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Avatar n tn D In answer to your question, yes, a vegetarian diet is VERY healthy, but (as with any diet) you need to make it as varied as possible and to learn what foods contain the nutrients you need. You should be able to get everything you need in abundance without ever needing to use multi-vitamins.
1358341 tn?1282213443 5 Glucose (don't need it)********* Glucose is not detectable in the urine of healthy dogs or cats. Protein (maybe)********* Thus, only a very small amount of protein is normally excreted in the urine, which is not usually clinically detectable. Proteinuria of renal disease may be due to glomerular and/or tubular lesions. Blood (important)************ If the renal threshold is exceeded, the hemoglobin can pass into the urine. Healthy animals should have negative test results.
Avatar f tn Look up recommended servings of each group for pregnant women, and what a serving actually looks like. Don't stop eating protein and grains, just make healthy choices about what to eat. Whole grains, lean meats, etc. Same with dairy. Also, go for walks. It's healthy low impact exercise.
172023 tn?1334675884 Hi! I'm Peekawho, CL of the Dieting Community, and the Healthy Cooking Community. I'm popping in to invite any of you to come over and make yourselves at home, have a cup of coffee, read, and contribute if you can. I've personally lost 45 pounds over 6-7 months with simple changes to my diet, and with sensible exercise. It can be done without pills, and without severely depriving yourself. I've been able to cut my BP meds in half after losing weight.
203342 tn?1328740807 My question is does anyone have any ideas how we can cut down on our grocery bill and STILL eat healthy? Is it even possible? I really want to find some healthy and tasty meals my family will eat without blowing the grocery budget. Someone once told me that buying and cooking for the month can help. I tried that once and it was ok but I spent two days in the kitchen cooking so I wasn't real thrilled with that part. Besides we don't have a deep freezer.
219241 tn?1413541365 (Silly girl decided since she had Grave's disease and is a vegetarian that she wouldn't take the replacement thyroxine and go 'healthy' instead.Needless to say the doctor went bananas and told her she had all but killed her thyroid and it had to come out!) My lovely Japanese sister-in-law who has a great Aussie accent told me, "OH, great! Only a minute change in dose. I do feel the cold terribly but otherwise, yeah, really good!
4419530 tn?1368479373 So you don't gave to eat meat. Other women are vegetarian and pregnant and they have perfectly healthy babies!!!
Avatar m tn Hi My daughter is constantly hungry, not just for food that would be considered 'treats' but pretty much anything . Its becoming quite worrying and I feel awful because i spend the day saying no to most of her requests for food. I dont want to make a huge issue at this stage but she is overweight and i am concerned about her health.
Avatar m tn I eat Oats quite a bit too and Aloe plants(which are yumy). I am a very healthy eater, except the minor splurges with Gummy treats, and ice cream or homemade deserts. I was looking at things that raise LDL and the only thing I can think of is butter. I do eat butter on some things but its not real butter, its that yogurt butter mixture. So what the heck is going on here. How can my numbers be so off? If I already eat this way, what can I do to change the numbers?
Avatar f tn My husband and I try to eat a very healthy, plant-based diet. When my MIL retires, we've been planning on allowing her to watch the kids for a couple hours a day, 3-4 days per week. This weekend, my husband broached the subject of healthy eating with her. He told her we don't want them eating processed junk food and pizza when they come over. She immediately took the defensive and said that, as a grandmother, she'll feed them as many brownies, pizza, and cookies as she wants. And she will.
11240317 tn?1416687142 Is it possible to stick to a healthy diet, and do some low exercise to try keep my weight down while keeping my baby as healthy as I can possibly do so? If I could have just predicted the future, I would have kicked my butt into gear ages ago!
Avatar f tn My husband says I seemed to be at my most healthy on holiday when I was having the occasional steak and some sweet treats. (played havoc with my gut though) I sincerely hope for all those women who are in our situation that the condition of our muscles not working properly is a tempory state. I will try the oral B vitamins.
203342 tn?1328740807 I don't know if it's a good idea to completely change her diet now or not. Otherwise, both cats seem healthy enough and act fine. I honestly think it's mostly my oldest and that she just has a more sensitive stomach. It's not every day but lately it's been maybe once or twice a week the last few weeks.
Avatar f tn I see from your notes--allergies? If so, it's possible you may have a sinus infection which could make your dizzy, lightheaded. I have sinus /allergies and I'm off balance from it. Inner ear could be problem also. Try seeing a dr. who treats "vertigo"...or try online and watch the video where you can do exercises yourself...try on bed first. Verigo is feels drunk. OTC meds (sea sick pills) may help a bit..Vertigo can last quite a long time. GOOD LUCK...
695000 tn?1316139648 but I don't want him to grow any bigger and have health issues in the future. I would love to keep healthy food at home and still give him treats now and then but because we have other kids, my husband buys lots of stuff from Costco and it's availble to all of them. How can I say no to the youngest when the other ones eat what they want and never gain a pound? He is pretty cooperative..but I don't think he has the power to control himself yet. (god knows I don't at 42!)....
