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Avatar n tn Meaning that you give up eating more than you use, get away from fast food, restaurants and processed food, augment it with healthy liquid input (1/2 gallon a day is good) and exercise. IMHO - it works if you work the plan. This is what I've found. Craig.
Avatar n tn The 1st three shots (first three days) you do this thing called the loading diet and eat cereal, sugar, potaoes, dessert pie and different high fat items and then from the 4th day (4th shot) on you eat 31/2 oz of meat 2 times a day, one cup of vegetable 2 times a day and then 1 fruit and 1 slice of white melba toast for the duration of the 8 weeks and then you do stabilization period for the next 2 weeks.
256349 tn?1189759437 i thought the miserable haters were gone, at least they were for a while.. Anyway happy weighing tomorrow everyone!