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Avatar m tn Slash Heart Disease Risk by 81 Percent For millions or people, statin drugs are the number one doctor-prescribed defense against heart disease. In fact, so many people take them that we spent $12.5 billion on Lipitor in 2006 alone. But brand new research reveals that they may seriously damage your health. That’s because statins significantly increase your risk of diabetes.
Avatar n tn Cholesterol numbers by themselves don't mean anything. The type of cholesterol is more important, though there's no consensus as to how much of a role cholesterol plays in most types of heart disease. Some people have congenitally high cholesterol. For others, it's their diet and lifestyle, including how much they exercise. The worst part is triglycerides, the next worst is LDL, but HDL is actually beneficial cholesterol.
Avatar m tn An elevated Lp(a) cholesterol level in the bloodstream increases the stickiness of blood, and contributes dramatically to the formation of clots and the chance of a heart attack or stroke. The European Atherosclerosis Society now urges doctors to check Lp(a) in patients at moderate to high risk of cardiovascular disease. The society says bringing a patient’s elevated Lp(a) cholesterol level under 50 mg/dL should be a treatment priority.
Avatar m tn AND, since many have become westernised, they have certainly started to see the real effects of heart disease. Erijon is correct in that these individual cases are often used to try and disprove the benefits of medications, but they never use the full story. It's the same with the French paradox for the English. Our neighbours consume tons of dairy products yet have very little instance of heart disease compared to us.
469720 tn?1388146349 What Is High Blood Cholesterol? Cholesterol levels are determined through chemical analysis of a blood sample taken from a finger ***** or from a vein in the arm. Home cholesterol kits, first approved in 1993, test only for total cholesterol levels but are as accurate as tests done in a doctor's office, says Steven Gutman, M.D., director of FDA's division of clinical laboratory devices.
Avatar m tn If this trend continues, you are indeed at high risk for developing cardiovascular disease such as heart attach or stroke. I recommend starting a diet and exercise program immediately, which may even help with improving your mood. In my opinion you do NOT need a stress echo since it is unlikely that you would have significant blockages in your arteries AT THIS TIME, unless you have some discomfort or pain when you exert yourself.
Avatar n tn A low fat/low cholesterol diet will lower your HDL but will also lower your LDL big time..its the ratio of HDL to LDL that's most important. My LDL before I started the niaspan and diet was over 100 and my total was 185 or so. In 6 weeks I have went down to the numbers you see in my first post. My trigs were at 144 and are now in the low 80's.
Avatar m tn There are certainly a large number of people with national average cholesterol levels, or even lower who have heart disease. There is a lot of research ongoing to try and understand what exactly is going on with lipids and heart disease. There is a link somewhere, but still nobody really knows what it is. Lowering lipids works for many people, but also for many people it definitely doesn't work and this is the reason for the research, it isn't so cut and dry.
535822 tn?1443976780 (NaturalNews) Cholesterol has received plenty of negative media over the last decade as the reason behind heart attack and arterial disease. Several pivotal studies have shown that cholesterol is not the cause behind problems of the heart as once thought. With a strange twisting of information, the pharmaceutical companies who manufacture cholesterol-lowering drugs have protected their $34 billion a year industry.
Avatar n tn No problem. :) 75% who have a heart attack due to heart disease have normal cholesterol levels. As mentioned, if inflammation isn't under control, plaque build up occurs. Good luck with surgery.
Avatar n tn I have been on the Dean Ornish diet for a couple of years and would encourage you to try this diet. At first it is very difficult to change your behavior and way of eating. I still from time to time have extreme difficulty. However, I must tell you it will make a difference in your overall health and the way you feel.
469720 tn?1388146349 Some children may need their blood cholesterol tested if they have a strong family history of heart disease.
Avatar f tn 5 ounces of most nuts, including almonds, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of heart disease. And even though almonds are relatively high in fat and calories, studies show that eating almonds can actually help with weight loss (their protein, fiber, and monounsaturated fats provide the feeling of fullness, preventing overeating).
