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Avatar n tn No heart defects! Now, there is no reason to think that I won't give birth to a perfectly healthy little girl. I'm telling you, I thought there was no chance. Everyone told me to stay positive and keep hope, but they didn't know the statistics. I remained optimistic, but realistic through the whole drove my family crazy! But I know the statistics and I know the odds and I'm telling you that there's a huge possibility that everything will be just fine for you and your baby.
Avatar f tn When we lost our first dog, Travis, it upset our cockatiel more than it did Chica. Petey Bird grew up with Travis and worshipped him. He followed Travis around the house, shared his food bowl, cleaned his whiskers. They were really best buddies. After a few days with Travis out of the house, Petey stopped singing. That was almost 5 years ago, and that bird has yet to utter one peep of any of his old songs. Give it time hun, and let yourself cry as much as you need to.