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Avatar f tn Hemangiomas are benign tumors consisting of masses of twisted, congested blood vessels. They are usually found incidentally on an ultrasound or CT. These tumors cause no symptoms and generally require no treatment. What causes it? These generally develop due to poor liver function and congestion. General treatment It is important with this condition to have a strong functioning immune system - this can only come from having a strong functioning liver.
2203249 tn?1338994046 * Does anyone recommend juicing to help keep the liver healthy after treatment and if so are there any good books out there about it? * Is it safe to take milk thistle? * Are there any good books about supplements to help take care of your liver? We asked our doctor but he's not really into the healthy juicing and stuff like that so he didn't know much about it really.
Avatar n tn I got a 205 on what should've been no more than 140. I've researched alot in books and online on what to expect and do in my situation. What should I be eating? What to avoid? I get different answers...getting frustrated. The funny part is that I don't eat badly.But such is life... Any ideas/comments/advice...please share!!
Avatar f tn Check out doctor Thomas Lodi's (oasis of healing) videos on you tube about how someone stops making cancer in their bodys. Was her cancer in the liver to begin with or was it some place else and spread to the liver? Try giving her fresh vegetable juices every day as much as she can handle. dark leafy green vegetables with dandilion greens spinach kale etc... Also yellow dock herb or milk thistle is good for the liver. The liver regrows its self every 6months.
432737 tn?1358553032 My baby books say you can start giving your bub juice right about now, diluted with water. I got Jack some cups made for 4 months + and got him some organic apple juice. I diluted it like the books said and gave it a whirl. Jack seemed to really enjoy it, but had a heck of a time with that cup! He was sucking the sippy like a bottle nipple and it was sort of a disaster! I only gave it one shot yesterday. Figured he wasn't ready yet and gave up. Anyone else offering juice to their baby?
143123 tn?1274304425 It seems what women can and cannot eat during pregnancy changes to some degree. I believe yogurt is safe to eat, actually it's healthy for you. Same with the parfait you had at mcdonalds. Tuna i've heard you have to be careful about because of levels of mercury in it. Soft cheeses i think includes things like feta cheese, blue cheese, gorgonzola,etc...stay away from them. Red meat is good as long as it is well done. Eat lots of fruits and veggies.
404138 tn?1308945256 A fact I learned Tuesday on Food Detective made me happy. If I eat 3 healthy meals, there is 1/3 of my daily need of water in that. Then We add juices, coffee, we don't need to drink as much water as we thought. To me this is good, because I always felt like I was drowning drinking that much. I don't care for water either.
Avatar n tn Keep a close eye on them, check them for rashes, a fever, ask them about any pains they may have. Offer plenty of fluids such as broths, juices and water and provide simple easily digested foods. Once the symptoms of an illness have developed these may be treated using appropriate herbal remedies. When the illness has passed the child's appetite will return. may have eaten sweet foods, large snacks, or beverages such as milk, juices or soda. These will all dampen the appetite.
Avatar f tn For starters, changing lifestyle habits can go a long way in controlling type 2 diabetes. In my eyes, it's a must do. If you decide not to change, diabetes becomes a progressive disease only getting worse over time ending with neurothapy and amptutation. You and only you can control and manage this disease. Here's how.
Avatar f tn More importantly, how can I modify my diet to feed my baby well and as much as I can. I know all about the smoothies and fruit juices that I will add to my diet...the concern with that is, will my blood sugar skyrocket as a result? I don';t have high blood sugar, or diabetes but I've been reading about gestational diabetes during the second semester or so, and I don't want to go through that.
Avatar n tn Well I've finally come to the point where I'm not so much worried about gaining weight as I am about staying healthy. So what I'm asking is where the hell do I start? What do I eat, how do I exercise, how do I keep myself in good shape so I don't end up looking and feeling horrible by the time I'm 40? And how do I involve my husband and my 3yr old son in with this?
1458597 tn?1286376717 I want to pass on to others what I know. I have totally changed my diet - I now live 80% on juices (jason vine books!) when I have a Mcdonalds I feel groggy. You are what you eat. The more I excercise the more the world seems a better place. When I dont excercice it is sometimes very difficult to motivate myself to start again but when I do the feeling is enlightening. Doing physical activity to the point you sweat and feel puffed out helps create the happy chemicals in your body.
Avatar n tn If she tests often and corrects numbers out of the normal range fairly quickly and successfully, she may be able to live for a long and healthy time. You mentioned that she eats something and then has the high. Her problem may be in what she is eating to correct the low. We can feel awful when low, and the best correction is when we DRINK quickly-absorbed carbs, not when we eat slowly-digested carbs.
