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1155118 tn?1262273742 And I've learned some good eating habits like when we go to our favourite Indian restaurant, Nirvana, instead of overindulging with my husband and eating the rice, naan and all the rich and creamy veggie dishes, I will order their salad and daal soup. I had this last night after we watched Sherlock Holmes. Mmm... So I hope to lose a couple of more pounds by Monday!!! And then by next week...I can't wait -- perhaps I'll even be at my midpoint weight of 145! Again, I am cheating today.
Avatar f tn It's so fun to eat and not blow up like a hot air balloon. But I can't keep eating like this. Enjoy it for a bit though. (We ate out at an Indian restaurant today. No dinner for me.
Avatar f tn He'd bring me home cook books and take me out to a restaurant that served that country's dishes and then we'd practice at home. He is also half Sicilian so did learn a thing or two from his Nona. I have over 100 cook books. Love cooking Italian, Thai, Indian and Greek and to make soups. Would love to learn how to cook Mexican. I've managed to remove most processed foods from our diet and like making healthy but great tasting foods.
208686 tn?1293034103 And yes Rebecka, we will go out to eat at a nice restaurant afterward-- I'm thinking The Palace mMm Indian!! or maybe some nice Greek Restaurant!, but we have to head back down home soon afterwards because I have another *anatomy* ultrasound with my doctor down here that same afternoon! Whew! I get to spend the whole day looking at my lil man!!!! I'm sure I will get lots of pictures and can't wait to show them off!!
Avatar m tn Funny thing is I went to Singapore last month for few days and there I eat Indian food everyday in restaurant and within a day I noticed my loose stools disappeared. When I came back to India, stool problem again reappears after some days. I am not able to figure what could be the problem. Regarding doctors, I have been to several endocrinologists and everyone has same advice, you have take this medication for whole life. I asked them about food.
198419 tn?1360245956 Our weekend has already begun with a preemptive strike surprise birthday dinner for my husband - his 60th is Saturday. Great dinner with friends and family at his favorite Mexican restaurant. Even my dad joined us - mom is being moved tomorrow to a nursing home to heal her leg. Saturday was have a wedding and reception to attend. I still don't know what I will wear.... We'll also visit mom either at the hospital or her new place.
568659 tn?1256143582 alienshadow....sympathy nice i craved honey garlic chick wings from a local restaurant...not sure whether they were PREGNANCY related cravings though...I still crave them!!!
649848 tn?1534637300 Saffron Road makes wonderful frozen Indian food, like lamb saag and palak paneer, and especially the palak paneer (which is paneer cheese chunks that look sort of like tofu, spinach and rice) seems to agree with me. It is mild, good, filling but not over-filling, healthy and easy to digest. I ate it three of four times this week and really didn't want the more rich dinners my husband and son like. It clearly helped me stay on an even keel.
1351808 tn?1276904027 and favors home-cooked food over store-brought or restaurant meals. So the next time the hunger pangs strike, check your energy bar at the door and drive on by the local diner. Instead go to your local grocery store, buy yourself some fresh food, and prepare yourself a hearty, wholesome and healthy meal. - Shantanu Nundy, M.D. *It’s not hard to imagine why.
Avatar f tn What's recommended is a healthy heart diet for people with hep C,I would add on to your list no fatty foods especially deep fried foods it's as bad as alcohol to your liver.Adding curcumin supplement with bioavailability wouldn't hurt.I am not familiar with end stage liver disease.I think your best bet to get a better answer would be posting your question in the cirrhosis forum. http://www.medhelp.
403255 tn?1278816866 Would you believe, I went to dinner at an Indian restaurant tonight and I now have a bone lodged in my throat? I was eating Tandoori chicken and they cut the pieces up (bone included) which made a piece so small that the first I knew of it was when I could feel myself swallowing it. It really hurts, and I feel juvenile.
Avatar m tn over 2 months ago) I had a mild food poisoning after eating in an Indian restaurant... or at least I thought so...there is no way I could know for sure. I had some mild fever and stomach cramps lasting for a day or two. The main concern of mine was the stool color. It became yellow which lats to this day. It actually comes to darker or even normal color if I avoid fatty foods and alcohol (all I drink is beer anyway... i.e. used to drink).
Avatar f tn I was off the meds for over 7 years and nothing happened I experienced a realatively healthy life. until this past year and a half. . until this past year and a half while traveling I began to experience sudden jolts in the middle of the night some times for hours my heart would race 175 bpm or more. Sometimes a whole day.I was put back on metoprolol it would help for a while but I would always feel tired out of breath it would feel like I could get no rest. Now my condition has gotten worse.
