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Avatar n tn In one way he was fortunate because his heart attacks were considered mild, only little bits of damage to the heart each time. But in the end he still ended up with congestive heart failure. Not an easy way to live. Plus he never changed his lifestyle, still ate terrible food and smoked and rebelled against taking the medications the doctors prescribed. So although I know some things about heart attacks, I couldn't accurately or completely answer all your questions.
Avatar n tn If you have recently been seen by a cardiologist and had a thorough work-up, then your next big hurdle is to accept his DX that your heart is just fine. If you don't trust this, then by all means, go for a second opinion, but if the results come back the same, it's then time to get in front of a therapist to deal with the anxiety behind the "heart" problem.
Avatar f tn A few tests that could give you the clean bill of health with your heart are an EKG (looks at the electrical function of the heart), an Echocardiogram (ultrasound that allows the doc to actually SEE the heart and its parts..chambers, valves, etc), and probably most valuable in these cases would be a 24 hour Holter Monitor.
Avatar f tn hi i too have fears surrounding the heart, you prob feel worse cause of what happened to your friend, if i hear news about someone passing away due to a heart problem my fear intensifies. as CJ said you have to trust the tests i know it is hard cause i find it difficult to trust too, but if we want to get rid of this anxiety thats the first step forward, i hate the chest tightness but the more you worry and think about it the worse it will get.
Avatar n tn Sharp pains aren't typical of heart attacks or angina, in my experience. When I've had heart attacks, it is more of a pressure, like a weight on the chest. Same thing with angina, but usually milder. I think the best way to determine if you have a heart issue is to get nitro pills, and when you have a long-lasting pain, take a pill. Get ready for a big head-ache, but if the chest pain goes away you might have a cardiac issue.
1194973 tn?1385503904 (They make a small cut in the femoral attery in your groin and thread a small tube with a camera up the artery and into your heart) They found that two of the four major arteries in my heart were both over 90% blocked. The surgeon said he was amazed I hadn't had a heart attack. So, did I know there was something THAT wrong with my heart? No. I later had two stents placed and not only did that odd burning sensation go away, I'm still alive. A real bonus in my book!
Avatar n tn I wear glasses and my eyesight is much weaker in the right eye then the left one. Is this something serious?
620923 tn?1452915648 This extra amount of fluid can create sharp pain when it causes the pericardial membrane to rub against the outer layer of the heart. Sometimes the pain will ease if the sufferer lean forward. Since you did not describe your father's "attack" as sharp, or even dull pain i'm not sure if we are talking about the same thing.
Avatar f tn who comforts us in ALL our tribulation, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the same comfort we ourselves have received from God.
Avatar f tn lately i get constant pain up and down my arms and into my shoulders then center of my chest hurts and it feels heavy but not real bad it kinda feels like heart burn. the pain in my arms will only be in one arm at a time. the past 2 days the pain in arm and chest comes and goes..and i've read that in women symptoms are different sometimes than in men..im worried because the pain is becoming more frequent than it has been..
Avatar m tn But after my last attack, about 3 months ago, the doctors are now thinking that my body is trying to reject the 3 stents the have pkaced in me. This last attack was pretty serious, and we are planning to have a defibri;ator implanted later this month. One of my concerns though is not so much about the defibrilator, but why can't just cut out those stents and bypass them? I also have another blocked artery (blocked about 60 to 70%), so why can't they bypass that also?
Avatar m tn This is what she said to me (the pain is so grate that I cant move, I feel the blood sudenly stop and then the pain comes, the pain is right on top of my heart, but this time it was strange the pain felt right bellow my heart) the thing about this is that she has had it since she was 17, and she gets these maybe a maximum of around 3 times per year and the attacks las around 1 to maybe 3 seconds. Question is ¿ Dose the heart have a reason to stop sudenly, then continue like this ??
1676272 tn?1307298254 The attacks are sometimes preceded by numbness in his face and arm, causes his eye to squint up and water. The attacks always happen in the morning. He has vomiting, diarrhea, severe abdominal pain, sweating, shaking, writhing, and his heart rate drops into the 40s. It doesn't make sense to me that his heart rate drops that far when he is in pain, it should go up... Any insight or help is appreciated.
Avatar f tn He has recently landed back in the hospital with minor heart attacks. He has been having pain ever since the bypass and has to take a nitro pill to ease it. His Dr did a heart cath yesterday and it shows no signs of blockage. They are currently doing blood test, but have no answer as to why he is still having so much pain and pressure. My question is: If there is no blockage, could the heart have been damaged permanently and can something be done to help it and stop the attacks?
Avatar m tn My dad is 79 yrs old, he keep having afib-attacks, 2 in the last 6 weeks, landing him in ER then ICU, changing his medicines again, but can't get his heart back into rhythm. What can we do?
Avatar m tn He currently has a pacemaker installed two years ago, has had approximately 4 heart attacks, had a quadriple heart bypass about ten years ago, is a non-smoker but lives in a home with second-hand smoke, has become a type one insulin dependant diabetic, and basically lives in his recliner chair in his livingroom.
Avatar f tn s often a misconception that the heart is on the left side of the chest and therefore when you have pain there it must be the heart. A good portion of the heart is actually towards the middle of the chest. Often, pain on the left side of the chest actually turns out to be related to the stomache or esophagus, as that's where they connect. What I suggest is you go to see your doctor, that way he/she can give you a physcial exam to rule out any medical issues.
Avatar n tn what type of virus attacks the heart? 2. is my enlarged heart a product of the chem, chemo and virius, or the virus? where do i look for these answers?
Avatar f tn Hi, this sounds like fluoride sensitivity to me. I had the same problem; I was getting dizzy in the shower, having heart palpitations, panic attacks, anxiety and much more. I found out it was fluoride in my public water. Fluoride concentrates and produces toxic fumes when it's heated. I got the whole house water fluoride filter and I haven't gotten dizzy since.
Avatar f tn It sounds like you are having lots of panic attacks, and these in turn are causing the fast heart rate and the flutters. You probably notice them more when you are sitting due to the fact that you are not doing anything to distract yourself, and sometimes, the heart will calm down when you are walking, etc. I have anxiety attacks, and it is a vicious circle, the more I worry, the more heart flutters, I feel, the more heart flutters I feel, the more anxious I get, ugh, it is awful.
Avatar n tn it scary i know but i would not be too concerned unless it starts happening during your waking hours or when it happens in the nite and the racing heart does not go back to normal...at that point i would call the doc to get a little help..i think its pretty common what you went thru...i think everyone has had that happen to them at one time or another..........
4205995 tn?1351169508 Thyroid imbalances can be a contributor as well as stomach issues can irritate the vagus nerve sending signals to the heart to cause it to act up. If you are in the middle of an episode you can try some vasovagal maneuvers to see if it will help to get the episode to stop. Hold your breath and bear down like you are going to the bathroom. There are a few others that you can research to see if one will work for you.
Avatar m tn Panic attacks, along with the sense of impending doom, walls closing in, shortness of breath, and chest pressure, also include palpitations, which is due to the excessive sympathetic response (flight or fight) due to adrenaline in the blood. The palpitations can be just due to the heart beating stronger from the increased stimulation, or can actually be abnormal beats caused by the adrenaline over stimulating heart cells which then activate early or abnormally.