Heart attacks and warm drinks

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Avatar n tn re bad for you in general, but especially while pregnant, caffeine, sugar, not to mention all the other crap like taurine. If too much of those causes large adults to have heart attacks, what do you think it'll do to your tiny little baby?
Avatar n tn My friend has these panic attacks his face gets tingly and his hands to and we have to put them in warm water and he goes hot and cold. Also he thinks really negative when he gets these attacks. He has been drinking alot of water and going to the bathroom alot to. Are these symptoms of diabetes and how does he get diagnosed?
Avatar m tn he complained about his chest hurting and and feeling jittery too. The doctors told him those energy drinks had everything to do with it. Now he just works out and stopped taking that stuff and he is perfectly fine. Feel better soon, and remember you are going to be okay.
Avatar m tn I also have this strange feeling like somebody has opened a bottle of coke in my stomach it goes warm and travells in to my chest making me dizzy and makes my lower left arms tingle. Also i have some random uscle and nerve twitches aswell i have no idea what it is, i have been and had a ecg that was normal i was told it could b h plori, i have also booked in for a echocardiogram, any one have any ideas what this could be....
198504 tn?1195158059 In my honest opinion, NRG drinks are like heart attacks in a can. They are loaded with all kinds of ****, caffiene, and SUGARS. Not very good for someone trying to diet! I don't allow my teen to drink them anymore, so I don't have ingredients and calorie counts in front of me. Quite frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if one can is more than the allowable day's calories. I seriously believe they could cause harm if taken with phen.
250155 tn?1485295939 are energy drinks safe to drink while breastfeeding? i'm always so tired and seem to have a lack of energy and was wondering if its ok or not. i would like to try the 5 hour energy drink.
Avatar m tn My daughert-in-law who is only a few years older than you last year started to feel fast a very fast and pounding heart and sometimes with breathlessness, and tests have found that she has a birth defect tht is causing the SVT. Of course, if you are running like mad and exerting yourself, it is normal for the heart to beat fast and experience pressure with breathing. It is always to get these things checked out by your doctor.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know if certain foods or types of foods or drinks cause and/or contribute to anxiety attacks? If so, what are they? I have a couple things that are making me wonder but dont want to say cause I want to see if anyone else says the same ones.
Avatar n tn This really will help other migraine sufferers and members of the forum with preventing recurrent attacks. Take care and warm regards.
Avatar n tn I went to my doctors and told him about my panick attacks and fast heart rate and he give me beta blockers which are supposed to relax you but did not work and now i am getting councilling which apparently works alot better for anxiety.
Avatar f tn my boyfriend is 51, four years ago he suffered three heart attacks in one day. He has a placid stent, my concern is he stopped taking all of his meds recently and smokes about two packs of cigarettes a day. He gets no excersize, won't go to the Dr. And drinks about a twelve pack of beer a day. Lately he's been moody and I'm really worried about him!
Avatar f tn I grabbed a blanket and tried to warm up to no avail. My teeth were chattering and my extremeties cold and rigid. I had difficulty catching my breath inbetween shivers. The symptoms lasted 30 minutes before I got warm. I'm 20 weeks and just starting to show. My stomach felt cold and hard too. I am worried about my expectant little one. I have appt tomorrow with a fetal care specialist. I have had this happen before when my house was broken into. any suggestions on what to do?
Avatar m tn Yes, panic attacks, vomiting and hernias seem to go hand in hand. I am 33 now and have been getting panic attacks since I was in primary school. but when you're a child, what do you know? All I knew was that I constantly thoughts I was dying, or terribly ill with some kind of disease. I was only diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder when I had a depressive episode that landed me in hospital and getting in touch with a really good Psychiatrist.
Avatar m tn Coffee contains caffeine that is a stimulant. I am not able to sleep and feel restless if I drink a cup of coffee with milk in the evening. But need the buzz of coffee in the morning. I only ever drink coffee (the instant coffee in a jar) with milk and no sugar. The fresh ground coffee will be much stronger and contain more caffeine. You can buy caffeine reduced coffee and also dandelion coffee (this contains no caffeine and is a bit of an acquired taste!