Avatar n tn I would like to know how come before when i was on the fast food diet my results were lower? I am eating now a million times before. I cheat every once in a while but not with fast food maybe cookies some candy etc.. But nothing compared to eating Burger king everyday. My primary dr scheduled me to retake my cholesterol again in 6 weeks but i am going to take all these results to my cardio in novemeber. Is it possible that the lab results of my second test were not correct? Thanks!
Avatar f tn What else can we do to lower his cholesterol? With both of us now at risk for heart disease - one with hypertension, one with high cholesterol, should we get our children tested? Should they get genetic counselling when they get older? We are a healthy, active family and these diagnoses came as quite a shock to us. Your recommendations will be very much appreciated.
1500085 tn?1325732318 The best way to improve your cholesterol levels and reduce your risk of heart disease is to change your diet and lifestyle. Eat a whole foods, plant-based diet and incorporate exercise and stress-relieving activities into your daily routine. I made a list of the best cholesterol lowering foods in 2007. It’s time for an update! Here’s my new 2012 list of the Top 14 Foods that Lower Cholesterol with the latest research and recommendations from nutrition experts: 1.
Avatar n tn Try either the Dean Ornish heart-reversal diet or the South Beach Diet. If you have known heart disease, the Ornish diet is better because it most effectively cleanses the system of excess fat. The South Beach Diet is usually for those with risk factors but no known heart disease. This diet allows more latitude and can still get a person to the recommended targets.
805943 tn?1238093647 You need correct answers from your doctor, so that you can improve your cholesterol with diet and medication. Heart medication is the best way to treat heart disease if you catch it early. Heart medication taking correctly will avoid the visits to the hospital. I hope you get some good answers from your cardiologist and start feeling better soon. Many people with heart disease can live a life, but need to watch their diet to stay healthy. Take care and try to avoid stress.
Avatar f tn Niaspan is not working or other medications are increasing my cholesterol. Only diet and exercise will lower my cholesterol.
Avatar m tn HI, Niacin is a type of B vitamin. It is vitamin B3 and is one of 8 B vitamins. It is also known as niacin (nicotinic acid). Niaspan (which also has the generic name niacin) is used to improve cholesterol levels when exercise and a low-fat diet alone have not been adequate. Niaspan increases "good" high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol in your body and also lowers the "bad" low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol and triglycerides.
Avatar n tn They are made out of wheat gluten and soy protein and its the closest thing to a hamburger to can eat if you have heart disease. Don't eat their other products because they have saturated fat and sometimes some cholesterol and of course they taste way better. They don't cook like real hamburgers so put 2 in a microwave and cook them for 2 mins. The middle is only cooked if the sides get hard and you have to cut them off.
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1765695 tn?1313669583 We are concerned with heart disease. But you and I do not merely want to avoid heart disease. Our goal is optimal heart health. In order to build good habits to promote our optimal heart health it is imperative to look at the current subject. Let’s consider the following points… Where Do We Get Omega-3 and Omega-6? There is Good News and Bad News about Omega-6. We May Be Getting Too Much of a Good Thing. There is Bad News and Good News about Omega-3. What Is the Research Saying?
225237 tn?1333138999 These are your lipid counts and lipids are basically transports which carry fats around in your blood stream for the body to use. Whether the results are good, depends if you have heart disease. If you don't have heart disease, then your levels are absolutely fine. If you are at risk of heart disease (family history etc) then they are a tiny bit high, but really not much. If you have heart disease then you need to alter your diet and try to drive the LDL/TRI down and the HDL up.
Avatar n tn Statin drugs have alot of effects other then just lowering your cholesterol, (ie..they may be antiinflammatory and lower CRP and may have some effect on the prevention of senile dementia), I would strongly consider instituting statin therapy based on the information you provide, even though it may not strictly fall in the guidelines. good luck and keep up your active lifestyle!