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Avatar m tn Gene Variant Predicts Liver Recovery After HCV Cure May 08, 2017 CHICAGO -- Genetic variation can help predict which patients with decompensated cirrhosis will recover liver function after treatment for hepatitis C (HCV), a researcher said here.
Avatar n tn Besides medi-cal which you definitely need to apply for, you should phone area hospitals and Universities to find a good heptologist ( liver doctor), in case you don't already have one Ask if they provide charity care. I see a very good doctor at CPMC in San Francisco. UCSF is another good place in my area. Charity care at CPMC covers doctor visits, lab visits, and pathology ( lab results) done there at thier facility. A financial adviser at CPMC would tell you what's covered and what isn't.
382218 tn?1341185087 Fishman Distinguished Professor and Chair of the Department of Neurology at the University of California, San Francisco, and editor-in-chief of the Annals of Neurology. A previously published review of the evidence in the Annals by Khan et al. noted that treatment procedures, based upon these findings, have included placing stents in the jugular veins of MS patients which led to serious injury in some cases. In the current issue of the Annals, Florian Doepp, M.D.
206807 tn?1331939784 Louie described 27 patients treated this way on Thursday at IDWeek, an infectious diseases conference in San Francisco. All had suffered at least four C-diff infections and relapses, but none had a recurrence after taking the poop pills. Margaret Corbin, 69, a retired nurse's aide from Calgary, told of the misery of C-diff. "It lasted for two years. It was horrible. I thought I was dying. I couldn't eat. Every time I ate anything or drank water I was into the bathroom," she said.
Avatar m tn too bad you didn't get pictures of the snow in San Francisco (as ephemeral as it was)...or Stinson Beach or where ever you live...yeah, it's postively artic on the Left Coast huh?'s 51 here! (2Irish from Chicago is going to kill me for being such a weenie!
748543 tn?1463449675 Dental Occlusion must be synchronized with healthy Mandibular Function as it relates to a healthy head position and by extension a healthy posture. So why are teeth/occlusion so important for posture? In simple terms incorrect posture is due to a twisted spine, which barring accidents or skeletal abnormalities- like a short leg, is due to an incorrect position of the skull.
Avatar n tn I imagine we will be hearing even more after the conference in San Francisco next month. I see that Vertex is presenting there, so our doctors should be more informed, and that would be a very good thing. I listened to one of the archived conference calls recently and it sounds very encouraging so far. Of course, I'm no scientist (nor have I ever played one on TV and I haven't stayed in a Holiday Inn Express recently). Skepticism is healthy; so is hope.
Avatar m tn As I am familiar with CPMC through word of mouth and they are the only other liver transplant center besides the one I go to here in San Francisco. If I were you I would try to get into their program as it appears by far the best option for you and it doesn't eliminate trying to get some type of health insurance whether through disability or some other means in the meantime.
Avatar f tn Wonder if Gilead Sciences hired anyone yet? Rebates Sr.
Avatar m tn I had an email saying that I was encouraged to fill out the full application after my professor sent them my resume (as with other students). I was hoping my 3.0 GPA was the cutoff for his recommendation for consideration, as I had never had my resume forwarded before. I made a lot of contact with the office, I would be working closely with the dean of that particular school. Contacted her and thanked her. Anyway, interviewed yesterday.
1462810 tn?1327364049 Day, the San Francisco surgeon who treated her breast cancer non-traditionally epitomizes this problem. She has an interesting website, which discusses the issues. Even though she was a well-respedcted surgeon, it proved almost impossible for her to be treated at medical facilities in other than the AMA approved manner. One clue is that under current protocols a physician cannot INITIATE a suggest to use a non-convention treatment.
Avatar f tn 1993 Aug-Sept International Ozone Association holds Eleventh Ozone World Congress and Exhibition August 29 to September 3rd, 1993 in San Francisco. Tours were given of 9 San Francisco water treatment plants using ozone, booths of industrial ozone manufacturers were perused, plus the two day medical ozone meeting was well attended by participating doctors from all over the world. Comment: O3OHATOP - That's ozone in Russian.
144210 tn?1273092382 S., and we should have the communication of the U.S. trials by the fall at AASLD in San Francisco. So we will know the complete story at that point in time – its complete potential,” he says. “What we know right now is that you add the drug to the standard of care, and what you end up with is a pretty high cure rate – SVR in the 80 percent-plus range, which obviously is quite interesting.” ------------------------------------------------ 12/08 update: http://www.medhelp.