Avatar n tn Tachycardia and energy drinks do not go well together. Any caffeine will ramp up the heart rate and if you already have a heart prone to tachy, then drinks like this are pretty much off limits. You said the atenolol helps and that's good. Especially if you're having a bad episode, taking the med will settle the heart rhythm and 30 mins. sounds about right for the med to get into your system. I used Diltiazem like that for a few years. It's call "pill in a pocket.
Avatar f tn I had a heart attack in 2009 at 35 years old and since then I have this panic attacks. I went to the doctors so many times incase it was my heart but my heart seems to be working well and that is not it. I am constantly thinking the worse. I have a heavy head feeling loss of balance and dizzyness you name it it is there. I am willing to talk to anyone about this. Sometimes it helps to hear others who have the same problem kind of makes you feel like you are not nuts.
Avatar f tn Last friday i went out with some friends and had a few to many drinks, i had a hard time sleeping that night and when i woke up in the morning my heart was beating super fast and i felt really dizzy and disoriented. I thought maybe i was still drunk and thats why i was feeling that way so i ate something and tryed to rehydrate myself but i continued to feel the same all day.
Avatar f tn Now I am careful not to drink very cold drinks and I warm up ice cream in my mouth before swallowing. It is Vagus nerve, spasm, which is near heart.
Avatar m tn Your max predicted heart rate is calculated as 220 - your age which is 204 for you so no worries. As far as a heart attack from a blood clot, it is very rare and even more so at your age, don't worry about things like heart attacks, enjoy life.
Avatar f tn I went out last night and had some drinks but today my heart beat has been really fast all day i had it a bit yesterday too? I feel brethless with it i am scared but i am trying to rationalise it and say it is a hangover. Usually my heartrate is 75 bpm today it has been 100bpm. It woke me up at five this morning iand i havn't slept since. I am not sure whether this is anxiety or not? sorry i should mention i have been diagnosed with GAD and i am eighteen years old any ideas?
Avatar f tn You really shouldn't. They are extremely high in caffeine and can cause baby's heart to beat way to fast causing heart issues.
Avatar f tn Frozen water bottles and ice coolers are used to avoid warm drinks, which seem to evaporate once they hit your mouth. Contrary to the practice of cooling or warming liquids to relieve your thirst, this study shows that temperature has no actual effect on hydration. Fluids administered to infants at body temperature (37°C) versus room temperature (23°C) were equally effective at hydration. This was the same case in both rotating and bolus (all at once) oral rehydration methods.
Avatar f tn Some say avoid caffeine, beer/alcohol, smoking, chocy I only have they chocy, i dont smoke, drink, or have caffeine and i still get them BUT my boy is slightly overweight, he used to smoke, drinks and has loads of energy drinks and he doesnt even know what an ectopic beat is, he never has them, wonder if he'll just get them one day like me
Avatar m tn Beta blockers can never cause a heart attack. Beta blockers (both selective and nonselective) are protective against heart attacks. Selective beta blockers (Metoprolol, Atenolol, etc.) do only block so-called beta 1 receptors, which are primarily found in the heart. Nonselective beta blockers (like Inderal) also block beta 2 receptors which are found in the lungs and arteries. Adrenaline stimulation of beta 2 receptors will make blood vessels dilate.
Avatar n tn had several heart attacks previously , was a smoker and cause of death was cardiovascular collapse.. His youngest uncle had stents put in a few years ago......in early 40's,,,,,,,, was really tired....went to doc.......and they saw blockages. My fiance does not smoke......drinks very little but considering his weight gain over the last 5 years and family history I am concerned. I have made an appt w/ his regular dr and also an appt with a dr to do a sleep study for apnea.
Avatar m tn Not sure why, but people that have anorexia have had heart attacks. I hope you can get get the help you need and get better.