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1028452 tn?1537452084 HEALTHY JUICES Carrot + Ginger + Apple - Boost and cleanse our system. Apple + Cucumber + Celery - Prevent cancer, reduce cholesterol, and eliminate stomach upset and headache. Tomato + Carrot + Apple - Improve skin complexion and eliminate bad breath. Bitter gourd + Apple + Milk - Avoid bad breath and reduce internal body heat. Orange + Ginger + Cucumber - Improve Skin texture and moisture and reduce! body he at.
Avatar m tn Eat the healthiest diet you can. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean protein. Healthy foods help keep you strong, give you more energy and support your immune system. If you're nauseated, try eating small meals throughout the day. Choose foods that are soothing and easy to digest, such as soups, broths or a plain baked potato. A registered dietitian can be especially helpful if you have weight loss or trouble eating.
Avatar n tn Hi there, It is advisable to not drink acidic fruit juices like orange or grapefruit juice or other acidic beverages within an hour of taking amoxicillin since this may prevent the medicine from working properly. I hope you find this helpful. For additional queries it is best to seek clarification from the treating physician Do write to me again with more queries. Best luck and regards!
Avatar f tn Thanks. juices regarded alot of sugars?!...or is it good as in fruits and instead of gas drinks...?
7249862 tn?1392256289 What are some healthy alternatives to water? I know water is the best thing to drink while pregnant but I need some sort of alternative to satisfy that want for soda. I've been drinking gatorade and powerade and lots of juices. Is there anything beside that though?
7703407 tn?1396592113 Does anyone have cravings for healthy foods like veggies and fruit and juices? I know you're suppose to eat healthy when you're pregnant, but do you actually crave the good food and avoid the not so good for you good like soda and sweets because the baby doesn't like them. Just wondering if anyone is going thru this. With my other pregnancies I liked and craved the not so good for you foods and just think it's weird with this one.
Avatar f tn I try to eat healthy snacks during the day so I can have dessert at night. Key word is try. I have a massive sweet tooth.
8924846 tn?1410576501 ) The natural juices from the fruit combine with the sugar to make a syrupy type substance without the artificial additives!
Avatar n tn I eat alot of beans which is high in fiber and iron, lentils also high in fiber and iron, I did juices as well which is a great in between meal. Juices with kale, apples blackberries, pineapple, oranges, bananas, and other berries. Berries are great antioxidants they clean the system very well. My doctor told me not to eat tuna high in mercury and in protein both which is bad for pregnancy if consumed too much. So once a month I make 4 Oz of salmon with brown rice and raw green veggies.
Avatar n tn His weight is just above the 10th percentile for his age. For him to start drinking milk, he may have to be weaned off breast milk. When you start to wean off the breast milk suggest try mixing ¾ breast milk with ¼ regular milk and see if he accepts and tolerates it. If he does, then after a week or so, try doing a mix of ½ breast milk, and ½ regular milk. Gradually go to a mix of ¼ breast milk and ¾ regular milk then totally to all milk. Is he eating other foods and does not like fruit?
Avatar n tn Meanwhile keep up her nutrition with semisolids, milk, soups, juices, cereals etc. Consult a counselor if need be. Take care!
Avatar f tn So roughly two years now I'm drinking a lot of these smootie juices from Naked. As well as my orange juice, cranberry / grape juices and smoothies from my fruits I make myself. I think, though, this migh effect my teeth. I had a filling done last year and I think I have pain now on the other side of my mouth that might indicate another cavity. However, I went for a cleaning a month ago and he didn't find any cavities. I brush twice a day and after sugary snacks if I'm home.
7758733 tn?1402593020 You're more likely to reach for it over something less healthy that way. Blueberries and peaches and watermelon are great this time of year. Taco night with lettuce wraps instead of tortillas?
Avatar f tn For a 16 year old and for the rest of your life a healthy diet means choosing to eat nutrient dense foods over empty calorie foods. Nutrient-dense foods you get from a food, given the number of calories it contains. These foods give you the most nutrients for the lowest number of calories. Nutrient-dense foods are as close to how they appear in nature as possible, with limited processing.
Avatar f tn http://www.realsimple.
Avatar n tn Is there some type of liquids I can drink like fruit juices or something that would help or do I need to eat them in their natural form? I though about stopping the laxatives cold turkey and drinking lots of high in fiber juices such as pear juice and V8 juices, will this help? Please I am 38 years old and I can't stand to live like this!
