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Avatar n tn Fast heart beat going off armpit tomarrow
Avatar f tn samedi le 31 octobre, nous sommes allés chez nouvelle gygy ( la première est insouciante). celle là est tendre, sympathique et donne plein de conseil. j'ai cru qu'il est un peu tôt pour entendre les battement du cœur de notre petit pois, mais on l'a bel et bien entendu. c'était magique! Savoir que mon petit va bien me soulage. Mondher avait les larmes aux yeux.
Avatar m tn off sotalol when hb is in 60 seems to be regular
339491 tn?1201704587 I head my babies heart beat for the first time this past Wednesday at 10 weeks and 2 days. It was the best sound ever. Then I had an ultra sound yesterday and saw my little one's heart beating and his/her legs and arms moving. This so makes the morning sickness and extreme fatigue worth it! I'm due in July and I really with it was at least spring.
778044 tn?1299542934 Today we got to hear the babies heartbeat and see it flicker on the screen. It was 133 bpm... So amazing!! I'm so glad Brian was able to see it. We got lots of pictures to take with us. I gave Brian 2 for him to put in his briefcase to carry around with him all the time. Hopefully it will get him through the tough times at work. Have another ultrasound scheduled for monday august 2nd at 1050 am. Hopefully everything is still going well and we are able to see and hear our peanut again.
1344477 tn?1311095512 Had a check-up after missed a lot in the US OB/GYN appointments. Great to hear the strong heartbeat of my baby again. He was very active and kicking while the doctor was trying to listen to his heart beat ....
474362 tn?1234752013 we got to hear the heart beat today it was strong 129 bpm and it looks great the due date is around feb 22 we could not be happier!
571042 tn?1271447141 Today we saw the baby's heartbeat. Very exciting! The dr. said that now we only have a 5% chance of miscarrying instead of the usual 40%. We are very excited!
Avatar f tn I went to the doctor today and heard the babys heart beat for the first time. I have lost some weight but that ok.
Avatar f tn It was such a relief to see that tiny little heart beat, it was amazing.
Avatar f tn It was such a relief to see that tiny little heart beat, it was amazing.
295954 tn?1235343686 i had an ultrasound it was amazing. the heart beat was 168bpm. is that normal? i am 10 weeks i was 9 weeks at ultrasound.
599610 tn?1219630189 October 7 heartbeat 165 beats per minute via ultra sound.
467493 tn?1229895239 I heard my baby's heart beat yesterday for the first time with the doppler at work! Megan's baby is doing great too! Her second ultrasound looked good and I'm so excited to have someone to go through all of this together with! Dave seems relieved (and so am I) that the heartbeat was good and that "Fernando" is happy in there! (yes, we've been refering to the baby as Fernando for now!
988370 tn?1269375261 I heard the baby's heart beat for the first time, 165 per minute. It was really exciting and I was sorry J was not there.
Avatar f tn babies heart was at 140 beats per minute
Avatar f tn babies heart beat was at 155 beats per minute
Avatar f tn Baby Thea's heart beat was 136 beats per minute
1881346 tn?1341924768 -) best thing ever I cryed.
Avatar f tn i went to my ob/gyn appointment today &+ i heard the heart beat of the baby for the first time !
136689 tn?1419580447 Finally heard heart beat it was 150bmp so happy to have found it.
1348358 tn?1276635712 Today we agian heard the babys heart beat and it was 150bpm my son boo went to the doctors visit with us and he listen we then asked him what the baby said and he said it said wah wah mommy mommy.
Avatar f tn Baby Thea's heart beat was 140 beats per minute.
Avatar f tn Babies heart beat was at 156 beats per minute
Avatar f tn We got to hear the baby's hear beat today, 135 and going strong. I'm pretty sure that's the coolest thing I've ever heard. DH and I were speachless.
Avatar f tn I feel like my heart beat is weak I feel bad...
Avatar f tn i have a doppler from my first pregnancy so decided to look up what the earliest a heart beat was found, some said 8 weeks so i decided to give it a go and was shocked when i found baby's heart streight away didnt expect to find it at 9 weeks :). have my first scan appointment on the 7th of oct seems so far away seen as in ill be 13 weeks but were getting exited now and i cant wait to see our second baby for the first time just to make sure its healthy mainly.
Avatar f tn I had an ectopic, couple of chemical pregnancies, couple pregnancies that never developed an embryo and one viable one with a heart beat a couple of years ago. The heart stopped beating at 9 weeks. I only had 1 partial D&C after the longest pregnancy (it was at 11 weeks when I had my labor pains/contraction and had to go to ER). Anyway, I decided not to give up until my doctors tell me it is really unsafe. So here I am, pregnancy number 6.
Avatar f tn baby heart was 168
Avatar f tn was drinking wine probably a lil to much went to sleep woke up with the fast heart beat