Avatar n tn You know, I live in Boise, Id and it is REALLY dry here. So much so, I get nosebleeds and have to take guifenesen and evoxac to keep eyes in tears and nose moist enough, yet still have terrible pain. You could visit an area for a few weeks to see if your pain improves before moving there. Where are you? Warm does sound good right now. We actually have snow on the ground. I've lived in Tucson and it is a very big city, has some nice parts, and probably isn't as pricey as SD.
Avatar n tn I also recommend Misha's book (The Hep C Help Book.) I am in San Francisco and have an appointment with her next week. A friend who has hep c saw Misha on a monthly or weekly basis and she swears by her. Misha co-wrote the book with Robert Gish who is a well-known liver specialist here in the Bay Area. Side effects and wellness are different for everyone and the diagnosis of hep c is definitely not a death sentence. Eat well, forget the alcohol and fried foods and laugh a lot.
Avatar m tn People deserve to know there are other ways of transmitting HCV instead of the IDU junkie stigma attached to the disease. Here are the actual articles. DDW Liver Conference San Francisco, HEPATITIS C - TRANSMISSION BY TOOTHBRUSHES: A MYTH OR A REAL POSSIBILITY? Reported by Jules Levin Guntram Lock, Martin Dirscherl, Florian Obermeier, Cornelia M.
233616 tn?1312790796 It has also cause me to become slightly diebetic, but it is borderline, so I control it with diet, healthy, so sugar, complex not simple carbs. small price for what has happened in the benefit dept.. could it cause your hep c to intensify. maybe. and I've no proof that it does or doesn't. what it does do is cause you to begin to heal better and make more antibodies to fight disease. It causes cell replication so that could mean more healthy liver tissue or more fibrosis.
Avatar m tn That's how I remember the left side becoming scar free, one day it was just a small piece then, and I didn't mess with it too much after that and it slowly went away. I worry about infections, now that I'm 42, gotta stay healthy! Hope yours got better!
Avatar n tn The next time we will release data about our clinical trial will be during the AASLD meeting in San Francisco in November 2011" "Is it possible to say how many years?" "Probably 3 to 4 years. This is just an estimate....
Avatar n tn For some reason I'd been craving honey and, oddly, one day found a jar of this Manuka Honey someone had left on the street (I live in San Francisco and that's a 'normal' thing 'round here). Anyways, I grabbed the jar and went home and had a big spoonful...I also rubbed it on and in my nose and on my thumb that was starting to feel painful again.
Avatar f tn The only thing I've found over the counter that helps is Eurax anti-itch cream (Crotamiton). It works in about 15 mins and repeated application relieves it to tolerable, but you must not scratch while it is working. Give it a try, I hope it works for someone. This can be such a horrible condition!
Avatar f tn just wish I was in a bigger city where it was a bit more affordable to get a variety like when I lived in San Francisco where it was soooo cheap and plentiful! Congrats on your rubber-stampimg. Not sure what the process is like in the UK but what I learned from my advocate/lawyer was - in any medical situation or in your case history, as soon as you walk thru the door and someone ask "How are you today?" Never casually respond "Fine."!
1896835 tn?1321576203 When I took him to the SS office, they gave him an appontment to come back on 11/28 to do the actual application. We have already applied for the Medical but they said it was a minimum of 3 months to hear back. For now, I am hoping to get him stable, he is sleeping a lot, and appears a little more yellowish today, very forgetful. I hope there is something to help him. I hope his GP is wrong and treatment will help him to live a good quality life.
363682 tn?1299492962 Pain relief medication does nothing and the only relief I can get at all is the application of something topical like '4-Head' or the American 'Head-On'. Although I have been a reasonably 'active' drinker in the past, if anything now, at the age of 61 (male), I rarely have more than two drinks at a time ... which is why I'm surprised at the onset of these headaches.
Avatar n tn on the one hand, you have a group of happy, healthy former addicts who have gotten their lives back, and who possess the collective wealth of perhaps 1 hour of one day of drug traffic collectively. On the other hand, you have a money machine which dwarfs even the most powerful governments and financial institutions in the world, driven by everyone from the top government officials worldwide down to the lowest crank-running gangstas.
Avatar m tn - are you talking cured where your viral load is proven undetectable for a sustained period of time? (That proven word is key.) Or are you talking those that are living well and relatively healthy in spite of having Hep C? "(If they would only get their collective knowledgeable heads together for all our benefits.) " No kidding, eh? I think there is merit in combining the best of both approaches for various reasons.