Avatar m tn Don't drink Minute Maid Enhanced Pomegranate Blueberry , It has 29 g of sugar per cup with a blend of five fruit juices from concentrate, apple, grape, pomegranate, blueberry, and raspberry. The juices are listed in that order, that lets you know there is more apple and grape than blueberry and pomegranate I would think that's not why you bought it.
Avatar f tn Experiment with smoothies for breakfast using a scoop of protein powder with your favorite yogurt, fruits, juices, etc. Remember, eating 5 times a day does not mean eating huge meals. Like I said, half a can of tuna is sufficient as a snack for what you're trying to achieve. Look at speading your food requirements over the course of the day instead of at one big sitting. One thing that concerns me with the rapid weight loss is that you may have developed gallstones.
Avatar f tn I'm doing my best to drink plenty of water during the day, however plain water is getting a bit boring. Does anyone have any good ideas for healthy options as an alternative to just water? Thanks!!
1211393 tn?1266111591 I went to the store today and spent 40 dollars on fruits and things to try out some new breakfast drinks. I bought a book at work, 100 top juices. Healthy drinks...helps with stress...weight...other things. I have to try it. And let me tell you, blackberries are not cheap! I used to have tons of blackberries free at my disposal, all my life. First, next door to my gramma's house were blackberry bushes...we loved it. Then, next to my aunt's house were blackberry bushes...
Avatar m tn 0, for this have to gain 4 KG in 3 months till December. Life here is very tough, i can't eat all seasonal foods or juices all the time that's why looking for a dietary supplement. Dr. heres are very ignorant, no expert nutritionist available. My work is steady in front of computers most of the time. Some people suggest me to take Ensure but i am looking a good advice from you guys.
Avatar m tn kimchia a Korean dish made of fermented cabbage, radish, garlic, red pepper, onion, ginger, and salt and sauerkraut. Aids in digestion, thanks to a plethora of healthy bacteria like lactobacilli. Miso is another fermented food. Flax seeds, a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, ground flax seeds help regulate hormone levels. Hemp seeds—A mix of omega-6 and omega-3 fats, hemp seeds help ease inflammation while lowering dangerous blood fat levels.
483733 tn?1326802046 There was a question the other day about a healthy meatloaf. I was looking through my archives and found this from the Eat, Shrink & Be Merry Cookbook. I bet you could make it all with ground turkey. 1/4 cup ketchup 1 tbsp. brown sugar 1/2 tsp. dry mustard powder 3/4 lb. extra-lean ground chicken 3/4 lb.
Avatar m tn 0, for this have to gain 4 KG in 3 months till December. Life here is very tough, i can't eat all seasonal foods or juices all the time that's why looking for a dietary supplement. Dr. heres are very ignorant, no expert nutritionist available. My work is steady in front of computers most of the time. Some people suggest me to take Ensure but i am looking a good advice from you guys. If you suggest exercises then kindly tell me then explain in brief.
Avatar f tn We’ll set the record straight on some of the “facts” and “fictions” about cholesterol and eating for a healthy heart. 1. Cholesterol is bad for your body. FICTION. Our bodies need cholesterol to help build cells, hormones and bile acids. It also helps our nerves work properly. The liver makes all the cholesterol we need. The problem comes in when we get too much cholesterol from saturated or trans fats and cholesterol in food.
203342 tn?1328740807 He will eat cucumbers if I take the skin off, and apples, bananas, melons, but that's about it in the fruit and veggie department! I need help getting him to eat more healthy, fiber rich foods. Maybe something where I can sneak the good stuff in? Lol, I'm just getting desperate. I've tried different things but I'm not much of a cook and don't have a big imagination, I guess. I could sure use some ideas of healthy, fiber rich, kid friendly recipes! Can anyone help? Thanks everyone!
Avatar m tn If you like bottled fruit juices you may have to rethink your infatuation. A new report from researchers at the University of Glasgow in the U.K. checked a glass of fruit juice to a can of soda just with a few more vitamins. And your idea of how healthy juice is can be way off. Researchers polled more than 2,000 adults, people underestimated the sugar content in juice by 48 percent.

 Not to say you should ignore the juice aisle.