Avatar m tn You can try a Heart Healthy diet which helps to stay healthy overall. A Heart Healthy diet means a moderate fat diet to lower the fat content of your foods and increase ‘good’ fats to benefit your body. Moderate fat diet means = use polyunsaturated (omega 3, corn oil, nuts, etc) fats and monounsaturated (olive oil, canola oil, peanut oil, etc) fats, no saturated fats (high fat snack foods, butter, fat spreads) and no trans fats.
Avatar m tn It's possible that going the recommend 1480 calories is too much for your body or is way too little. Next is diet. Now healthy food is a bit of a misnomer. Your body needs a balanced diet. Basically a salad is amazing, but if all your eating is vegetables you probably aren't getting enough protein for your body. Also if you have a ceasar salad with egg, bacon, chicken and a whole egg dressing that can be half of a daily food intake!
Avatar n tn ) and maintain diet I mean you can have treats and all that cause your not a diabetic, but not excessively! Hope this helps! And best of luck! It's hard but not the worst thing in the world! Chin up! Let me Know how you go!
561451 tn?1257479950 Hehe, you know they make these fries in the frozen food section, that you microwave, they have crinkle and non crinkle, but they taste like wendy's fries, just more healthy! =) I make home made fries, and put this seasoning on them oh their sooooo good! Hmmm, dang it. Now I want those fries for dinner. AHAHA!
Avatar f tn Danie is right! I am like you in the "normal" range, but I too suffer from hypothyroid symptoms. If you post all the info...don't forget reference ranges, lol. I always do, someone will help you out. What happens is that we all have an optimal range and the labs we get are just a bell curve of the average "normal" hormone levels in a healthy person. A good endocrinologist can help your find that range that is perfect for you and keep you there.
1244180 tn?1325902711 With this method she shouldn't be a picky eater because she has been exposed to everything from Jewish cuisine, Italian, Japanese (vegetarian sushi), Thai food, American, Spanish, Mexican, Native American and so on. It also helps me to eat healthy because I want her to eat healthy. Avoid raw honey (possible bochalism) (cooked is ok), nuts (choking hazard and possible severe allergen), popcorn (choking hazard), caffeine (obviously) and chocolate.
86075 tn?1238118691 Greek food makes me think of spanakopita and gyros, neither one of which sound that healthy to me, but a nice salad and fish, yes. Middle Eastern food can be very healthy - don't know about felafel though. They're fried, but they're made of garbanzo beans, so I guess the two might balance each other out.
16702 tn?1234094245 I try to eat healthy to keep my energy levels up and exercise but do reward myself with treats here and there. Mainly vegetarian with fish a few times a week. And if my RBCs are getting low when I read my blood tests, I'll have a hamburger or make a stew. We all know chemo is the worst and radiation, surgery, etc. The worst is a fanatic person with their diets. My term is food nazi.
1356964 tn?1302091035 healthy cats....I post on here a lot when I have issues, concerns about my cats. I would like to know , does anyone have cats that they never had to take to the vet for problems such as Cystitis, FLUTD, Crystals in urine, urinary problems ? I know that sometimes there are cats whose genetics seemingly predisposition them for certain things and sometimes a stressful event is just enough to trigger things in cats.. So, healthy cat owners, 1) Is your cat(s) male or female ?
Avatar f tn d) can people have strange reactions to WHERE they are living or with whom? e) can such problems be caused by dietary environment? (I am not vegetarian, it was never part of my culture as a child. However, in uni, I tend to eat one meal a day (small meal, mid evening), and have a diet which is low in protein and things such as rice and potatoes, high in vegetables. Largely because I'm a terrible cook and chicken still screams salmonella to me. I try to avoid pre-cooked meals.
Avatar f tn I don't know what type of vegetarian you are or how strict of a vegetarian you are, but if you can squeeze in any food with some iron in it, that would be helpful. If you eat fish, some fish have good iron content. This site lists a lot of foods, but you may have found better sites. Best of luck and do come back to the forum often to ask questions, get support, and tell us how you are progressing.
Avatar n tn I prayed and feel I was led to the web site of Dr , who Treats people who refuse cardiac intervention for blockages. It impressed me that in most of his patients the symptoms like angina and the likes ( which by the way I never had either) were relieved, and in most in just a few weeks. The other thing that caught me was that in over twenty years all his cvd patients who adopted his advice have regained there health.
Avatar f tn my 6yr old grandson is always telling me we dondt quit, and he now as a new top that says refuse to fail ( I gotta get me one of those), A good healthy way to diet, for me it is eating 3 healthy meals a day and healthy snacks, drinking plenty of water at least 8 glasses, geting plenty of rest, and i exercise 5 days aweek, and weekends we go out walking, and staying motivated, doing these things as helped me lose 150lbs.
720656 tn?1311043835 The three controls were healthy, HCV Genotype 1, and patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Wow Ev now I wish I would have keep copies of all the food they provided during the study. The dietician at the University hospital designed the menus and it was all prepared right there. I would pick up huge bags of food twice a week all prepared and packaged according to frozen foods or refrigerator, etc. The foods were pretty much what a typical well rounded diet would consist.