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Avatar f tn Hi I want to lose fast weight I'm 1.68 and 64 kg I want to go 55kg until summer what can I do?
Avatar f tn What are the quickest and easiest way to lose weight? Also I'm not able to go on a special diet as my parents won't allow it! (they don't want me going anorexic!) I am willing to exercise but hopefully not anything TOO hard! please help asap!
Avatar f tn We think we’re taking in less food but in reality we’re causing our bodies to store fat. If you want to lose weight you need to eat at least three meals a day, on a regular schedule. You have to let your body know that there is plenty of food available so that your metabolism stays up and meals are not stored as fat, but rather used for energy. Then, there’s the subject of exercise.... So many people assume that in order to lose weight, they have to constantly do strenuous exercise....
Avatar f tn Top three tips to be able to maintain any weight lose. 1) eat every 3-4 hrs. 2) don't eat more than 200-350 calories per meal. 3) keep any meals to 40% carbs 40% protein and only 10% fat. You could up the protein n reduce the carbs too. Also if you exercise a lot you may need more calories. Keep your blood sugars regular to avoid binges. You should be hungry at each meal interval.
Avatar n tn What more could I ask for. Anyways, if you want to lose weight, start a healthy lifestyle. You may not lose 5 pounds in a week, but you will look and feel better because you are healthier.
Avatar n tn I need tips on how to lose weight fast and healthily of course. I need someone to tell me what to do. Please I really need help. Thank you!
Avatar f tn Having a deadline can help you stay focused but you have to be realistic , if you loose too much weight too quickly you are only going to get it back later. How much weight do you want to loose ? and how much is it safe to loose ?
Avatar f tn I'm 13 years old and my parents don't cook healthy and I'm trying to lose weight before school start back I'm trying to lose weight because of me I'm tied of being fat and people keep talking about me how big I'm is and that hurts my feelings please help me lose weight before September 2
Avatar f tn Im 17 years old an a newly mum I find it really hard to try an lose weight an eat healthy foods. Any suggestions that could help me?
1222076 tn?1423031349 Hi everyone! Im really wanting to lose some weight atleast 30 pounds I would be very happy. I just have a poor eating habit and I dont really get to exercise much. Im going to start going bike riding when I get my bike fixed and going for walks nightly. Im just wondering if theirs any good diets that are fast, cheap and actally work? I have no idea how to eat healthy so thats a lot of my problem and my lack of exercise dont help witch im trying to fix.
Avatar f tn Hi Ashlee, The bad news is that there really isn't a healthy way to lose weight fast. Not if you want it to stay of and stay healthy! The good news is that you are so young that the habits you start now will stay with you and you will see a change pretty quickly. It's hard to tell you what to do not knowing what your habits AR now. But generically, you want to stay away from processed foods esp. Sugars!!!
Avatar n tn When I had my first child, it took a full year to get back to my old self. I was breastfeeding and eating healthy foods, but for some reason I still carried an extra 10 pounds. My body did not look as 'cut' as it used to and I looked a little puffy. Maybe it was water/fluid weight? Not really sure. Coincidentally, as soon as I stopped breastfeeding (at the one year mark), the weight just melted off - and then some! I got so skinny that I had to fight to keep weight on.
Avatar n tn It's true, IF (intermittent fasting) is a GREAT IDEA. and Dr. Mercola and Dr. Fuhrman are both advocates of Fasting. Fasting and Eating for Health. A medical doctor's Program for Conquering Disease. * Using fasting to lose weight.
Avatar n tn I want to do us all a favor and cook healthy meals. Does anyone have suggestions for simple but healthy meals(breakfast, lunch, and dinner)?
Avatar f tn i was just wondering....what is a healthy amount of weight to lose each week? i see on some websites it says 1lb but that seems to be so little! i lost 4lbs last week and my mom says thats not healthy. but its not like im starving myself, because im not. i eat 3 meals a day plus 2 snacks (somedays more or less). i normally have a bigger dinner and watch what i eat during the day. i cut back on sweets and junk food plus soda.
Avatar f tn Orlistat is good too if you are considering the medication side of losing the weight. My sister used it to help lose weight. She didn't go to her GP though as she had tried to lose weight before so was a bit self conscious as it hadn't worked. I think by not putting herself through that she felt more in control and sorted it on her own. She used a place called the online clinic, they gave her free consultation and then sorted her a prescription.
Avatar n tn Stay always well hydrated by drinking lots of spring water, about 1 hour away from meals. Join a gym, talk to a trainer to help you get into a light weight training routine in combination with some cardio exercises. Post again if you have any questions, however, most of these concepts could be researched easily on your own. Check with your doctor first, if you have any serious underlying conditions.
776302 tn?1241095453 By drinking two shakes to substitute two meals they lose weight fast, like 10 lbs in one month. I am hypothyroid and diabetic and finding it hard to lose even 3 lbs. I fluctuate back and forth. Please let me know if any of you have tried Herbalife.
Avatar f tn Here is the answer to this question. In order to lose weight, you have to subtract calories. Safe weight loss is 1-2 lbs/week, so in order to lose 1 lb/week, you'd have to drop 500 calories from your BMR each day (1 lb is equal to 3500 calories, so 500 calories X 7 days = 3500 calories or 1 lb). OR you can drop 250 calories from your diet and increase .....
Avatar f tn I talked to my doctor about an all natural way I used b4 getting pregnant to lose weight And it's all natural so I'm able to continue to take my product to stay healthy n maintain my weight im at 270 n scared to b 300 by the end of my pregnancy
Avatar f tn I do not over eight, although I do tend to eat the wrong things. I really want to lose weight because I hate being this fat ugly lump, I look at myself and feel disappointed and disgusted with myself. I did start to go to weight watchers when I first started putting weight on but I didn't have the motivation, I need the motivation. Can someone please give me some advise on what to do? I would love to be an health size 10/12. Thank you.
1577478 tn?1296181097 NOTHING fast. eat less and walk 10,000 steps daily. Buy a pedometer to keep track of the steps. You will lose weight in a respectable way and find that even asthmatics CAN exercise.
Avatar f tn I am not sure what online sites preach but cutting down on calories is neither a healthy for an effective way to lose weight, ‘especially when you are working out’. It is important to know that a diet plan is not about cutting down calories; it’s about ‘healthy’ eating. With cutting on diet one may initially lose weight but this may remain static or increase later due to fat accumulation.
Avatar f tn my sister didnt eat for a few months and she has a perfect body! is there any one that can give me tips on how to fast, or on how to lose weight FAST? i also go running everynight in some fields [but only if my parents will walk down with me as i dont like walking on my own] and every so often [2 or 3 times a week] i do 'weight loss for dummies' [i think] its like strength training. im willing to do ANYTHING with in reason, and not noticable!
Avatar f tn If you're body isn't getting what it believes is enough to run itself, sometimes it holds on to weight! Have you tried looking into a program like Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Curves, or the Biggest Looser Club (usually through work)? I don't know if you could eat some of the foods, depending on how strict of a food diet your particular sect follows. But they may be able to help point you in a direction. Out of curiosity have your doctors tested your thyroid levels- your TSH, T4 and T3?