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Avatar f tn Hello my name is Anna & I'm new to this app, I have already told a friend about it, anyway I love doing meal planning but still isn't the best at it, as our food budget has changed a lot, so anyone know how to feed a family of 7 on a smaller budget & still eat healthy, I am also looking for low sugar recipes as me & my hubby are diabetic & I don't like the fake sugar stuff. I love crockpot cooking, I love desserts, I look forward to all the responses.
Avatar n tn I want to do us all a favor and cook healthy meals. Does anyone have suggestions for simple but healthy meals(breakfast, lunch, and dinner)?
959034 tn?1253675076 I find eating a larger breakfast does best for me - but that's not true for everyone. If I eat a large, healthy breakfast, I'm less hungry for other meals AND I have the advantage of using up the calories throughout the day............ I don't know what time you get up, go to bed or what your schedule during the day is. It would be helpful to know that, as well as whether or not you have a job to go to everyday. From there, we can come up with a plan..........
Avatar f tn I'm looking for meals (for breakfast, lunch and dinner) that are healthy and diet plan worthy. I'm very confused as to what I should be eating in order to start losing weight. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated!
Avatar n tn I'm searching for healthy easy meals I can make after an exhausting day at work
Avatar f tn Also, both of my parents work all day so I was wondering about healthy snacks. Are there some simple things I could make/buy? (Just to make it even more difficult, I am also counting my calories for about 1100 a day...
1211508 tn?1343083205 38, healthy (as far as I know...was tested for diabetes 2 years ago and was negative), exercise regularly, but pretty sedentary due to a sit down job when not exercising. BP is pretty good. Sometimes it creeps up around 135/85. I probably am about 15 -16% body fat right now (I'm not fat or even chubby but not stick thin). Anyway all my life I can eat whatever with no problems! Lately I seem to be getting light headed after certain meals.
Avatar m tn I started the triple therapy seven days ago and I'm having some difficulty with my more morning meals. Any suggestions? Also, I'm allergic to many nuts so it really makes things challenging. I'm really trying to stay away bad fats as much as possible. Also, is any taking any vitamins or supplements?
Avatar f tn I was wondering if you had any advice on initiating change for someone wanting to change but who is currently very stuck. I want to change, to be healthy, but ... change seems overwhelming. Even with small incremental changes. I have a history of going from one extreme to the next. When I was younger I was told I was fat so severely limited my food intake. I was then told I was too skinny. When I was a little older I severely over-trained (8+ hours 6-7 days a week).
Avatar n tn Eating a low carb diet is the best option. Eat lean protien sources like fish, chicken, beef. For essential fats eat salmon, olive oil, almonds. the only carbs should come from fruit and vegetables. Drink only water not juice.
Avatar f tn I need some examples of healthy foods please ! So when I go grocery shopping I can pick some up.. I don't eat very bad but I HATE veggies so I need to know some healthy snacks.. I eat bagels and grilled cheese with tomato soup and spaquetti and chili etc...
Avatar m tn There is something in the air that eliminates off me that causes other people to come down with diarreah, vomiting. I cut out the pop and the junk food I eat three meals a day and this has reduced the odor problem but the sweating and the thing that causes people to get sick is still there.
5829388 tn?1375043666 Hi just wondering if anyone knows of any good low carb and low calorie meals and the recipes for them. I am literally the worst person when it comes to cooking meals low in these two factors! Please help thanks!!
Avatar f tn Does anyone have some yummy healthy recipes ? My boyfriend & I always resort to eating out because we never know what to cook . Help !
Avatar n tn I have learned a lot from liver disease (and thanks to MK-7, now also kidney disease) and if I was healthy (I had a healthy liver [and healthy kidneys] for most of my life), I'd still avoid multivitamins, chromium supplements, vitamin K supplements (and natto) and excess vitamin D.
Avatar n tn im needing to find a simple diabetic diet plan. the doctor gave me one but it seems really complicated. does anyone know any good sources for diabetic diet plans?
203342 tn?1328740807 I know that's not the healthiest or most cost efficient way to provide meals for my family. Can you guys give me some recipies for quick, healthy meals or meals I can throw in the crock pot in the mornings before I go to work? Thanks so much!
Avatar n tn I seem to just eat little microwave snacks throughout the day (and I know thats the problem why i'm not losing weight) but I need some recipes or a website with easy to cook meals, that will help me lose weight! --- and if anyone knows of a diet pill that works for real please let me know, I tried ephedrine and it works but it's horrible on my nearvous system, and heart and I dont want to take any chances with that. Let me know, Thanks:D!
Avatar f tn I need some easy and quick ideas for healthy meals I'm started to eat the same thing all the time
Cat So I was wondering if anyone has some simple recipes or meals that they would like to share? Or perhaps specific items for purchase at any store? I would truly appreciate some meal ideas so that I could make it/pack it through out the week!
Avatar n tn tell her to stop eating after 4 or 6 pm, eat larger meals in the morning and small healthy meals at night. studies show that thinner people eat bigger breakfasts and fat people eat larger dinners (in general) so thats a clue ! there is a book that i really like called "eat right for your blood type", i love this book, it's very interesting.
Avatar f tn I tried to make a note of what I have eaten but it can vary from anything from a sandwich to my normal healthy meals (pork chop & Veg / Pasta / jacket potato / turkey steak with veg / sunday roast / cereal / toast ... [retty much anything. Wondered if anyone can help.
Avatar f tn http://www.realsimple.
1237365 tn?1278453230 I was hoping some one could give me info on some good Websites or Books that could give me some recipes for kids that are healthy and SIMPLE. By simple I mean pretty basic stuff that doesn't have a lot of spices or prep time and is inexpensive. I'm a single mom of 5 kids and (i'm disabled so we live off of my Social Security Disability) we get a lot of food boxes which has basic stuff like rice,beans,pasta's,lunchmeat,hamburger and canned foods.
21064 tn?1309312333 Are you tired of preparing and/or eating the same old meals? Are you looking for new recipes, or would you like to share a favorite recipe with other members? If you answered YES to any of these questions, you are in the right place! We all need to eat and it's always fun to try new things, so I thought it would be fun to put together a list of members' favorite recipes. Since we have members across the U.S.
506791 tn?1439846583 Hey that chowder is right up my street, isnt it great to not worry about healthy eating at Holiday time it gets so boring being good and watching every mouthful... Again I have copied one of your recipes thanks a lot...can you let us have some more maybe on your journal or whatever.
167 tn?1374177417 How about a suggestion for a cookbook? I have been trying, every meal I make, to incorporate whole grains instead of simple starches. I use whole wheat pasta, brown rice and if I'm in a bind and in a hurry, I make sure the boxed pasta or rice says whole grain. I'm running out of ideas though! The kids are getting sick of the same old...every few days or so. I need things that are fairly quick and good!
Avatar m tn 7 Fast-Food Meals Under 350 Calories Panda Express Mongolian Beef and Mixed Veggies 235 calories 7 g fat (1.5 g saturated) 1,260 mg sodium Panda actually has several options that come in below the 350 mark. As with any Chinese meal, the key is skipping the greasy mound of fried rice and the oily tangle of noodles.