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599610 tn?1219630189 October 7 heartbeat 165 beats per minute via ultra sound.
Avatar f tn babies heart was at 140 beats per minute
Avatar f tn babies heart beat was at 155 beats per minute
Avatar f tn Baby Thea's heart beat was 136 beats per minute
Avatar f tn Baby Thea's heart beat was 140 beats per minute.
Avatar f tn Babies heart beat was at 156 beats per minute
599610 tn?1219630189 we saw the flutter of a heartbeat today.
Avatar m tn A normal heart rate is 60-100 beats per minute. Many doctors think it should be lower. About 50-70 beats per minute is ideal, says Suzanne Steinbaum, MD, director of women's heart health at Lenox Hill Hospital. Recent studies suggest a heart rate higher than 76 beats per minute when you're resting may be linked to a higher risk of heart attack.
Avatar f tn Hoping for a baby girl!
Avatar n tn Sometimes girls will have a higher heart rate, sometimes boys will have a higher heart rate. All three of mine (2 boys 1 girl) had hearts that stayed around 140.
988370 tn?1269375261 I heard the baby's heart beat for the first time, 165 per minute. It was really exciting and I was sorry J was not there.
Avatar n tn My babies heartbeat is 148 beats per minute. Not sure if that is good or not, but would like to hear what all of your beats were.
Avatar n tn During this process, the normal change in heart rate would include an increase in heart rate of 10 to 15 beats per minute, and an increase in diastolic pressure of 10 mm Hg, with only a slight change in systolic pressure. again, if it's a one time thing then it's probably no concern; but if it's a chronic problem then seeing a doctor who knows about ANS issues can help dx these conditions through autonomic testing like a tilt table test.
Avatar f tn generally decent. very tired on the way home from ocean city. heart rate 57 per minute.
Avatar f tn I cant sleep with all the vibrations in my chest. I am having 20-30 pvcs per minute. The ones I can count. Whats up with this? I am tired but I feel like I am on a train ride with all the jerking. Very scary. Hours of this! Hopefully it will stop soon!
Avatar f tn after stopping, heart rate was 139 beats per minute.
Avatar n tn I guess I should have mentioned about average pvc's per min/hour lol my mind just doesn't work sometimes...I need some stronger coffee :P I had 37 pvc's per minute which is roughly 2250 per hour; before I had my ablation :) pvc's were wrecking my life - 42% of my heartbeats were pvc's My EP told me rates rates of around 6,000 - 8,000 per day; they would think of treating with meds.
365451 tn?1203022736 I'm 14 and I'm healthy...
642877 tn?1281799282 The faster the heart rate drops the less likely someone is to have a heart attack. The minimum heart rate recovery per minute varies in the research from 12 up to 21. I am wondering what the accepted criteria is. My other question is whether heart rate recovery varies for one person depending on their exercise intensity. Personally I have a very good VO2 max but my heart rate recovery is poor 15-16bpm.
Avatar n tn The pacemaker part of it is programmed to record heart rate that is too fast, my heart rate usually runs at 120 beats per minute but is not considered fast enough to do serious damage by my electrophysiologist so mine is programmed to slow things down if my heart rate reaches 135 beats per minute. I do not know if that is good or bad since I can no longer see the doctors having no insurance available to me.
Avatar n tn I am only 19, and it seems a little unbelievable that I would be having heart attacks at my age, but I am wondering what the reason for my heart attack-like symptoms.
Avatar n tn Her resting heart rate is anywhere from 80-120 beats per minute)She is on beta blockers and lanoxin for a heart disorder (mitral stenosis and Coarchtation of the Aorta). The drs are saying the rapid heart rate, difficulty breathing is related to mental illnes such as depression or anxiety attacks. I even had one Dr.