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Avatar m tn When damage to the heart occurs, levels of cardiac markers rise over time, which is why blood tests for them are taken over a 24-hour period. Because these enzyme levels are not elevated immediately following a heart attack, patients presenting with chest pain are generally treated with the assumption that a myocardial infarction has occurred and then evaluated for a more precise diagnosis".
Avatar n tn With my last heart attack it was 3 days before my markers began to drop. In the ER as soon as it was discovered that my Troponin (a cardiac enzyme that is elevated during a heart attack) was elevated I was sent to the cath lab to check for any blockages. Did they do this with your friend? It's more commonly called an angiogram or heart cath. They look to see what or if the heart attack caused damage. In my case, the new blockages weren't bad enough to require any intervention.
Avatar f tn m not sure what the numbers mean there. We would like to know if he indeed have a heart attack. And, can enzyme levels be raised for any other reason besides a heart attack? He does have hypertension. ECG showed ST elevation in leads 111, a VF, V1 to V3 with ST depression in 1 and a VL. But, repeat ECG showed no significant elevation. Enzymes were elevated with a peak CK of 774 with a 10% MB fraction.
Avatar n tn I realize there are many factors that contribute to a diagnosis of MI; however, my father was recently admitted to the hospital with a suspected MI and everyone kept referring to his enzyme levels being "normal" or negative. This morning, however, the nurse stated that his enzymes have gone down and that's good. I understand the physiology of the enzymes and why they are released into the blood stream, but I can't find any info on "normal" levels or limits.
Avatar f tn Cubbie, one cannot have a heart attack without heart muscle damage. The heart cells can be only stunned and prompt treatment with oxygen can save some of the cells.
Avatar m tn i recently went to my dr and had a complete blood work performed and they results of the blood work was the my heart enzyme level was at 420 and they said that a normal level is at 125, i would like to know how dangerous this is to my heart and can treatment cure it?
Avatar n tn I have been having all the symptoms of heart attack, according to everything I have read. Have been to emergency room several times over the last year with chest pain, pain in jaw, and excessive sweating and dizziness and lightheadedness. Have been told every time ekg was abnormal and then all the focus goes on my lungs and chronic bronchitis. I awake at night even with severe chest pain heart pounding very hard with sharp pain in jaw and sweating badly, but cant get doctors focus off asthma.
Avatar m tn If a person had a heart attack on a Monday is their troponin enzyme still going to be elevated on Friday?
Avatar f tn If a heart attack is expected, blood will be drawn and tested for these enzymes that can verify that a heart attack took place if the enzyme level is high enough. They will test these enzymes 2 to 3 more times, and if you got to the ER at the right time, they can pretty well tell from these consecutive readings when the heart attack occurred. There are at least two different types of tests that look for either enzymes or proteins.
Avatar n tn You probably had a complete blood test that showed markers for a heart attack, EKG and did you have an echocardiogram? A stress test with an injection of a dye substance for perfusion through the lower portion of the heart can help determine degree of damage if any and some heart muscle viability and not necrosis. Several years ago I had a silent heart attack and was in ER for 3-4 days with consgested heart failure.
976897 tn?1379167602 Just had angioplasty for a heart attack and thought I would post the experiences so others can hopefully benefit in some way or other. It was last thursday morning when I walked upstairs to the bathroom. I felt very light headed, so much that it was a real effort to not pass out. I had chest pains on a scale 1-10 (8) which would not go away even when I was relaxed. Sweating was incredible, I haven't sweated so much in all my life. No palpitations and no shortness of breath.
Avatar m tn It frequently results in chest pain and ECG findings that mimic a heart attack. The cause of pericarditis can be difficult to determine and many times there is no inciting event which can be identified. Viral illness such as upper respiratory infections commonly precede the the development of pericarditis leading some people to believe that viruses are the cause. NSAIDs (such as ibuprofen) are usually tried for pain relief with most people recovering in a few days with no residual problems.
