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Avatar m tn By the way, I did not have a heart attack and was totally surprised that a quadruple bypass was necessary, especially since I played in a softball tournament in the Florida heat the day before without any distress or discomfort. Apparently, I had left main blockage without any symptoms. An EKG revealed 1-3 mm depressions of the ST segment even though during the test I did not have any symptoms whatsoever. The EKG resulted in an angiogram, which then resulted in a quadruple bypass.
Avatar f tn My father who will be 69 in a couple of weeks this month. He had quadruple bypass heart surgery on Nov 17, 2010. He did real well after a couple days then he started coughing - He just now diagnosed COPD (emphysema) and couldn't stop coughing. However, it makes an impact on his sternum. He was discharged a week after his surgery to the rehab to have a respiratory therapy. Hes been there for two weeks going on to the third this week.
Avatar n tn They have been watching her heart for 8 years now but she finally had a heart attack. She just had the dye put in to find out what the problem was. They found 4 arteries that were 50-80% blocked. They are scheduling her for surgery. Can you tell me what her chances might be?
Avatar m tn If you had a episode that you thought was a heart attack and had a ekg with in minutes after words, would the ekg tell you it was a heart attack.
14489057 tn?1449010642 I had a quadruple bypass on April 5th of this year. At first everything seemed to be going good after surgery, but last month I started to have chest pains again (Also I am diabetic and the surgery was the result of my 3rd heart attack, I am 41). I went to the er a couple times over the pain, but they kept telling me it was anxiety. Soon after my last visit, my left leg began to swell, and swell huge, basically double its normal size.
Avatar m tn I had a double bypass in Nov. 2010, I had 2 blockages in my LAD that were 70% and they told me I had to have the surgery immediately so I did.
Avatar f tn I am just recovering 4 months after having Quadruple Heart Bypass Surgery. Please tell her not to be afraid, just to get to her doctor now. He will give her the proper medications to get her through the next few months. Tell her she can be stronger than she thinks and her daughter, I am sure, will be there to help her through this, just like mine was. Good Luck.
Avatar m tn 3yrs ago I had a heart attack and two stents added. Three weeks ago I had another heart attack and two larger stents added to the same artery. My lipid panel is very good (cholesterol 118 Hdl at 75) my diet is good. I am committed to follow Dr Esselstyn diet. I belong to n HMO My question is around the tests that I should be asking my cardiologist. She feels that I not need to have regular stress tests or angiogram to anticipate blockages. What has been your routine with your cardiologist?
Avatar m tn In 1993 i had Quadruple Bypass in the year 2000 my by pass grafts began to close . Cardiologist began to insert stents in my bypass grafts resulting in 27 to date. Cardiologist tells me that no surgeon would touch me for another bypass Reaasons being no where to bypass to and arteries are too small . Should i see a surgeon regardless?????
Avatar m tn He has heart disease in his family( an uncle and grandfather died from a heart attack and his dad had quadruple bypass). He is husky. He has been on Prilosec for years. Recently he has started having trouble swallowing his medicines. He also will get a tightness in his throat and vomit. It has mostly happened within an hour of waking. Occasionally it has been later in the day. He said he feels like pressure from his shirt hitting his adam's apple triggers it sometimes.
Avatar m tn he had a valve replace and quadruple heart bypass and has and infection in his prostate that has been with him since heart sergury and they been giving some atibiotic meds to try to get rid of infection but goes away for about two weeks and then starts getting a fever again they just found out that the infection is comming from the prostate but they can't do anything until the infection goes away and he gets stronger but dad is not eating well and is to weak now.
Avatar m tn 1) 1mm horizontal ST depression at Bruce Stage 3. METS 10.2 (Slight chest discomfort) 2) Moderate to severe reversible defect in the distal to basal inferior & inferolateral walls of left ventricle 3) Stress defect represents 18% of the Left Ventricle by polar map quantitation. 4) Post stress Gated SPECT showed normal LV size & function with hypokinesia of Septum. 5) Post stress LVEF 58% EDV 103ml. Rest LVEF 56%EDV 95ml Scheduled for an Angiogram in 2 weeks. Is the test results bad?
Avatar n tn My grandmother had heart bypass surgery in 1998. They are now telling her that the quadruple bypass done then is 100% blocked, but there is nothing they can do because they can't just "re-do" the old bypass. Are there other alternatives to the bypass graft? Should she get a second opinion?
