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Avatar n tn s been referred by the surgeon to an excellent cardiologist to schedule the heart catheterization. This cardiologist also wants to evaluate the state of my father's carotid arteries, since 15 years ago one of them was giving off clots (discovered by his ophthalmologist) and was cleaned out surgically. In our discussion with the surgeon, he mentioned that the catheterization would show whether or not my father needed bypass surgery as well as the aortic valve replacement.
Avatar f tn You may have a condition called broken heart syndrome or Takasubu's heart disease, which is a sudden decrease in heart function in the absence of significant coronary disease and presence of a severe stressor. If you in fact have this condition, the prognosis for recovery is reported as good, that is better than the ischemic and other forms of non ischemic cardiomyopathy.
Avatar n tn As a result I ended up developing mitral stenosis and regurgitation. In 1983 (I was 23) I mitral commisurotomy and valvuloplasty. I had a carpentier ring put in. I was only on coumidin for 3 months. Since that time I have had numerous cardiac caths, echos etc. Over the years I have different heart valves change in their functioning. I have had tricuspid regurgitation and then on my next echo it is gone.
Avatar n tn Posted By Miriam on August 03, 1998 at 14:19:01: I've written to the forum before regarding my 86-year-old father's condition and your replies have been very helpful. My father, who has severe aortic valve stenosis, has finally met with the surgeon who would be doing his aortic valve replacement surgery. He's been referred by the surgeon to an excellent cardiologist to schedule the heart catheterization.
Avatar m tn Hi, mitral valve thickening if it causes stenosis then it becomes significant. For right ventricular systolic pressure RVSP, a normal value is less than 35 mmHg. A reading above 40 mmHg would be considered mild pulmonary hypertension. So, you can discuss these values with your doctor, based on your symptoms he may ask for further investigations. Right heart catheterization is the gold standard for measuring pulmonary pressures. Regards.
Avatar n tn In 1995 my mitral valve area on both echocardiogram, to include Doppler and cardiac catheterization indicated the mitral valve area to be 1.21 cm sq and I had mild mitral regurgitation. Now in February I started experiencing an increase in ectopic beats. I have experienced exctopic beats for years. But by March 1 the ectopic beats had increased to the point that I ended up in an ER two nights in a row.
Avatar n tn It consists of a narrowing (stenosis) in the outflow area of the heart below the aortic valve. There are three types of subaortic stenosis. 1. A fibrous ring - this is a discrete fibrous membrane below the valve. It may extend onto the mitral leaflet and may attach to the aortic cusps. 2. Tunnel type - a complete circle, or tunnel below the valve that usually involves hypoplasia (small growth) of the aortic valve. 3.
Avatar n tn If you would like to make an appointment at the Cleveland Clinic Heart Center, please call 1-800-CCF-CARE or inquire online by using the Heart Center website at www.ccf.org/heartcenter. The Heart Center website contains a directory of the cardiology staff that can be used to select the physician best suited to address your cardiac problem.
Avatar n tn Cardiac catheterization in October 2004, was normal (only 33% blocked) e no procedure done. Nuclear cardiology stress test: 06/2005: Left ventricular ejection fraction of 57%. Echocardiogram 07/2006 the results were as follows: Diastolic LV dimension 4.72cm Systolic LV dimension 2.95cm Intraventricular septum in diastolic 1.29cm Intraventricular septum in systolic 1.80cm LV posterior wall 3.53cm Aortic diameter 3.53cm Left atrium 4.05cm LV fractional shortening 39% LV ejection fraction 7.
Avatar n tn I am having rheumatic heart disease with mitral stenosis and atrial flutter. Doctors suggest that I consult a cardio-physician as soon as possible. 1. What are the things we have to consider in order to treat this problem? 2. If mitral valve needs to be replaced, what sort of surgery has the best post-operative success? 3. Can mitral stenosis and atrial flutter be treated with medicines only and what sort of success rates does it have?
