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Avatar m tn to all residents who are close to irvine & las vegas, we're doing a public awareness campaign on the early detection & prevention of heart diseases...we're inviting those people who would like to take advantage of a free heart scan... Medical experts say "the heart scan measures coronary calcifications" or calcium build up inside the coronary arteries.
Avatar m tn However I still experience heart palpitations and still have chest pains. I would like to see a cardiologist in Las Vegas since my PVC's & PAC's have increased in duration, frequency and forcefulness. We haven't had very good experience finding PCP's and don't even know where to start for a cardiologist. Any insight for a great cardiologist would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for reading this.
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Avatar n tn On April 1st, 2007 my mother had a massive heart attack while on vacation in Las Vegas. The attack left her with 32% ejection fraction. To make things short, it is now 6 months later and she is still with us however she is suffering from severe nausea. Today she had a defribulator and pace maker installed which of course is a great safety net, but she still cannot get passed the feeling of nausea.
Avatar f tn Any chance there any ladies on here in the Las Vegas area?
Avatar n tn I'm looking for phentermine prescription in Las Vegas?? Do you know any doctors in the Las Vegas area? I only have 20 pounds to lose.
Avatar n tn Hi you! I just finished reading all of your posts, and I think I can help ease your mind a bit. Let me first say, I too had horrible anxiety attacks, (that were brought on by XANAX! hate the drug with a passion. I had a horrible time going off of them, and had to sleep downstairs in the living room of my parents house for 3 weeks because I was afraid I would need help and would not be found until it was too late!). I no longer have anxiety attacks and cured them without meds!!!!!
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Avatar f tn I am in Stage 3 congestive heart failure and will be moving to Las Vegas within a year. Husband retiring. Does anyone know of a doctor is chf certified? Thank you.
Avatar f tn A week after the surgery he had another attack so on 12/20 they did an endscopy incision to the sphincter muscle to open things up so any residual stones/sludge would pass through. After that he had an attack in Las Vegas on 2/21, attack in Las Vegas 6/8, attack in Minneapolis on 6/25, attack at home in Seattle 8/9 & 10 which all landed us in the hospital to dope him up until pain lessened and lipaise/blood work came down.
Avatar n tn Gish has a satellite clinic here in las vegas and he is in the office here in vegas this week. This is the local office information. 3006 S. Maryland Parkway Suite 470 LV NV 89109 702 796 9111 if you like, I suggest you ask for Saundra Hart and then tell her that Debra F referred you to her, the one with pneumonia. She'll know. Saundra is the RN in that practice and if I refer, she'll pay close attention. Tell her you are one of my friends from the medhelp board.
Avatar f tn I am looking for a Hep C specialist in the Las Vegas area. Can anyone help me with a couple of names?
Avatar n tn Any mom's on here live in Las Vegas? If so how are you taking this weather while pregnant?
Avatar f tn I'm 25 weeks and I'm from Las Vegas, nv. Anyone else from Vegas. I think it would be great to go through this pregnancy with some one who understands what I'm talking about.
Avatar n tn I would like to know if it is advisable at his age to have this surgery and are there any new techniques or procedures with a valve replacement. Also, he lives in Las Vegas, NV and I would like to know if you there are any heart surgeons there that you can recommend for this surgery.
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