Heart catheterization how long does it take

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1101326 tn?1421682634 She had a heart catheterization a few hours ago and it's not her heart! Something is wrong, we still have to find it now.
Avatar f tn I was wondering how long does it take a baby to conceive ?
Avatar f tn does anyone no how long it would take it get pg after the pill?
1337425 tn?1278173987 Day's getting off to a bad start, don't know how much more I can take of this.
Avatar f tn Has anyone used the Lipo B 12 Injection to lose weight? How does it work? Does it affect your heart or liver?
1269044 tn?1393189903 I'm on day 67! Which is awesome. My question to myself is does healing really take this long? Are there studies that support this? I sometimes wonder if my assumptions of needing more time heal prolong the healing. Afterall if you watch a pot of water come to a boil it takes forever. So if u keep saying only blah blah more days and I should be healed! Will this only make it worse.
Cat how long does it take before the pain stops,or at least gets better.?
Avatar f tn Hello I have a question how long does it take for urheitis to clear?
1107844 tn?1261163610 I was on b/c for 8yrs with no periods and now I want another baby. I stopped my b/c and went 8wks before having a period. It lasted 5 days and was light. 4wks later my doc put me on provera for 10 days to induce next cycle and I had period 3 days after stopping it, but was light and only lasted 2 days =( I'm so confused! I have no clue what my body may or may not be doing and I want another baby so badly!
1001770 tn?1254375813 cut down alcohol, take morning walks. Began in right earnest! How long does it take for collestrol level too improve?
Avatar f tn how long does it take for hiv (in dried liquid to) to die on someone's hand out door? would it be active againt if it get contact with orther liquid such as sweat blood and sperm? and here i want to say sorry to teak if my previous post **** u off I didnt mean to do anything offensive please forgive me. and may i take ur previous answer as the situation i had in my previous post got no risk for hiv ?
Avatar m tn I was wondering how long does it take for the virus to die once it is expose to air ? is it 10 seconds or shorter? and can it live on damp towels?
Avatar m tn My doc recently started me on Effexor ive been on it 3 days How long does it take to start feeling the good effect from this med?
Avatar f tn I just dont know what to do, it doesnt feel like it will ever be the same again. I just want to know how long would it take before its completely back to normal, and how long should I not have sex for (not that I can anyway). Is it always going to be painful?
Avatar f tn My question is how long does it take for distance vision to come? My dr. discussed YAG and/or PRK on my 1 wk check. That really makes me nervous. Is there anyone out there that has had good success with these lenses?
307874 tn?1242755798 Well, I have neuro appointnment on Monday. I said does it say neg. on it? And she said it just has big words on it that she didnot understand. So I made appointment for Tuesday. My throat is still sore!