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Avatar f tn There is a healthy weight range you can look up on web sites like the WebMD, the CDC's section on health, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), etc. The better charts will take into account your height, build, and age. BMI is also good, but allows for a relatively wide range of healthy weights. I'm 5'9", 131 lbs., and still (barely) within the healthy range in terms of BMI. Good luck identifying a healthy range for yourself.
Avatar f tn There is a healthy range to shoot for if your BMI is too high or too short and it will tell you that weight range that is best for you.
9038886 tn?1402125726 For me, bub is small (Interuterine growth restriction) and low in fluid also. But I have seen many women carry 'small' and have perfectly healthy bubs within a good weight range. Don't stress. As Emlue said, you shouldn't be concerned unless your dr is. Best of luck.
1522322 tn?1291215029 I have heard that people who are a little overweight have a longer life expectancy than people at an average or "healthy" weight. Is this true? What is considered a healthy weight range for a 5'4" woman?
Avatar f tn Shorter women will need to aim for a lower weight than taller women, it means shorter women need to exercise and eat less more than taller women do. Commit to regular exercise to help you get in shape and reach your fitness goals. To lose or gain weight, adjust your daily caloric intake according to your ideal body weight. Step 1 Determine what your goal weight should be.
Avatar f tn I also stopped putting my weight if I need an app to tell me how much I should gain... My doc says I am doing good so I'll stick with that!! Besides every women is different..!! I think no matter how much weight we've all gained that we're beautiful pregnant ladies!!
Avatar f tn The app itself gives you an estimated baby weight range. As long as you measure well, your baby should be in the ranges given. Several sites will also give you a week to week range. You will never be able to tell your child's true weight until you have them, this can be an issue for some women as the bigger the baby, the harder labor is.
4173096 tn?1350669677 Sorry to hear you are struggling so much. The number on the scale unfortunately does not offer happiness. Happiness comes from within. By listening to and honoring the body’s thirst, hunger, emotions, physical needs, dreams, etc., a person finds happiness. The mind does not need to tell the body the weight it needs to be. The body finds it’s own natural weight range. It would be wise to let your parents in on your eating struggle. It only gets worse, not better.
Avatar f tn Some women in the obese range can use pregnancy as a way to overall lose weight by just eating normal healthy diet.
Avatar f tn Every women is different. I started at 122 and now at 25 weeks I am 141. I am right on target. from week 20 to 24 I stayed between 136 and 138 and was concerned of the lack of weight gain but my Dr said that since everyone is different, there is no set weight, just a range. Hope this helps and Congrats!!
Avatar n tn Definitely want the case for me but my midwife told me once that some women gain a lot, some gain a little, and some don't gain at all. There are a lot of women on here who are in the 30 week range who've only gained 6-8lbs so you're prob fine. If baby's growing that's all that matters. Definitely mention it to your doc though just to be sure.
Avatar f tn But some women will gain five pounds in one week and none for the next four weeks... Which is why this app only works for women who gain exactly one pound per week.
Avatar f tn It doesnt matter..
1794093 tn?1357930759 So I haven't actually started ttc yet. I'm hoping to start at the end of Nov/Dec. Anyway I'm looking for friends or support to get healthy. I prefer to lose some weight but overall my goal is to have a solid platform that I can continue with through pregnancy... anyone else struggling with weight that's ttc?
1360484 tn?1277732214 Does anyone know of any quick low fat low calorie desserts I can make for my family?
Avatar f tn I'm 20w+1 and have only gained 11lbs after dropping 15.. So I am still regaining what I lost just slowly. Most women in a healthy weight range gain anywhere from 25-40lbs. However I don't stress over weight gain. As long as you and baby are healthy its all good!! Plus a friend of mine who is 37 weeks didn't start gaining till around 32. Don't stress! Just make sure you keep eating well.
1564935 tn?1298597929 Thank you ladies for you advice and comments I am working on my weight and i eat healthy I lost lots of weight a year ago 60lbs and still going. I was 360 now 300 my main goal is to get at a healthy weight to be happy and healthy. But most of all to have a baby me and my boyfriend believe it will happen one day. GOD SPEED! Thanks keep you posted.
Avatar n tn I am looking for a buddy to hold each other accountable on the journey of weight loss. I'm a diabetic in need of not only loosing weight but getting the fat off my stomach. I did really well on my own up until now. Diagnosed in 2005 with type-2 and was put on meds. Didn't like that too well went on a strict high fiber low fat diet. I was taken off meds as soon as I dropped weight and the a1c number to normal range. Did great until I hit my mid fourties.
Avatar n tn I did a BMI calculator online for you and it says that your BMI is 22.5 within a normal range for women. I'd say you're just fine the way you are now, but it's really up to you on how much you want to weigh and look. Great job on losing all that weight by the way!
Avatar f tn Is not at all normal weight gain, the doc that said that is an idiot! But yes your weight gain is in the normal range for sure. With my first pregnancy I gained 55pounds! and that is excessive. For this pregnancy I am watching my weight much more, last time I just ate whatever and didn't exercise at all! big mistake since my daughter was 7pounds& the rest was all me, and I had to work that much harder to lose the weight after having her.
7827642 tn?1396958758 I had gestational diabetes with my first pregnancy. I have never been over weight and I have always ate healthy also diabetes doesn't run in my family. There isn't much you can do to prevent it. But if you do get it just watch what you eat. With this pregnancy I have a higher chance of getting. I hope the info I have gave you helps and best of luck.
Avatar f tn Apparently in my family women gain weight like that but I would just say slow down wi th the cravings, eat more protein some fat with every meal to satiate your appetite . With breastfeeding postpartum I was able to lose all the weight I gained. Snack on healthy foods like fruits and veggies with hummus. Try to eat a normal amount don't use th e pregnancy as an excuse to eat more because I did that and it wasn't good. A so make sure to exercise daily.
Avatar f tn m a recovered anorexic, so I was using it to gain weight for a while, but now I just need to maintain in a healthy range. I expect people who have lost weight down to their goal would also find it useful. Thank you.
1551655 tn?1294260921 I agree with Dr. Beckerman. For 53 years, my exercise has been "free" and I am at the low end of my healthy weight range. Jogging, walking, race-walking, exercising at home (I use books with callisthenics and weight bearing exercises) are all free. Books can be found low cost at bookstores or used bookstores and even on eBay. A jumprope is a helpful way to get QUICK cardio exercise, but work up slowly.
Avatar f tn m pretty certain that 120 pounds is within the normal healthy weight range for someone of your height. You could try to make your calves a little leaner by doing exercises that target strengthening them, but it sounds like you are beautifully healthy and are just caught in the trap of the modern beauty myth where the media (celebrities, models, etc) are telling you you need to be thinner and smaller everywhere when that's only healthy for the minority of girls.