Avatar n tn Echocardiography (TTE and TEE) is much better in evaluating cardiac valves when compared to cardiac catheterization. The catheterization does not evalute the mitral valve well, and it doesn't even look at the tricuspid valve. All that can be well assessed from cardiac catheterization is the LV function (EF) and the coronary arteries.
Avatar n tn 47 I am a 62 year old male with severe (3-4+) mitral regurgitation (flail posterior leaflet), revealed 3 months ago by a transthoracic Doppler echocardiogram and confirmed by left heart catheterization. The ejection fraction was 66%. The aortic leaflets were slightly thickened but opening normally. There was mild (2+) tricuspid regurgitation, mild left atrial enlargement, and slight left ventricular volume overload. The coronary arteries were normal.
Avatar f tn ecko.left atrium mildly dilated,moderate mitral reguritation mild arotic stenosis,mitral annular calcifcation ,moderate tricuspid reguritation,mild arotic cusp sclerosis,mild aortic stenosis,trace pulmonic regurgitation, greater than 50% respiratory change in the inferior cava,left ventricular septal wall motion abn.possibly due to lbb.ventricular ctopy notrd, they tell me all ok.
Avatar n tn Are they both degenerative? I am doing a paper in my anatomy class on this topic and have found little info on congenital mitral stenosis. Any info you can provide is appreciated. Thanks. : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- : Dear Christina : Congenital mitral stenosis is very rare. Most cases of mitral stenosis are from rheumatic fever. The symptoms are similar.
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Avatar f tn Septal hypokinesis may mean low blood flow to the septal part of the heart. It is serious and needs to be further evalutated. I would recommend a catheterization to make sure there aren't any blockages in the artery to the front of the heart (the LAD). Moderate mitral regurgitation doesn't concern me yet and may improve if a potenital blockage in that artery gets fixed.
Avatar n tn There is about a 1/500 chance of death, heart attack or stroke from the cardiac catheterization itself. The risk of surgery would depend on exactly what type of surgery is needed; this could only be determined after the information from the catheterization is obtained. Surgery for aortic stenosis is useful for alleviating symptoms of shortness of breath, chest pain and dizziness. It can prevent development of heart failure. I hope you find this information useful.
Avatar n tn That was a myocardial bridge and was found with a heart catheterization. What treatment do you recommend.
Avatar n tn If the aortic stenosis does not improve, the surgeons can open up the valve through a cath. The good thing about babies, is that their heart is still growing, so maybe he will outgrow it. Is he being monitored closely with doctors? Does he have to have echocardiograms every few months?
Avatar f tn just like to ask about my mom's 2d echo result if thers something serious about this "MITRAL SCLEROSIS WITH MILD MITRAL REGURGITATION AND AORTIC SCLEROSIS" please explain what is all about? thank you.. God Bless Us All!
Avatar n tn 28 Thank you for taking the time to consider my question. I have read in the archives that mitral valve stenosis is caused by rheumatic fever. I have never had rheumatic fever, but was diagnosed with DCM, CHF, and mitral valve insufficiency and stenosis back in July of l998. The DCM is thought to have been caused by a virus.
Avatar n tn My wife has Mitral Stenosis and she is 34 years old and i wanted to know if it is safe for us to plan a child with this problem. She had a miscarriage 2 years back and we are just guessing may be this was the reason. As on today we are scared and not sure what to do. What if we plan for a family and miscarriage happens again. Is it safe to plan with Mitral Stenosis? if not then what should we do?
928477 tn?1244192065 I was diagnosed with mitral stenosis in 1964 at the age of 14. This was monitored until 2004 when my cardiologist decided to "fix" the problem. At this point it was discovered that I needed by-pass surgery and this was done in February 2004. I now find that I have an irregular heart rhythm. When I feel my pulse, I can feel that the beat stops and then continues. Is this normal and what can be done about it. I am taking Tenormin (Atenolol) and Bayer Cardio aspirin.