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Avatar f tn One of the classes was vegetarian plus there were recipes from some of the other had good vegetarian side dishes. I thought I'd share them with everyone. My husband and son are meat eaters but these are so good that they will eat a weekly vegetarian dinner and don't feel like they are missing anything. I will make separate postings for each of the items. Hope you enjoy!
Avatar f tn I am currently on the hcg injections from the Native Healing Ways clinic. Does anyone have any recipes for this 500 calorie diet? The information that the clinic has provided does list a few recipes but I would like to expand a bit as I am becoming board with current food choices. Also, I am mostly a vegetarian but eat some fish. Thanks!
Avatar n tn Can someone recommend me some recipes (breakfast, lunch, dinner) that makes me want to cook the healthy meal all the time and makes me want to eat more healthier? I like noodles, soups, rice and I'm not vegetarian or vegan I eat meat and I like some vegetables (I don't like carrots, I like potato, broccoli, lettuce, eggplant etc.
547836 tn?1302836432 Maybe not if you like Junk food but there are healthy receipes on the internet you can download some quick type to prepare and tasty fiber is found in a lot of foods and good tasty foods When you say junk food is it McDonalds or Burger King or Candy Chips etc?
172023 tn?1334675884 Others might be able to learn from your experiences, and we're always in need of great tasting, healthy recipes and nutrition tips related to other health conditions! I'll look forward to seeing you soon.
620923 tn?1452919248 Hi All since the terminology thread was not going over well, and we had people interested in trading recipes I hope this thread will be more active and that we can keep in mind that we also have several trying to lose do post some recipes with us in mind,....
172023 tn?1334675884 One for how quick and easy it is. One for taste and flavor. One for being healthy and good for you. And it's nice enough to even make for company, another star! This is so far my favorite dish on the healthy food forum. Thanks, Peek, for sharing this!
118225 tn?1278658540 I save the big bulk of my points for dinner as well.....I eat like 2points for breakfast, 4-6 points for lunch most for dinner and then a few for a snack at night..... Peek- a recipe thread would be great, I have a few aces in the is one..
Avatar f tn Turkey is preferable to chicken, as it is lower in cholesterol. If you search for, 'Healthy Heart' sites, you will find some good recipes and good advice that you can follow, as heart patients have to follow a low fat, low cholesterol diet too. Learn to read food labels. Be aware that where they reduce fat, they often increase the sugar / salt content. Low fat / low sugar tends to be 5g and under. You can fudge it a little, but 20g+ of fat, or sugar is way too much.
579258 tn?1250652943 I'm making dinner myself. I put the kids to bed a little early tonight since they did not take their naps earlier today. I'm making Progresso Homestyle Vegetable and Rice Soup.
649848 tn?1534637300 Other nuts also have a variety of nutrients, along with their healthy fats and shouldn't be overlooked as part of a healthy diet. For instance, Brazil nuts are an excellent source of selenium, which is necessary for proper thyroid function. Even if one has proper thyroid function, without maintaining healthy levels of various nutrients that function may not last forever. Let's all go with Ken's assessment and eat the filberts this year instead of the sugar cookies...
Avatar n tn We can't expect to be feeling good 100% of the time. Even normal healthy people have their off days too. Then their are some symptoms that just goes with the thyroid territory and we are just not going to be a 100%. Then you have all this other health issues going on too. Any illness can have an impact on thyroid as well as stress factor, especially if we are autoimmune. Win isn't a factor, but smoking is, and again especially if autoimmune.
393685 tn?1425816122 In our lifestyle, that is not such a healthy thing. How to get the healthy balance? Lots of awareness, keeping a food journal (as I did and was amazed at the extra calories I didn't realise were in so called healthy low fat foods!), working on what makes you feel crud, or good. Every body is different. My body is not the same as your body which is not the same as my neighbours body. Not becoming complacent is another issue. I lapse every so often but pay the price. I am human after all!
251922 tn?1193786078 usually if it stings that can be from your alcohol wipe being wet on the skin still when you inject. Also if you push the hcg in to quick that can sting a bit too.
Avatar n tn I statted even sth like garlic diet, because i wanted to kill a lot of bacteria and stay healthy. And then it started. I felt so dizzy, so sick and had big headache. And my dad couldnt believe that, because he ate a lot of garlic and forced our family to do the same. But as he stayed healthy and felt great, I've noticed that something is wrong. After that i started to keep an eye on my body, how do i feel and my reaction to diet.