Avatar m tn I could barely walk at the end, and hobbled like a ninety year old man 24/7. It was a living hell. Bye bye restaurant..back to pipe. So what I'm getting at is this- I've been out and off hydrocodones for 14 days. I have not called my friend, though I could. (I'm out because I gave some to a buddy who was supposed to repay me one for one, just addicts helping each other, and two days later, he calls to me his doctor cut him off! I'm screwed!
10947 tn?1281407852 So, if I do get on one these programs, it would help me to have a 'source' to help me plan nutritious, healthy, good tasting meals...AFTER I've lostthe weight.
Avatar n tn Some people, myself included, notice pvcs more after eating spicy food. I ate at an Indian restaurant recently, and if my heart didn't let me know it!!! Also, don't hate me everbody, but to be honest, although I have had as many as 3000 pvcs recorded in 24 hours, they don't really scare me or even upset me ... I can ignore tham for the most part... I don't know why. I x-country ski, rollerblade, work-out at a gym, walk, hike...
572651 tn?1531002957 ), finished knitting a hat, and am happily watching episodes of Parts Unknown over amazing Indian delivery. Lovely relaxed holiday time until early January with my fella.
209384 tn?1231171906 As I said my husband also has an indian roll number which puts you on top of the list b/c well, it is Oklahoma and indian children can only go to indian homes. But they care absolutely nothing about your children already at home. They can also come and take them out of your home at any time within this year. If we have a child in our home and love this child, then they decide something's not right or they found a who they consider to be a better family they can just take them.
Avatar f tn Anyway some been cured as what i've read form the post here. It is really I think balance diet, healthy lifestyle, and most importantly faith in God that can help us cure.
649848 tn?1534637300 (those are sold in packets, so, not frozen) on Amazon. I ordered some curry korma sauce. (I've had great chicken Korma at the local Indian restaurant, so, glad to get the sauce to have on hand.
Avatar n tn I statted even sth like garlic diet, because i wanted to kill a lot of bacteria and stay healthy. And then it started. I felt so dizzy, so sick and had big headache. And my dad couldnt believe that, because he ate a lot of garlic and forced our family to do the same. But as he stayed healthy and felt great, I've noticed that something is wrong. After that i started to keep an eye on my body, how do i feel and my reaction to diet.
Avatar n tn I always wondered what would happen if, during a lunch outing with my office mate, if someone were to order a drink at a restaurant, what her reaction would be. I assume she'd storm off and walk back to the office. She's actually hijacked bottles of alcohol out of people's homes & veritably held them hostage--I'm not kidding!
Avatar m tn But to be willing to change anything and everything is a really bad idea. If you want a healthy relationship with someone, you have to love and respect yourself enough to be the person you are, as you are, for them. And if they don't appreciate and respect you as you are as a person, they are not worth your time, because believe me, you'll never be good enough for them. So my advice to you for pursuing this woman is this: try to extend your conversations with her a little at a time.
Avatar f tn You may just have a very healthy dose of brown fat. This is a heat generating mechanism in mammals that helps them stay warm and which is a fantastic calorie burner. Yours may just be firing away even when you aren't exposed to cold, so you'll be hotter than everyone but probably skinnier as well.
Avatar f tn 2003 - RCA acute marginal severly diseased in the proximal third (80%-90%) - distal RCA including the RPDA with mild difuse plaque (30%) - proximal third 90% stenosis - LDA mildly calcified in the proximal and mid segments - large early branching diagonal has 80% stenosis just after the bifurcation point - OM1 at 80%-90% stenosis in the proximal segment 2009 - RCA with 20% instent narrowing - acute marginal has subtotal stenosis with competitive flow - RPDA has mild luminal disease descending
Avatar m tn Magnesium citrate, haven't tried that, I have tried milk of magnesia which I think is the same thing. Yes it does work, but I don't think it is healthy to use daily long term. It was about the only thing that worked.
Avatar f tn If not, that's your deal and I'm not here to judge. I just want you to be healthy and happy. Maybe you can find someone whom you trust, explain the situation and go from there. It's amazing how much it makes you think about what you are doing when you have to ask some one else for your pills!! I"m not preachin' man. Everyones gotta do what they gotta do. Just stay strong and don't let the drugs rule your life.
Avatar n tn Just a quick one for you tank2003..... Vagus nerve stimulation causes Bradycardia (slowing of the heart). It is part of the Parasympathetic nervous system. This is why Carotid Massage often works to slow an SVT / Sinus Tachycardia so not sure where that info came from about it speeding things up?!?!