disease in the US are in Texas and California. Quite a few patients ended up at Dr. Stricker's office in San Francisco and he began making observations and publishing papers. He and his cohorts have theorized and recently produced evidence that it is caused by a spirochete. (Spirochetes also cause syphillus, Lyme/Borreliosis, leptospirosis, et.al.
676912 tn?1332812551 Oops don't know how that happened, lol Cass, I didn't think of separation anxiety...it is extremely difficult, especially since she says mama and it's just heart breaking. I've actually gone outside for about five minutes after I put her down to just get away for a minute and see what happens and she just continues. I don't think she'd stop if I left her for an hour (which I would NEVER do!!!
Avatar f tn Tell me about it.
1161780 tn?1266711844 In my honest opinion, western society is the cause of heart disease, and as western values spread through the world, heart disease seems to be following.
Avatar f tn Has anyone ever felt a horrible vulnerable feeling? Kind of like you would feel if u were standing naked in the middle of a huge crowd... I always get this terrible feeling. I always have ever since I was little and now I'm 23. I don't know what it is. It is sometimes accompanied by rapid heart beats, nausea, blurred vision, and dizziness and can last anywhere from 10 minutes to 5 hours. But it is seriously the worst feeling in the world!!
5934244 tn?1377128795 I got pregnant with my daughter at 15 had her at 16 got pregnant with my son at 17 had him when I was 18 got pregnant with my third child at 18 had him when I was 19 and here I am now 20 pregnant with my 4th child I would not trade it for anything in the world nor ask for the ugly looks to be gone it just shows how rude and inconsiderate those people giving u the looks are! And how much of a better person you are for not caring and showing them you can be a better mom/person than they are!
Avatar n tn there are literally millions of people in the world with it and they are still alive and kicking......good luck Lucille and don't lose today worrying about the what ifs or could be's ....
Avatar m tn Any meal or snack high in carbohydrates will generate a rapid rise in blood glucose. To adjust for this rapid rise, the pancreas secretes the hormone insulin. You really don't want to mess with insulin cause it likes to mess with you.
492869 tn?1285018933 the guy in the than plaid shirt is on the side of the CDC and IDSA (Infectious Disease Society of America), who believe that 'Lyme is hard to get and easy to cure'. The other speakers tend to be the dissenters like me and many others here. For those who have had Lyme for a while and have learned the basics already, the videos (which last about a half hour in total) might not tell you anything new...
8411000 tn?1464556711 Just seen an article on Lyme in the newest Runner's World magazine. I haven't read it yet, just a FYI.
Avatar f tn It was caused by what the person above mentioned. The doctor said it is like a little flap that holds the blood from only coming out during our menstrual cycle but if something hits it and causes the flap to open slightly it releases the blood. Implantation bleeding will usually last a few days and it is pretty much a very small amount to where you may only notice it when you wipe.
Avatar f tn 3 months ago, when this started, I thought nothing of it, as I have experienced weird changes in my period when I was a teen and the doctor said it was normal for it to change. When the next period came, the problems were worse. Excessive cramping, the lymph nodes in my right groin became very swollen and my right tonsil was swollen and had the white tonsil stone things all over it. This is when I called my doctor (this was about 2 months ago).
456991 tn?1239307232 Okay so lately I have been having this really weird sensation, it usually only happens at night when I am in a deep sleep. I get the sensation as if I needed to go to the restroom like if I have (TMI)diarrhea, but then I'll go sit on the toilet for a while and nothing ever happens just a waste of my sleep time. Well it'll usually last for about a good 2-3 hours then finally I can fall back asleep.
1088646 tn?1256949923 There is a tree across the street and it has thorns all over it. The tree is over 40 feet tall and the thorns are up to 5 inches in length. I have never seen or heard of such a tree. Anyone know what it is?? Thanks!
Avatar m tn t have band or flyers or are unable to talk to anyone (which I find obscene) then at the very least think about the disease in prayer. You are living it, try and do something about it however small, it will make a difference in at least yourself.
5902149 tn?1376877360 Not even the best Doctor in the world would be able to give a conclusive diagnoses on a forum like this because there are too many variables and you need to be physically examined. Are there any patterns to these episodes? I mean, is there nothing you can think of that kick starts them? Do you lead a highly stressful life?
Avatar n tn s heart, that is normally only seen in world class athletes. You need to know if your heart is enlarged due to a thickening of the walls or to a stretching of the wall. the key is to find the underlying cause that is making your heart work harder than it should and treat that, then the heart can remodel itself.
Avatar f tn re a part of a much larger community. Once we start to understand our place in the world, its easier to accept life and its struggles in proper stride. Here are some things to remember: 1. Life is hard. Sometimes we think the world owes us...and quite honestly...it doesn't. 2. You're not that important. We like to think the world revolves around us, but again...it doesn't. 3. Your life isn't about you. Its actually about our interaction with others. 4.