Avatar n tn What is wrong with me? I feel like a hypchondriac - I've never been like this. I've always been fairly healthy and now at 34 (134lbs), I just feel awful. I have two loving children a 3 1/2 year old and 20 month old who don't understand why mommy's feeling so sick and tired (and frustrated with the doctors) and a wonderful, understanding husband. I just can't stand it if something were to happen to me. I hope you can answer some of my questions. Thank you for listening to me.
1188920 tn?1264541738 Drink at least 8 cups of water a day 6. Eat 3 meals a day which can include 2 healthy snacks which has to refer to a specific meal plan due to your calorie diet. 7. CALORIE COUNTER BOOKS ARE VITAL FOR RESTAURANT AND “ON-THE-GO” EATING BECAUSE YOU NEED TO KNOW HOW MUCH CALORIES YOU ARE CONSUMING!! 8. “Unlimited Greens” as in Salad food basically means that you can make this big salad and it would be good for you because of nutrients and it also has zero to low calories.
Avatar n tn The only thing that worried me about sushi when I was pregnant was the fear that the cutting surfaces would have raw fish juices or whatever on them, and they would cut my nicely cooked fish on the same cutting board. That was pretty far-fetched, but I did forsake sushi when I was pregs because of this. Your choice, really.
Avatar m tn Tell him or her you're working on strength and endurance. I'm sure there are good books written on the subject for your age group -- don't go crazy and hurt yourself, but do press yourself. There is bound to be some good stuff online, too. As far as diet is concerned, you can also find a lot of good material out there. The basic healthy diet is one that doesn't have a lot of fats, salt and sugar, or many refined carbohydrates.
Avatar m tn Even when I try to eat healthy, like salad, I run to the bathroom and have such a stomachache. It can be quite discouraging because I DO try to eat healthy for the most part. Lizzie's a good person to talk to. Jaybay is another good person to talk to. She's had a lot of colon and digestive problems. I can't remember exactly what all she's had to deal with but it's a lot. And she's learned a lot about nutrition and such. She said she juices a lot. I'm thinking about that.
Avatar n tn There are also excellent full-length books available in the Recommended Books list at the end of this article. I especially recommend books 1 and 2. Dietary Recommendations Best foods to eat raw vegetables raw mixed salad greens seeds and nuts (not peanuts) fish Next best cooked vegetables cooked greens (Collard greens, Mustard greens, Spinach etc.
Avatar f tn In drug medicine it is assumed that a patient who is free of disease symptoms is more or less healthy and the aim of drugs is to achieve this condition by removing any disagreeable symptoms. Frequently alternative or complementary medicine is used in the same way, instead of more or less toxic drugs just more benign remedies are being used. This is what most patients want and according to their beliefs they either use drugs or natural remedies for this purpose.
Avatar n tn Collins), Feeding Your Allergic Child (by Elisa Meyer), and Healthy Food for Healthy Kids (by Bridget Swinney).
506791 tn?1439846583 I am a firm believer that vices in moderation are what keep us mentally and emotionally healthy, and interfere little with physical health. I'll start with four simple side dishes, which can be used as the main dish. All of these are pasta based, simple, filling and three are pretty darn healthy. Normally, after draining, I will add in a little butter or olive oil to the pasta,and toss it. This helps keep it from sticking. One can also commit sacrilege and rinse the pasta after cooking.
Avatar f tn Their son was unable to read anything and had to go outside to read his books. But the layman was so confident about the wise sage's advice and followed it for one whole week. At the end of the week, he met the wise man again and started lamenting his fate. How his life has turned miserable and how his wife and his son suffered too.
Avatar f tn And some products, like bottled or canned fruit juices, that appear healthy, are actually not because they are very high in sugar, and no match for fresh fruit.
Avatar m tn My son just came home having finished his 1st semester, I was completely horrified to hear what his eating habits have been like for the past 5 mo! *LOL* Be careful choosing juices...lots of sugar in most. Make sure to choose those that are 100% juice. Bananas are a great source to keep Potassium levels at a haapy place. Maybe taking a daily multivitamin may prove beneficial as well.
Avatar f tn Do you believe that eating a large amount of healthy food can help you lose weight?
Avatar m tn His group criticizes companies that use food dyes to make foods appear healthier than they are and to replace truly healthy ingredients—in a recent report on the nutritional quality of fruit juices, the center noted that Tropicana Twister Cherry Berry Blast contains no berry and cherry juice but lots of the artificial dye, Red 40. The Solution: Read labels anytime you're buying a prepackaged food.
127990 tn?1198200445 It took years to eliminate some foods, but I know what triggers them and what doesn't. Some of the foods were listed in books as being no nos, and others were not. Some foods that were listed in books I found my body can handle okay.
Avatar f tn one still needs to eat whole grains, a variety of legumes for protein, avoid simple carbs, etc. There are many books on healthy vegetarian eating, and also many who don't believe vegetarianism is going to work for everyone. Some believe blood type has a lot to do with it, some have other reasons. You have to discover what works for you individually.