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Avatar f tn Is it common prodecal for an IV to be inserted in the elbow and then the cardiac catheter to be inserted in the wrist of the same arm? Wondering because my 73 yr old mother just had this procedure and this is what they did. They could not get past the elbow so inserted at the groin. Now she has a huge dark bruise on her entire forearm.
Avatar m tn Thank you. I think there is just posted elsewhere that the doctors have decided that I shouldn't have the catheterization. And, I'm not given a good enough reason for this sudden change of heart... except that, they've now decided - I haven't had any sudden changes.. And yet, my post stress echo ekg was a mess. I doubt that went away. I will give the CT radiation risks vs catheterization/angioplasty vs medication, exercise, a good deal more thought now.
Avatar n tn My 87-year-old mother recently received an echocardiogram, which revealed she had high levels of hypertension. But despite this result, her doctor recommended she go through the right heart cath procedure to verify the results. My mother is generally strong and in good shape, although she is on oxygen and sometimes tires easily. My question: Is it advisable--at her age--to proceed with the right heart cath? Or would she be better off treating herself through medications?
Avatar f tn January 14th, I began to have weakness/heaviness in my right arm. The next day it began in the left. Weakness is not as great now, but my pinky and ring finger have pins and needles in both hands. Some upper arm tingling, and sometimes my left forearm and wrist hurt. January 19th I was told I tested positive for Lyme antibodies and I was started on doxycycline hyclate 100mg twice daily.
Avatar f tn She was at the hospital for 4 days the catheterization went fine she had no blockage in her heart arteries wich was good!! But..About 3days after being released from the hospital she started to have an allergic reaction to the dye! Which the dr.s thought was strange so they ran some blood tests etc. They gave her meds for it and sent her on her way. Now I have a question it’s probably common idk? After a week 1/2 of being out of hospital she still feels dizzy!
Avatar n tn i had a heart catheterization done a week ago.. i have formed a knot in the area of the catheter and now it throbs at site around to my lower back.. is this normal ?
Avatar f tn Presently you are experiencing very destructive forces within your heart. The longer you wait, the more the damage will be to your heart, pulmonary artery and lungs. This is a very simple defect to fix, so get with it! Get it repaired while you still have ADEQUATE BI VENTRICULAR FUNCTION, and only moderate PAH, or pulmonary artery hypertension.
Avatar f tn Hi Jeffrey thank you for the information, I have a series of questions regarding the method of catheterization please help me to understand the process. 1>Is it safe? 2>Does the process of catheterization guarantees for lifetime? 3>Do we have to take care of the baby in a fragile manner always? 4>Do we need to go for medical checkups after this process of closure, If Yes then till what time? 5>Can she have a normal life after this process with no complications in future?
Avatar n tn I did have a biopsy in which they took chunks out of my lung and down through the throat into the lungs. All were sarcoidosis. Did not have the abdomen biopsied. All my blood worked turned out to have no cancer markers. Did not want to have another surgery. My nodules range in all different sizes. My paperwork is not handy so I apologize. I don't remember how large the biggest one was. I went to see a specialist. He was very reassuring.
Avatar m tn I am puzzled why the doctor did not explain to you the reason for a heart catheterization. Of course it must be related to why your son needed to go to a cardiologist in the first place -- symptoms? Prior diagnoses? Generally speaking, a heart catheterization is performed to assess coronary arteries (#, locations, any narrowing), heart valve (leakage or narrowing) or heart muscle (thickness, movement, or any holes where there shouldn’t be one).
Avatar f tn The cardiologist did try to put in a stent without success. He told us that he was unable to reach the blocked artery, something about bundles.
Avatar f tn not necessarily. If the right heart failure is due to heart enlargement from the blood flow across the ASD, then yes, that might improve (but it really depends upon how old you are and how badly your heart is functioning). If the right heart failure is due to pulmonary hypertension, then NO, it may not improve, and could actually be a contraindication to ASD closure (depending upon your degree of left to right shunting through the ASD and how abnormal is the pulmonary vascular resistance).
Avatar n tn So, the next course of action is cardiac catheterization, this helps to study the arterial structure of the heart and to identify the blocks for further therapy. So, your doctor has asked for cardiac catheterization. Please follow up with him. Regards.
Avatar n tn I thought I had read that the CT scan emits a terribly high dose of radiation, and the article actually suggested that unless you could not have the heart catheterization, that would be the only time a physician would recommend the CT scan. Is the CT scan safe after several years of trials? I don't mind the procedure, but I really don't need any heavy rad doses if there are alternatives.
Avatar m tn The Holter came back normal. However the stress test revealed some ischemia to one lower part of my heart. The doctor suggested I have a catheterization,but since I do not have health insurance ( dropped by Humana ) he said we could wait and see how I do on the medication alone. And that I should look into trying to find some sort of medical insurance that would pay for it. I have had no chest pain, nor had any shortness of breath.
Avatar m tn Heart catheterization will determine the severity of that blockage, characterize the blockage and determine if it should be treated with a balloon, stent or medication I would use this as a motivator to take stock of your lifestyle and risk factors. See if there is anything that you can change to diminish the rate of progression of this process. ie smoking cessation, exercise, dietary changes.
Avatar m tn s found, further workup may include heart catheterization.
16057652 tn?1444983220 I think your symptoms are not really explained by the catheterization. The luminal irregularities should not give you discomfort. If problems persist, I would go back tomy cardiologist and ask him for further tests (holter monitor, echo?
351404 tn?1299489130 s difficult to get a clear picture of your heart and lungs with a standard echocardiogram, your doctor may recommend a transesophageal echocardiogram A better test to evaluate includes a right heart cardiac catheterization and bypass TEE. I have provided information from the Mayo Clinic regarding diagnosis of pulmonary hypertension. ■Right heart catheterization.
Avatar n tn At the very end of the exam and discussion the cardio told us that my husband had the option of having a traditional cath which goes from the femoral artery in the groin up to the heart or a newer version starting in the arterial artery in the wrist. He suggested that this method involves less time to stop bleeding than the groin puncture which requires 4 - 6 hours lying flat.
Avatar m tn It is true hipernating** or stunned cells can be revived (sometimes with an adequate supply ofblood/oxygen) and the condition is reversed, but in the context of the examination and the comment that there is no evidence of ischemia at rest , etc. probably means that, in a stress test, it was shown that the person taking the test has some narrowing of the coronary arteries that happens during exercise, but will go away when they rest. In other words, it's reversible.
Avatar n tn If you really want to know how your heart is, you need to have a cardiac cath. The other tests do not even come close to what the cath will find out. Medication alone is not enough if you have plugged arteries. If you only have a few plugged, stents can be placed to keep the artery open. The cath is really not that bad and well worth it. You do not want to end up having a heart attack, which can happen even if you are on a beta blocker and statin.
Avatar n tn There is some collateralization noted in the distal inferior segment of the left heart noted. All the nurses said they never seen anything like this before and the doctors said the same thing. They couldn't explain what it was or what it was doing there. The only thing they said was you have 2 extra arteries that aren't suppose to be there. After 4 days sent him home. They wouldn't even let him out of bed because he started back hurting. Don't make sense.