Avatar n tn I figured why not lose some of the 60 extra pounds I was carrying in the meantime. as I became more aware of my body and health, I realized that my digestion, pms, exzema and fatigue were also completely related to my diet. I found out that I did have candida (mentioned above) and had to bite the bullet and finally become healthy. My sweet tooth and habit of eating starches and enjoying moderate alchohol with my friends had to go.
Avatar n tn I've been on depo for between 2.5-3 yrs and loved it.. Have a healthy relationship with my body weight since being anorexic in high school. Since h.s. I've always weighed ~115. High metabolism, very fortunate. Didn't gain any weight on the shot--until NOW. 23, just figured out the damn shot was the cause of the 15 lbs. I put on in 1 month and 5 since.
Avatar m tn Try not to go overboard, it can be overwhelming when you see all the different things people take. The basics are eat healthy with lots of veg/fruit and exercise to try and keep your immune system strong. The only problem with the food we eat is that through modern farming methods veg/fruit have less nutritional value than they did 100 years ago, e.g. a spinach back in 1915 had approx.
Avatar n tn A healthy lifestyle is what is important. If you have a healthy lifestyle, are active, have a good BP, blood sugar etc etc and you are at a steady are at a healthy weight. That is my non medical background but well researched opinion!
Avatar f tn I am very worried. I don't smoke, drink alcohol or eat spicy foods and always maintained a very healthy life style. I am mainly a vegan and exercise every day. I would so appreciate any advice. Thank you!
Avatar n tn Meaning that you give up eating more than you use, get away from fast food, restaurants and processed food, augment it with healthy liquid input (1/2 gallon a day is good) and exercise. IMHO - it works if you work the plan. This is what I've found. Craig.
Avatar f tn I'm not sure if this is a recommendable application for hydrogen peroxide, but after about a month of this treatment my nostrils seem healthy. Just wanted to share my experience hoping it helps someone 'cause this is a nasty little affliction that doctors don't seem to have any kind of handle on.
Avatar f tn I am awaiting the day when the side effects of this drug wear off and my life goes back to normal. I have been exercising 5-6 days a week and eating a very healthy vegetarian diet...I had gained 15 pounds within my first year back on depo and now I have been gaining about 10 pounds a month. My doctor now says.."It must be the shot. They've come out with new research that shows that some women gain a lot of weight from it. You really don't want to be gaining 27 pounds a year." NO ****!
Avatar n tn 5) An improper diet, which probably includes many of the items noted above, along with a lot of baked goods, sodas and candies, and a lack of consistent aerobic exercise, will most likely not help any reported problems. Now, as much as everyone would love a quick fix to all of their problems, change is something that happens gradually.
256349 tn?1189759437 just wanted everyone to know my mom is doing the hcg protocol too and she's doing great also 3.5 pounds in 3 days She's a vegetarian so NHW told us she wouldnt lose as much as the rest of us. Are there any vegetarians out there that are doing the protocol??? if so what are you eating and what are you losing?
Avatar n tn It seems like when I take those pills, my skin overall has a better appearance and is more clear and healthy looking (contrary to how it sounds on this thread, I actually have really clear/nice skin :-). I also noticed that it seems to cut down on the red bumps I get on my thighs once in a while. The bumps on my thighs are something I have had ever since I was a kid (on and off). They are different than the bumps on my eyes however.
Avatar n tn I have been a vegetarian for 23 years. My diet is all veggies, carbs and dairy. I am studying to be a nurse and my biggest fear is my patients being freaked out by my ugly, red, (or purple) fingers! keep talking...
Avatar n tn Since beginning Effexor 1 year ago, I have gained a combined total of 53 pounds. AND YES I EXERCISE AND EAT HEALTHY! At one point I even got a trainer and still couldn't lose weight. I am afraid to go off Effexor because I'm convinced that I'm "A Lifer" as far as needing medication fro depression.
1160836 tn?1332333769 The metformin has made me have other stomic issues and cold alot, also the feeling of tired. I wish everyone luck...and lots of baby dust!!! We're praying for a happy healthy 9months and baby (secretly wishing for a girl).