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Avatar f tn She was at the hospital for 4 days the catheterization went fine she had no blockage in her heart arteries wich was good!! But..About 3days after being released from the hospital she started to have an allergic reaction to the dye! Which the dr.s thought was strange so they ran some blood tests etc. They gave her meds for it and sent her on her way. Now I have a question it’s probably common idk? After a week 1/2 of being out of hospital she still feels dizzy!
Avatar n tn i had a heart catheterization done a week ago.. i have formed a knot in the area of the catheter and now it throbs at site around to my lower back.. is this normal ?
Avatar m tn I am puzzled why the doctor did not explain to you the reason for a heart catheterization. Of course it must be related to why your son needed to go to a cardiologist in the first place -- symptoms? Prior diagnoses? Generally speaking, a heart catheterization is performed to assess coronary arteries (#, locations, any narrowing), heart valve (leakage or narrowing) or heart muscle (thickness, movement, or any holes where there shouldn’t be one).
Avatar m tn Thank you. I think there is just posted elsewhere that the doctors have decided that I shouldn't have the catheterization. And, I'm not given a good enough reason for this sudden change of heart... except that, they've now decided - I haven't had any sudden changes.. And yet, my post stress echo ekg was a mess. I doubt that went away. I will give the CT radiation risks vs catheterization/angioplasty vs medication, exercise, a good deal more thought now.
Avatar m tn The Holter came back normal. However the stress test revealed some ischemia to one lower part of my heart. The doctor suggested I have a catheterization,but since I do not have health insurance ( dropped by Humana ) he said we could wait and see how I do on the medication alone. And that I should look into trying to find some sort of medical insurance that would pay for it. I have had no chest pain, nor had any shortness of breath.
Avatar m tn s found, further workup may include heart catheterization.
351404 tn?1299489130 s difficult to get a clear picture of your heart and lungs with a standard echocardiogram, your doctor may recommend a transesophageal echocardiogram A better test to evaluate includes a right heart cardiac catheterization and bypass TEE. I have provided information from the Mayo Clinic regarding diagnosis of pulmonary hypertension. ■Right heart catheterization.
Avatar n tn Is there any reason to bother with a Cardiac Catheterization test if I've already been put on a beta bloker and statin? Or should we give the drugs time to work? Can drugs and exercise reduce restriction in an artery? I recently had a stress test that suggests ischemia. The next recommendation is to have a Cardiac Catheterization. But I'm getting inconsistent advice from my primary Dr., stress test Drs and follow on Cardiologist.
Avatar f tn The latter can be diagnosed via an echocardiogram but the former usually requires a left heart catheterization or a CT angiogram of the heart.
Avatar f tn Hi, Iam 46 years old for me they have done echo test and told that there is hole heart. there are telling me that i have to be operated .what should i do should i go for operation are there any tablets.
1384124 tn?1279421501 s located in the heart. Most can be treated with cardiac catheterization in which a thin, flexible tube (a catheter) is inserted into a blood vessel in the leg that leads to the heart. Then a special implant is positioned into the hole and is designed to flatten against the septum on both sides to close and permanently seal the ASD. Aspirin therapy is started after the procedure.
Avatar n tn The gold standard is the right heart catheterization. However when echos are done carefully by experience echo cardiographers the pressures estimated by echo usually correlate fairly closely to those obtained during cardiac catheterization. Echos can also provide some additional useful information regarding size and function of the right ventricle, severity of leakage of the tricuspid valve.
Avatar n tn The rcommended course of therapy by AHA/ACC is to treat coronary vessel occlusions with medication if there is relief from angina pectoris (stable angina). If there is unstable angina and no relief from medication then a cath. If a cath option is not appropriate due to location, size, etc., then a bypass. The blockage therapy pertains to 70% or greater blockage as almost always there is no problem with blockage less than 70%.
Avatar n tn I had a heart catheterization the place on my leg where they did the procedure has a severe bruise. Is this normal and how long will it last?
Avatar n tn Back in December I was diagnosed with pericarditis- I had echos, heart imagine, stress test, chest xrays, heart scan, and blood work- aside from the pericarditis everything was okay- some scar tissue did form after the inflammation had cleared up. In May I started having chest pains and shortness of breath and bad fatigue. I had another Echo done and the doctor said it looked okay but he wants to do a heart cathether. I'm a little worried it might be Congestive Heart Failure.
Avatar f tn Blood work ruled out anemia, kidney or liver problems. I am scheduled to have a right heart catheterization on Wendsday. I am getting nervous about why out of the clear blue a healthy 57 year old would have all these problems. I am getting very nervous about the catheterization!!! Any information would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn My 80 year old mother recently had a heart catheterization. It was recommended because she had a reversible inferior apical defect on a Cardiolite discovered during a persantine stress test. The doctor said she was not a candidate for open heart surgery because she also has significant COPD, Diabetes and Asthma. My question is: What does this mean? The cardiologist said he wouldn't do anything at this time.
Avatar n tn After identifying the defects a cardiac catheterization helps to study the arterial structure of the heart and to identify the blocks for further therapy. So, your doctor has asked for cardiac catheterization. Please follow up with him. Regards.
Avatar f tn My Grandmother has been detected with a blockage in heart, and its not getting well by the use of medicines. Her Doctor is suggesting Angiography now. Her age is 81 by now. I wanted to take other Doctors opinion about this case.
6442441 tn?1381332741 This means there is one or more totally blocked coronary arteries and one has had damage done to the heart muscle because of a heart attack. There is an area (or areas) of the heart muscle that has become scar tissue (scarring, scarred) because of the MI. This area would not be able to make functional use of any oxygen even if blood flow to that area of the heart were completely restored.
Avatar f tn not necessarily. If the right heart failure is due to heart enlargement from the blood flow across the ASD, then yes, that might improve (but it really depends upon how old you are and how badly your heart is functioning). If the right heart failure is due to pulmonary hypertension, then NO, it may not improve, and could actually be a contraindication to ASD closure (depending upon your degree of left to right shunting through the ASD and how abnormal is the pulmonary vascular resistance).