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Avatar n tn Can you get on the Oregon insurance plan? My heart goes out to you we just had to refinance our house and we have medical insurance because of all my medical from my cervical issues. I am in Oregon too. Makes phone calls right away there has to be some help for you.
Avatar f tn Does anyone have experience with a young child that has rage attacks from chiari my baby is 21months old and after being in the intensive care unit for uncontrolled seizures we now have a chiari diagnoses with rage attacks they thought where seizures my son does have seizures but not as many as they thought the rest are rage attacks.
454966 tn?1225158761 Hi .... I was just wondering if anyone on this heart forum lives near me in the Grand Rapids Michigan area??? It would be nice to have someone to get together with and discuss the same things with and just chat.
Avatar f tn I'm in southern Oregon. Been here since 92 and love it! It's been super warm tho. A couple weeks ago it was 98! Yesterday was 92.
Avatar n tn Most heart attacks are caused by rupture of soft plaque in the arteries. It is thought that sudden increases in blood pressure or heart rate can cause these plaques to rupture while they are still soft and haven't had time to harden. That's how exercise could do it, but of course I guess that's only if people are not used to the exercise. Of course i've hear that long term exercise is good for stabilising plaques, causing them to harden up and less likely to rupture.....
Avatar f tn I’m looking to purchase a wrist heart monitor to track at rest heart beat as well as a fitness encouragement.
Avatar f tn lately i get constant pain up and down my arms and into my shoulders then center of my chest hurts and it feels heavy but not real bad it kinda feels like heart burn. the pain in my arms will only be in one arm at a time. the past 2 days the pain in arm and chest comes and goes..and i've read that in women symptoms are different sometimes than in men..im worried because the pain is becoming more frequent than it has been..
Avatar m tn HI and welcome to the Chiari forum. We have a member in that area and I am sure she can give u some info on drs she has been in contact with. It is possible that u may want to travel to get to a chiari specialist. Dr Oro is in CO, but do look at our thread of drs that the members here have added their drs names to....and please research all drs u consider.
Avatar m tn I am a 48 year old white male, and I have already had a total of 5 heart attacks (all within the last 5 tears). At first my doctoer thought it was due to my low HDL, as it has been lower that 28 for the last 5 years. But after my last attack, about 3 months ago, the doctors are now thinking that my body is trying to reject the 3 stents the have pkaced in me. This last attack was pretty serious, and we are planning to have a defibri;ator implanted later this month.
1750760 tn?1411482476 AASLD is American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases. I punched in Oregon and it came up with a list. I hope this helps. Maybe some other Oregon folks might chime in by bumping up your post. Good luck! Trish http://www.aasld.org/patients/Pages/PhysicianReferralService.aspx?
Avatar f tn Go to your local department of human services.. They will help you figure it out and tell you what forms to fill out.. I'm fairly positive every state has some form of state funded health care, for instance I live in Oregon so we have the 'oregon health plan' being jobless and pregnant will most likely garuntee you'll be covered..
Avatar m tn My heart was racing, heart palpatations, sick to stomach, hot flashes, trembleing, etc. Took a Xanax right away. Thank God for those! I've been under a lot of stress with on & off attacks since Wednesday. I'm explaining all of this just to let you know I understand what you're going through & you are certainly not alone.
Avatar f tn I live in Oregon and make more than that for a family of 3. I am on the Oregon health plan. I believe its mandatory since I'm pregnant. I thought there would b a prob too due to how much I make but it wasn't. It did take almost 2 months to get thru the system and actually covered tho. I hope u get some ins soon! I know how frustrating it can b. Good luck!
237039 tn?1264258057 I have been given Morphine in the hospitals during my heart attacks, and most recently was given Morphine quite frequently. I was told last April, the reason they were giving me Morphine at short intervals is because it "oxygenates" the heart. As long as I had the chest pains they were administering the Morphine at 30 minute intervals. I protested the frequent use, but was told it was for that reason I was being given that much.
Avatar m tn I understand that you seem to be in a tough spot here however you cannot put a price on your life. I see that you are from Oregon by your profile and remember in the United States you cannot be denied healthcare due to lack of insurance. If your condition is progressing there is no doubt in my mind that you need to get it taken care of now once and for all while the gettin is good and before something happens that may become irreversible.
Avatar f tn never had ammonia tested previously. estimated contracted virus in approx 1975, needle sharing in NV or CO. genotype 4c/4d, turning 57 this year. grade 0 stage 1 on biopsy in 2001. concerned about progression, possible indicators besides biopsy. I suppose a current biopsy is required to seriously consider treatment.
Avatar n tn I have been taking vicodin for about 11 years- Starting out as directed, and needed for pain I was able to have corrective surgery and omg I was getting prescribed 80 and 90 W/ refills for 9 months and I was increasing my dosage because "as Prescribed" wasn't cutting it anymore and I didn't realize I was "hooked" until the first time I was out .I did not let that last long. OMG I fell in love .
4268628 tn?1375041176 Wohoo! I'm going to get a week away from the in-laws! Hubby did some work for a friend and since he can't afford to pay us, he is giving us a week in their timeshare on the Oregon coast. The crappy part...hubby asks last night if we want to invite anyone to join us for a few days.......Ugg how to say uh no..duh...without being rude or hurting his feelings.
Avatar f tn In my case, I have had heart attacks and have a couple of stents in my RCA. I suffer with alot of chest pains. So much so that I recently went to the ER thinking it was another heart attack. While there it was found that I suffer with coronary artery spasms and they do put me down. I have to stop what I am doing and wait for it to pass. There are other reasons for chest pains, and I wish there was a way to stop these.
Avatar n tn My Dad had 4 heart attacks in his lifetime. They did a lot of damage to his heart (muscle tissue died from the lack of blood flow) but he continued on. Finally died from lung cancer (thank you cigarettes, but that's another story).
Avatar m tn Still, she should go in to have a heart check up and see if everything else is OK in there. There may be some small electrical problems that she's not feeling and they can see them then. Hope she gets some help and answers soon.
1280354 tn?1272581901 If anyone is aware of a good program in the Portland,Oregon area that is not faith based or judgmental would be appreciated. thanks.