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172023 tn?1334672284 We went out and tried a new restaurant last night. (you have to know the background--Mr. Peek has only a few places he has deemed worthy of the Peekawho's business. It took a long time to persuade him to try this place). So we went. I have no idea what we ate, but it was fabulous. Unfortunately, I have no idea what any of it actually was, so I can't track the points very well. It was not Core, for sure. I had to be very, very strict for the past few days.
8112046 tn?1396620403 Seeing as I no longer can have egg sandwiches, I was wondering what some of you are having for breakfast these days? I'm tired of frozen waffles & I'm also afraid of throwing up... I was thinking maybe just simple toast or cereal but I don't want the milk to come back up. I need options ladies!
101028 tn?1419603004 I was at an indian buffet the other week and had 2 new foods off of it. one was a red lentil and red kidney bean dish that I was able to find a recipe for ( though I doubt I'll make it since it calls for stuff I don't have here and I"m sick of having shelves of spices that I use 1/2 tsp for once a year ). There was another meal I can't find. It was a yellow sauce and was on the sweeter side.
Avatar f tn There are a variety of things you can do to save calories in restaurants. You can get your food grilled/baked, as opposed to fried. Try to stay away from potatoes, especially french fries; try sweet potato fries. If you have a burger, order it with lettuce, tomato and other veggies you might like, then remove the bun, or at least 1/2 of it and eat the meat and veggies with a fork.
Avatar f tn Me too, dreamt my girlfriend was putting on an illegal bollywood musical in her basement & asked me in all seriousness to help her by stealing props from Indian restaurant lol Too funny!!
389974 tn?1331015242 If you have eaten at an Indian restaurant, you have no doubt seen on the menu "Saag paneer", spinach with cheese. This is the technique for making the cheese. It is a favorite when preparing a frugal meal because it provides an interesting way to make two ingredients out of one thing. Swampy also uses this as a way to get rid of excess milk -- he doesn't drink milk, so if he has the fresh stuff on hand it is only to use in cooking. This technique works very well with 2% milk.
Avatar m tn My birthday is pretty soon and my family wants to take me to a restaurant to celebrate. But Im afaid I might have a panic attack their in front of all those people. Also with anxiety I fear of choking on food so its going to be really hard eating. What should I do? Any advise?......
Avatar n tn What care to be taken for a healthy pennis to have healthy sex and long sexual life?
Avatar f tn I walked for over an hour to an indian restaurant and then rewarded myself with curries and chilli lol when I got back home that same night my waters broke and I had my baby girl on the next day :D so I wud definatly recomend hiking.
Avatar f tn Before you go out to eat, check the restaurant's website (easy for chain restaurants). See if they have any "Healthy Eating" or "Healthy Alternative" items ... lots of them do. You can get a calorie count from the website - and usually the other nutrition info as well. Stay away from the bread stuff, ask for low cal or no fat salad dressing (even Olive Garden will do that).
1964476 tn?1325494950 On thursday night (29th of Dec) i went out to my usual indian restaurant, got my usual meal and ended up going out for some drinks, and ended up drinking more than a woman should lol But the next day, i seemed perfectly fine! no hangover! though it was only till the late afternoon when my bladder would never feel empty, even though i had just done a number one! it wouldnt sting, or my wee wasn't cloudy or bloody. It just felt like i had a full bladder all the time.
Avatar m tn What do you mean by Indian ginseng? American Indian? Because there isn't any ginseng in India. And how old are you? If you're young, you really don't want to be taking all those body building supplements -- an adult can decide for himself how healthy to be, but if you're young skip that stuff. Listen to Gym -- no supplement will make you taller.
Avatar f tn Yes, I finally put away my old baggy yoga pants and wore jeans today. They don't feel like a tight girdle around my belly. How fun to wear regular clothes again. Watch out for those poky little stitches on your tummy that catch on things. And when you're really feeling good, watch out for over-eating. It's so fun to eat and not blow up like a hot air balloon. But I can't keep eating like this. Enjoy it for a bit though. (We ate out at an Indian restaurant today. No dinner for me.
Avatar m tn As usual I see in many health related apps .. the indian food verity is bare miniumum ! I think food from all regions showed be inclused in detail ., well tats how this aap becomes more widely used .
203342 tn?1328737207 They have a restaurant here called Sweet Tomatoes its very good they have a long salad bar,chili pastrys and more very good
Avatar n tn I had to visit my family and forgot my scale so for four days i didnt weight myself and than me and my mom went out with friends to an indian restaurant. I did eat a small amount of naan bread and rice. I now am up to 139 and i am so bummed out. I woke up this morning and ate a cookie because i was just pissed. Up until phase three, i never even once deviated and in fact went below 500 calories by eating only one small meal and one apple to ensure the weight loss and it worked.
Avatar f tn What restaurant do you crave the most? I'm so loving Mc Donalds! I think about it non stop. What about you?
Avatar m tn He made an inappropriate joke about smelly people and removed himself several times from the table to go look at a poker machine that the restaurant had. I guess my question is that at the almost age of 10, should he be more polished, more gentleman-like at a restaurant? By this age, should his maturity level be higher than where it is? Or, are we we expecting too much?
Avatar f tn Aww hun everything will be okay just start eating healthy always think of your baby. Everytime i go to a restaurant i want to order everything "yummy" it all looks delicious lol. When i used to work at a restaurant ill eat burgers almost everyday. So just limit all the greasy food and ect so your health can be good.
Avatar f tn Love, love, love to cook! Take lessons too! I do cook a lot of family recipes but add some of my own spark to them. I like things a little spicier. I love cooking comfort food - roasts, chicken, homemade mac & cheese, but really love finding delicious ways with vegetables and to cook a lot of international foods. My husband used to travel internationally for business.
Avatar m tn I gave him everything healthy like wheat flour product,rice,homemade wheat pizza,pulses,wheat bread,actually i m normally using indian dishes...My son's problems is his appetite is very less ..he eat half food there any food increase appetite tonic available there..
Avatar n tn As defined in wikipedia, it is a psychological condition found in the cultures of the Indian subcontinent in which male patients report that they suffer from premature ejaculation or impotence, and believe that they are passing semen in their urine. The other cause can be random and nocturnal emissions. It is basically random ejaculation without any sexual excitement and involves ejaculation during sleep for a male. Both of these are normal physiological phenomena.
Avatar f tn I pray that hes very healthy smart and latch when i breastfeed... lol I don't want my baby looking like his dad hes other 2 kids look like him and but there full white and my baby will b black n white.... will my baby boy look just like him.... n his two kids came out bold they're hair r thin and grow slowly.... my hair thin and have a mixture of a African American hair mix with white n Indian Cu's my mom is mix but our hair grows very fast.... it seems like hes jeans r so dominant..