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Avatar n tn I want to do us all a favor and cook healthy meals. Does anyone have suggestions for simple but healthy meals(breakfast, lunch, and dinner)?
Avatar f tn m eating around 2100 calories a day or less and drinking a lot of water along with at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. I wanna lose 115 pounds. Is there any healthy meals to eat without a lot of veggies? I love corn.. But that's about it .-.
Avatar f tn Hello my name is Anna & I'm new to this app, I have already told a friend about it, anyway I love doing meal planning but still isn't the best at it, as our food budget has changed a lot, so anyone know how to feed a family of 7 on a smaller budget & still eat healthy, I am also looking for low sugar recipes as me & my hubby are diabetic & I don't like the fake sugar stuff. I love crockpot cooking, I love desserts, I look forward to all the responses.
Avatar f tn ve put on 30 pounds in the last couple years and I want my body back! I need quick healthy low calorie meals. I am extremely picky when it comes to stuff like this, I need a lot of help!
Avatar n tn I'm searching for healthy easy meals I can make after an exhausting day at work
Avatar f tn I need some easy and quick ideas for healthy meals I'm started to eat the same thing all the time
959034 tn?1253671476 How do you know if you are eating healthy? I want to loose a little weight. I also want to eat healthy, and eat enough. I'm disabled and don't get much exercise either. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn http://www.realsimple.
Avatar f tn What are healthy foods or meals i can eat to keeo my baby healthy and so he can grow i need help im 10 weeks
Avatar f tn I need some examples of healthy foods please ! So when I go grocery shopping I can pick some up.. I don't eat very bad but I HATE veggies so I need to know some healthy snacks.. I eat bagels and grilled cheese with tomato soup and spaquetti and chili etc...
Avatar f tn you need the calories to speed up metabolism especially if you are active. Three healthy meals and 2 healthy snacking are recommended.. Watch the " white carbohydrates". Such as white bread. White rice. Pasta etc. Google " low glycemic index carbohydrates.they are healthier..protein ( lean meats).. Fruits and vegetables and canola oil. Olive oil.are healthier. Portion control is also important..Bring healthy snacks..cheese strings. 7-10 PCs of almonds. Fruits.vegetable sticks.
1360484 tn?1277732214 I never thought about subscribing to WW newsletter. Are the desserts and meals quick and easy to make?
4624236 tn?1357891407 What are some healthy and good meals that will fill you up and feed your baby good proteins as well? I'm having trouble.
167 tn?1374173817 How about a suggestion for a cookbook? I have been trying, every meal I make, to incorporate whole grains instead of simple starches. I use whole wheat pasta, brown rice and if I'm in a bind and in a hurry, I make sure the boxed pasta or rice says whole grain. I'm running out of ideas though! The kids are getting sick of the same old...every few days or so. I need things that are fairly quick and good!
Avatar n tn Eating a low carb diet is the best option. Eat lean protien sources like fish, chicken, beef. For essential fats eat salmon, olive oil, almonds. the only carbs should come from fruit and vegetables. Drink only water not juice.
Avatar m tn We have been through the education, but I was trying to expand a little and find some interesting meals that would be healthy and delicious for the whole family.
Avatar f tn I am looking for ideas for simple and healthy meals that I can make and freeze a couple of days ahead. I am trying to avoid processed food and looking for food high in nutrition to help with my recovery. Thanks for any suggestions!
Avatar m tn I started the triple therapy seven days ago and I'm having some difficulty with my more morning meals. Any suggestions? Also, I'm allergic to many nuts so it really makes things challenging. I'm really trying to stay away bad fats as much as possible. Also, is any taking any vitamins or supplements?
Avatar n tn What are some great quick and easy meals for breakfast lunch and dinner that are super low carb... I am a type one diabetic and because of the medicine im on its hard to loose weight... But this has worked in the past and I am bored of eating the same meals over and over ... Thank you !
Avatar f tn She said not to count calories or diet but just eat healthy and to exercise. Fresh fruits, veggies, and lean meats like chicken etc. She told me the best way to eat fresh is buy my grocerys from the outer perimeter of the grocery store thats where the eggs, milks cheese and produce and fruit and fresh meat is located. She advised me to stay away from the middle aisles as its all processed foods. I decided to go on the 3 meals and two snacks and its workednout good so far.
5829388 tn?1375040066 Hi just wondering if anyone knows of any good low carb and low calorie meals and the recipes for them. I am literally the worst person when it comes to cooking meals low in these two factors! Please help thanks!!
Avatar n tn im male 21 trying to lose weight and have chronic sinusitis. trying to main tain as healthy lifestyle as possible...feel free to suggest what i should avoid or any exercise.
Avatar n tn This may be a really silly question, but what are/were your favorite meals to eat while pregnant? I'm having a difficult time planning healthy lunches and dinners that have some variety (I can only eat so much grilled chicken). This is my first pregnancy and I am only six weeks along. I'm worrying I am not eating as healthy as I should be. I'm constantly hungry and looking for some good recommendations.