Avatar m tn I was 49 years old and I recently had quadruple bypass with blockage of; 85, 90, 90, and 95%. I had the bypass on my 60th birthday. Good luck to you.
Avatar f tn My father had a heart attack 23 yrs ago followed by a quadruple bypass. He has taken great care of his health with exercise and healthy vegetarian diet. He had a stress test done in 1994 that was positive. He is 73 now. He had a dobutamin stress echocardiogram and the Dr interpretaion is as follows: Patient had angina at peak stress; Max heart rate 126 BPM and B. P. 150/70 mm Hg noted at peak stress of 40 mcg/kg/min dobutamine + 0.3mg Atropin.
Avatar f tn They told me I had a heart attack and needed a bypass, yet for 2 days no-one came to see me and tell me when the surgery was going to be and what my chances of living were going to be. So for 2 days I was left to think that I was more then likely going to die. You'd never imagine how bad this hospital is, the longer I was there the more issues occured. I could go on forever on all the bad things they did to me.
Avatar n tn One of my closest friends has heart issues like me quit Coreg because of weight gain, and had quadruple bypass surgery in two weeks. Consider my post, and do keep us informed.
Avatar m tn Hi all! I had a heart attack and was diagnosed with diabetes almost a year ago that turned my life upside down. Since the attack and quadruple bypass surgery I've lost my house, car, and can no longer do the work I've been doing for the last 30years b/c of the physical requirements. I've applied for and been denied Disability and don't know where to turn. My challenge now is being able to the afford my medicine needed every month of about $150.
Avatar m tn My husband had a quadruple bypass 7 years ago. While I was at a gathering with some people that did not know my husband had heart surgery they started talking about bypasses. One individual stated that people only live 10 years after they have had a bypass. I was shocked and my friends covered up by saying oh no that's not true and gave the individuals a dirty look. Needless to say I am puzzled by their statement. Is there any truth to this? His heart works at 82% since the surgery.
572651 tn?1530999357 Heart disease is big time in my family. My father had a quadruple bypass years ago, and other members of my family have had heart attacks... right now my biggest fear is my 17 year old nephew.. he has wolfe parkinson white syndrome. He had his first attack right here in my house 3 yrs. ago. Thank God I knew enough to check his pulse after I noticed how sweaty he was, and was not moving from my chair. very scary,, he was transported via ambulance to a hosp. 45 mins. away for the right care.
Avatar m tn I understand a quadruple bypass...but when does the need for a quintuple bypass become evident?
Avatar m tn I am a 49 year old male that had a heart attack in 3/06. In Dec.08 I had quadruple bypass. I never felt as if I was 100% better. June 1st I had another cath done and my left main artery had 90-95% occlusion. They stented that and I do feel better. My question is does this sound as if they should have bypassed the LM when the cabg was done? I also have found very little information on someone that had cabg than received a stent. I know this is not real normal but any idea of what I can expect?
Avatar n tn They sent me to get a heart cath and found extensive coronary heart disease. Told me i have had 2 prior heart attacks and need a quadruple bypass. They said it was severe hypertensive heart disease and that my blood pressure and cholesterol had to have been very high most of my life which cause the artery damage and disease.
Avatar n tn My husband had a quadruple bypass a week ago...his heart was only working on 10% it is now at 36%...he also had to be shocked twice for a-fib..is this normal?
Avatar m tn If some of the particles from the grill brick got on the food like bread/bun or a burger and someone ingested those particles/grill brick dust would they be ok? From what I read grill brick is not toxic and not harmful is that true. Would it just pass through the digestive system and be excreted?
Avatar n tn I had quadruple bypass surgery 13 years ago( using the left internal mammary artery grafting to the left anterior descending coronary) and recently had been having increasing jaw pains and upper back pains ( no dizziness or fainting). I had all sorts of cardiac tests (short of angiogram) that showed within normal limits Ejection fraction was normal but still I had these increasing symptoms of jaw pain relieved by rest.
Avatar m tn s history (heart attach at age 48 and quadruple bypass at age 49) his heart was a ticking time bomb and that he was fortunate to have lived as long as he did. He said my dad died from either the dysrhythmia or from a blood clot in his heart. This made us angry because we felt my dad's doctor didn't provide the best care for my dad and led him to believe that he was in good health. We requested my dad's records the next day, here are some of the findings. 1.