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Avatar m tn If my heart checks out ok, what else would cause the palpitating, or irregular heart beat? How can I be sure, my heart is ok and that I am not having a heart attack? I have been to the ER like 15 to 20 times with these symptoms, and an ekg looks very good, but yet the symptoms continue. Please help!!
21064 tn?1309308733 hi I found a website with great recipes that are heart healthy. I found one on coffee now if that is not a great thing for me. A heart healthly way to drink coffee. The name of the site is Key in heart healthy and they have recipes for deserts too:) I have not tryed it let but i think I am going to try the coffee drink.
Avatar m tn I have one pre-existing heart condition; an enlarged heart. My heart itself is only slightly narrower than half the width of my ribcage. I believe anything wider than half is considered a serious danger sign. My resting heart rate is 74bpm. I have tested this regularly over a period of weeks. My blood pressure is 130/90. So do these figures put me in a real danger zone?
11294269 tn?1422402907 I am 13 weeks and 2 days and the woman who did the sonogram said baby's heart is beating at 153 abandd is doing great. What's the normal range?
Avatar f tn If you were talking about the hreat beat on the baby was 151 thats fine. The healthy heart beat is between 120-160 for the baby.
1554498 tn?1327900374 I had a scare this morning, ended up panicked & in the er. Both babies still have beautiful beating hearts. Baby A, the one in the larger sac has 132 beats per minute & baby B was 127 per min. Baby B is measuring 3 days smaller than A and A's sac is really large. Are those pretty healthy rates?
1701959 tn?1488551541 So, I was diagnosed with PVC's back in March. Was told from the EC and Cardio that I do not need meds etc, just cut back on caffeine and other stimulants which I have done. I also suffer from panic and anxiety which I take meds for and they really do help. But it doesn't control my health anxiety totally. So, around the time I began heart testing (monitor, EKGs, Echo etc) I began having "heart" twinges. It was like a twinge of pain directly above my left breast.
Avatar m tn Generally, three sessions of aerobic exercise per week, with each lasting 20 to 30 minutes, should suffice. A vigorous walk, swimming, riding a bike, or anything similar counts as aerobic exercise. You just need to get your heart pumping along within your target range for aerobic exercise. This is a number that is based on your age, but generally is between 100 and 150 beats per minute (bpm).
Avatar f tn I had missed miscarriage in March 2014 and still awaiting two lines to be shown on a pregnancy test kit. Good luck and all will be well with you.
10052319 tn?1408978714 Gotta remember, its not your fault if you don't have boys. Men are the ones who throw out the genes that determine the sex. So really, if hes gonna be all King Henry VIII on you, just remind him its not your fault its his. My mom has two sisters, no brothers. I have two brothers and two sisters. And both my aunts firat two kids were girls and then a boy for their third. It's always 50/50.
Avatar m tn I swear I have lost my mood and my heart beats every second I think of it. I thought the oraquick kit would bring me peace but confusions instead I have read so many online things that this test kit is not accurate. My other question was " is it possible that it may have picked up the 17D IgM antibodies that's in my system from a yellow fever vaccination?
Avatar f tn I seriously recommend that you have your doctor keep track of your bp. You're at a high risk for preeclampsia. I had to be put on meds and im doing so much better. But if you have headaches that you cant get rid of or you get dizzy or see spots, get help!
Avatar m tn After he gave me the results of the echocardiogram(perfectly healthy heart and normal for my age) i got blood pressure readings of 110/60 in his office. He took me off the blood pressure meds and prescribed me citalopram. I am now on 20mgs of citalopram and 0.25mg clonazepam. I however still feel my pulse all the time, all over my body. And everytime i go to check my blood pressure i have an anxiety attack.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with gastritis 3 week ago.i was given a hpylori kit for 1 week but after the biopsy results came back i tested negative for hpylori thus discontinued the kit. I was put on Esomeprazole 20 but i had very bad side effects especially dizziness and body weakness... I went back to the doctor who changed the medication to Lansoprazole 30mg but still i feel like there is no improvement on the dizziness and body weakness.
144586 tn?1284666164 Approval has been granted to sell nalaxone without a prescription in drug stores. This drug is a heroin and opiate agonist. It will reverse an overdose. In the injectable form the dose that is sold is both outrageously priced and only a small dose. Two local pharmacies wanted sixty dollars U.S. for the so-called "emergency kit!" This is twenty times what hospitals pay. Furthermore the pharmacist provided incorrect instructions for use.
Avatar f tn Maybe if its in your budget you could get an at home doppler and can listen to your babys heart beat to ease yourself.
Avatar f tn I feel your pain. We were TTC for 6 months got a positive test end of sept. I was 4 days late. We were so excited and the next day I lost it. It is technically called a chemical pregnancy and the baby didn't implant right. We tried again in Oct and I'm now 9 weeks. I was so scared that the same thing would happen but it didn't. I highly recommend getting answer's ovulation kit. It has more than 1 week. We used it in sept and realized I ovulate late.
Avatar n tn m sure he just want you to be prepared to have either a healthy child or a special needs child. If you do decide to have one. My mother was 42 when she got pg with #6 and 43 when she delivered. My little sister now 5 is in great health and sweet as can be. But Then you have Sarah Palin who had a special needs child. I think her age was against here there but she loves that baby just as much as the rest, as anyone should.
342988 tn?1299782356 OMG Leighanne..that's so very wonderful...tears are welling up for you here! Many Blessings...can't wait to see mine! Isn't it absolutely mind blowing that a 6 week old fetus has a beating heart of 126?? Absolutely miraculous! I see so many babies being born every day that I work...and it's hard to hold back the tears in the presence of such a miracle 26 years later!! All the best!!!! ENJOY!
Avatar n tn Use an ovulation prediction kit. Have sex daily for 3 days leading up to ovulation. Chart your temperature. Eat healthy and work out. Take vitamins.
11478709 tn?1526751275 thanks for a reply when u say test kit probably u mean kit for checking diabetes. I will definitely do that.. thanks.. and yes it was blood check on empty stomach but results came for my raised cholesterol that was 5.5 they were advising me healthy eating diet and nothing else..
6726276 tn?1421126668 It's so hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It's a lot of work and you have to be conscience to remember to do the things your suppose to do. Examples for me are so many I'll name a few. To eat regularly, to not have any sugar, to exercise, to listen daily to my meditation CD'S, to stay away from toxic people because that gets me really down and the list goes on. Having Bipolar really is a lot of work not just taking a pill or two ya know.