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1101326 tn?1421682634 She had a heart catheterization a few hours ago and it's not her heart! Something is wrong, we still have to find it now.
Avatar n tn i had a heart catheterization done a week ago.. i have formed a knot in the area of the catheter and now it throbs at site around to my lower back.. is this normal ?
Avatar n tn Is it common procedure to do a heart catheterization on an individual who has an aortic annurism? and "Is it possible to combine two major surgeries and to repair the annurism and the heart damage at the same time? J.
287996 tn?1312023682 oh by the way is the catheterization the end all be all of heart testing?????
Avatar f tn She was at the hospital for 4 days the catheterization went fine she had no blockage in her heart arteries wich was good!! But..About 3days after being released from the hospital she started to have an allergic reaction to the dye! Which the dr.s thought was strange so they ran some blood tests etc. They gave her meds for it and sent her on her way. Now I have a question it’s probably common idk? After a week 1/2 of being out of hospital she still feels dizzy!
Avatar n tn It sounds like he needs to have another heart catheterization to make sure one of his bypass grafts is not occluded now and the reason for his severe angina. There is no other test other than a heart catheterization to figure this out and stress tests are only right 80% of the time! We have to use dye so that we can see the blood vessels and obstructions during the heart catheterization.
Avatar n tn I had a stress test,echocardiogram and a heart catheterization all done in a 2 day period. The echocardiogram and stress test were done on one day and the heart catheterization on the following day. The echocardiogram measured my EJECTION FRACTION AT 55% and heart catheterization measured it at 50%. The weird thing is that the stress test measured the EJECTION FRACTION at 40%. So according to the echocardiogram and the heart catheterization my EJECTION FRACTION is normal at 50-55%.
Avatar n tn My first intervention cardiologist (5 yrs ago) did an angiogram and stented a 98% RCA (that was necessary at the time to provide blood/oxygen to an area of hypokinesis (impair heart muscle movement). Two months later he wanted to do a stent on the circumflex!! I had no symptoms (I was shocked!), and when I asked him what that would do for me, he couldn't answer, he moved on-of-state a month later!!!
Avatar n tn Is there an alternative to a heart catheterization for a patient who has low kidney function and has had a previous reaction to the dye used in a cath? This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Heart-Disease/IPV-Dye-that-is-used-for-heart-catheterization/show/239624">IPV Dye that is used for heart catheterization</a>.
Avatar n tn I have been told that I would need to have another heart catherization to see what is going on. I threw a blood clot from the last heart cat two years ago and had to undergo groin bypass surgery. I am very afraid of going through this procedure again, but am afraid not to. Could you make any suggestions as to what should be looked at and any possible explanations for my symptoms. Any response would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn Could you also list the causes of both conditions and what test(s) are used to diagnose them? I was also wondering if having a heart catheterization can cause either of these conditions (from damage to the aorta from the catheter).
Avatar n tn A year ago she had congestive heart failure and was told that she had 2 heart attacts previouse to this episode. She was also told that her Kidneys were only opeating at 30 %. We were told that a heart catherization could not be done because of the kidneys. This past October, she had another mild heart attact and her sugar dropped to less then 30. We were told by the heart docter that the catherization could be done but she would have to be on dialises for a week prior.
Avatar n tn However, it can be difficult to judge which catheterizaton will be low risk ahead of time. It is only after things go wrong that the catheterization is no longer low risk. I therefore recommend catheterization in settings where there is immediate interventional cardiology back-up available. Whether there should be on site open heart surgical back-up is a matter of debate.
Avatar n tn He walks about 4 miles a day during his series of walks and experiences no discomfort at any time. His father (and one brother) suffered fatal heart attacks. My Dad seems to think his father underwent a catheterization while hospitalized hortly before his death. QUESTION: What is the value of such a procedure for heart valve problems? Is there an urgency in this situation? Thanks for your response.
Avatar n tn I am 62 female, non smoker, walked 3 miles a day for 30 years, normal to low blood pressure, normal cholesterol, no chest pains or other heart symptoms, BUT shortness of breath for two years now and getting worse. All tests show strong heart, no arrythmias, no congestive failure etc. Have had EKG, Echocardiogram, Thallium Stress test. All great! Dr. says next step is catheterization and I am hesitant. I have explored pulmonary tests and x rays and all OK there.
Avatar n tn It is unusual for a person to complain of significant leg pain one week after a heart catheterization. The pain you are experiencing in your right foot may be related to the catheterization, however I can't be certain. I think it would be a good idea to have an ultrasound done on that leg to evaluate the blood vessels for any abnormalities related to your catheterization. I doubt you are allergic to collagen plugs. What you describe does not sound like an allery.
Avatar m tn I am puzzled why the doctor did not explain to you the reason for a heart catheterization. Of course it must be related to why your son needed to go to a cardiologist in the first place -- symptoms? Prior diagnoses? Generally speaking, a heart catheterization is performed to assess coronary arteries (#, locations, any narrowing), heart valve (leakage or narrowing) or heart muscle (thickness, movement, or any holes where there shouldn’t be one).
Avatar n tn Posted By Deborah on July 23, 1999 at 09:43:30 Almost two-years ago I had a catheterization and my heart has not been the same since. I have been suffering from PAC's which have been documented by a 30 day monitor ever since I had the procedure. I am very young and the catheterization was probably performed unneccessarily. In addition, my arteries are very small, as I am a very small, petite peron.
Avatar m tn The Holter came back normal. However the stress test revealed some ischemia to one lower part of my heart. The doctor suggested I have a catheterization,but since I do not have health insurance ( dropped by Humana ) he said we could wait and see how I do on the medication alone. And that I should look into trying to find some sort of medical insurance that would pay for it. I have had no chest pain, nor had any shortness of breath.
Avatar n tn Hello, Microvessel disease refers to the smaller arteries in the heart not visualized on coronary angiography. It is proven by using medications and pressure or flow catheters during cardiac catheterization to show an abnormal response to medications that typically dilate arteries. It is associated with obesity, diabetes, and often occurs in patients with metabolic syndrome (hypertension, increased triglycerides, obesity, diabetes).
Avatar n tn During the Stress Test on Treadmill and nuclear imaging , it was found that my 30% of heart towards the tip of the heart was not getting blood.But at rest my full heart is getting blood.I had symptoms of breathlessness during walk which I fixed by life style change , eating more vegetables,fruits with minimum of fat,cycling one hr 5 days/wk , walking one hr 5days/wk.Doing Yoga for heart suggested by Swami Ramdev one hr 5days/wk.