Avatar f tn They then told us that his blood test results said his heart enzyme level was 1.9 and he probably has a mild heart attack and there was some damage to his heart. They told us they were putting him in the ICU and hooked him up to a couple iv's with medications. Three hours later they re did the blood test and this time it came back 0.06. They stopped the iv's and all medications and told us that he did not have a heart attack and there was no heart damage.
Avatar n tn Is it possible to have myocarditis without positive inflammation markers or positive cardiac enzyme markers? I did have a complete right bundle branch block on several different ECGs during the period of crushing chest pain. If I do have Lyme myocarditis, what antibiotics are recommended? If it isn't that, what else could it be?
Avatar m tn An initial ER visit and cardiogram and enzyme test showed no signs of heart attack. I have been told by doctors it is a panic attack, GERD, costochondritis, and chronic stiff neck muscles. I'm trying to get an appointment for a stress test set up with my current doctor. The stabby feeling comes and goes periodically, usually with stress or temp change.
Avatar n tn s Syndrome and other congenital disorders, but are not markers for a heart attack. Risk factors for coronary artery disease that can progress to a heart attack include a sedentary lifestyle, male gender, obesity, smoking, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and a family history of heart attacks in primary relatives younger than 55 years old. I hope you find this information useful. Information provided in the heart forum is for general purposes only.
Avatar n tn Chest pain does not always indicate a heart attack (MI, heart cell necrosis), but it could indicate angina (chest pain, etc.) due to the heart not receiving an adequate supply of blood...usually happens when there is exertion and goes away immediately with rest (but not always, usually). A nitrate medication can relieve angina by dilating the coronary arteries (usually).
Avatar f tn When I asked how much damage was done to the heart, I was told none. How is this possible without it being a heart attack. I didn't have a clot ,and I had a nstemi attack. T wave abnormaliries on my ECG Thanks for any help.
Avatar n tn A close friend had a heart attack 6 weeks ago that left 20% of his heart muscle dead. He now has congestive heart problems--shortness of breath, fatigue, congestive, difficulty sleeping. He is on a bunch of pills including a diuretic. His wife has heard about something called CQ10, which she says is also known as CO enzyme 10. They don't have a computer, and she asked me to find out if this is something that her husband ought to know about and perhaps take.
Avatar n tn There are other markers that, while not as specific as cardiac troponin, can also point to a heart attack. In addition, testing by EKG or Cardioloite scan, among other things, can determine if there are areas of damage caused by a heart attack. MIs leave a trail.
Avatar m tn If you went to the hospitial within hours after your episode there are identifying markers....the marker CK-MB would show an increase above normal in your blood test about six hours after the start of a heart attack. It reaches its peak level in about 18 hours and returns to normal in 24 to 36 hours.a blood test. You probably don't need to go to your doctor if you have only fainted one time and you are in otherwise good health. Fainting is common and usually not serious.
213398 tn?1202670474 CK's are nonspecific, but the fact that CKMB's, which are heart specific, were normal points away from a heart attack. Usually troponin I greater than 0.1 is considered abnormal. Of course, that varies from one hospital to another depending on the troponin assay that the lab there uses. Troponin is usually never zero. I don't think the docs are missing anything. Elevated CK could just be from working out or hard labor. Elevated CK aren't associated with herniated disks.
Avatar n tn In general if enzyme levels are elevated it means there has been some disturbance or damage to the tissue. Therefore heart enzymes are elevated following a heart attack. Following surgery different enzymes may be elevated including heart enzymes.
Avatar n tn A close friend had a heart attack 6 weeks ago that left 20% of his heart muscle dead. He now has congestive heart problems--shortness of breath, fatigue, congestive, difficulty sleeping. He is on a bunch of pills including a diuretic. His wife has heard about something called CQ10, which she says is also known as CO enzyme 10. They don't have a computer, and she asked me to find out if this is something that her husband ought to know about and perhaps take.