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Avatar n tn is he to young for medication? Should diet and exercise be tried first to see if that resolves the problem? Are there any other questions I should be asking the specialist regarding my son's health? At this point I'm so worried I can't even think of what to ask.... Thank you for your comments and suggestions.
1565702 tn?1295296430 Yesterday in the elevator leaving work I accidentally dropped my purse and about five packs of cigarettes fell out onto the floor, along with some of my other stuff - and the gentleman who helped me pick them up commented that I must be some kind of serious chain smoker because he'd never seen such a pretty young lady carrying around so many cigarettes. I told him I was trying to quit and he just chuckled. I was so embarrassed. But its not like I'm oblivious to what it does to me.
Avatar f tn That means say goodbye to the sugar, it is the leading cause for cancer!! After about a month or two of healthy eating, start including exercise. Join a sports team at school, like tennis, aerobics or join a dance class. Find something you love and go for for it. If you have ANY questions, email me at: ***@****.
Avatar n tn Once I started getting a beer belly I decided to stop the junk food/beer. I have been eating healthy for the past month and cut out all beer. I also excersize daily and do about 100 sit ups every other day. I understand these things do take time but it seems my bowel movements have decreased and my stomach always feels bloated. I also havent seen the slightest bit of change, sometimes it feels as if my stomach has gotten bigger.
Avatar n tn I had tests to prove my heart was healthy other than these PVC's. Morgan is so young and she probably doesn't even feel them. They will probably turn out to be harmless over the long haul, although, you should keep in touch with her Cardiologist and have her followed. Like the doctor said, there is always a possibilty of having the PVC's cured if they become a problem or turn into another arrhythmia. I have been able to control my PVC's with medication.
Avatar f tn I see what you mean about the medications, it does seem that there are many children, young children being given drugs for one thing or another, and yet it is a side effect of meds and to be inactive on top of it is definately a problem. I guess we cannot go backwards but this is one situation where we might want to try. We live in a society where the adults are obese as well, I think I heard one out of every 2?
Avatar f tn The best cat I ever had, Lola, is really sick. She just turned 6. She is still young. Started throwing up over Memorial Weekend. Stopped eating, became almost lethargic. Took her in to see the vet the day after Memorial Day. $500 later was told she was in kidney failure. What? She just turned 6! She is still a baby. My last cat died at age 20 with kidney failure being a factor. The truth is he was very old. But Lola is only 6! Her brother, who I also adopted from the rescue shelter is fine.
Avatar m tn In short time she came around and eats a very healthy dinner each night. With my two young step sons, vegetables are taboo. They occasionally eat broccoli, corn and green beans. But, its much less than two servings per month and sometimes over a month without any vegetables. They love the meat and eat lots of sugary sweets, everything in the vegetable part of the food group is not going in there mouth. They refuse to take vitamins and we have resorted to giving them ensure twice a day.
Avatar n tn To lose a healthy young dog lke this is shocking for you, and difficult to understand. There is only one consolation and that is that he mustn't have suffered. A fatal stroke or aneurysm would have taken him so quickly, probably as he was sleeping or dozing. He most likely wouldn't have known a thing about it. But I feel for you because this must be very hard. Please accept my condolences.
Avatar f tn Yet I have observed that she can be mean and malicious and have watched her be very cruel to other children when young and later to girl friends and then her boyfriends. And she has accused others - friends, room mates, co-workers but not been willing to take action. I understand none of these mean she is lying now. We certainly were not perfect parents, and we had kids young, but we were dedicated to our kids and to providing a healthy happy home - it was our priority.
293845 tn?1228001130 as far as not eating the pizza goes and cookies and stuff i wouldnt worry to much about that because theres nothing wrong with eating healthy and staying away from fattening foods! It would prob just give you heart burn ne;) If you ever need to talk you can always use this place to vent and chat about how your feeling or what your feeling..its the best thing in the world to have sumone listen to how you feel and be able to talk to them about it without them judging you!
Avatar n tn My husband thinks that when he dosn't eat his dinner he shouldn't be allowed anything else. This is a rule we have with our older children. i think at 2 he is too young to understand this concept. Should I let him snack on other foods if he hasn't eaten his meal?
Avatar n tn I can be eating soft or hard foods, doesn't matter. I can hold my head still or look down at my plate and it doesn't matter. I don't feel it any other time at all, only when I chew something. I don't have any other symptoms. I'm not on any type of medications. I had a stapedectomy 2 years ago to correct hearing in my right ear.
Avatar n tn I recently have started feeling sick when I am eating and for a while after I am eating.
Avatar n tn What are your thoughts guys? I've just heard that a young, footballer (well known in england) has died age 22 in his sleep, believed to be a heart atttack. Apparently he'd collapsed twice before whilst playing football, over the last couple of years. He underwent extensive heart tests according to the reports and it was decided he had a 'virus.' He's been allowed to continue football and now this. I'm firstly wondering whether it was a heart attack, or some kind of arrythmia disorder...
Avatar f tn Keep offering it and also, make sure you are eating healthy yourself so she see's that. Try to make mealtimes fun with a variety of healthy things.
Avatar n tn My daughter is 4 an she wot eat anything we eat as a family. All she will eat is her peanut cereal. Chicken nuggets. French fries. Peanuts. Chips. Candy. Junk food. Eggs plain no salt. All she wants to drink is pop or milk. I hate it I try to tell her she needs to eat what we eat to be strong an grow bif but it don't work. She can go for days just eateating her cereal, for 4 times a day.
Avatar n tn Is that Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Baby? If so I followed his method with my first son. I would just feed him in the morning and before and after the first and second nap and then obviously at night. Once he slept thru the night I didnt worry about night feedings. But I would think if your baby is still really young and your nursing you could wake him for a feeding or 2. I think he talks about that in his book, I cant remember it's been so long.
Avatar n tn My son did lose interest in eating from a bottle, but it was when he started teething and eating solid foods. From about 5 months old we were struggling to get him to eat from a bottle. He just liked his solid foods better and still does. He's 13 mo. old now and we too struggled to get just 20 oz of liquid in him per day. He's just not a big drinker. But your baby is too young to be teething, and I'm assuming you're not giving her solid foods yet.
213426 tn?1206937938 i think if they get involved in making it, even young, and you get them excited about eating right, they will participate. good luck!!
Avatar n tn i do not have a very good handle on my emotions or occasionally my actions. i have two beautiful healthy children already and had an abortion last year. i did not think i could handle another child at first and this one was unwanted by the fater. i tried to get "fixed" so this wouldnt happen again but was told i was to young. so i figured that if could cause a miscarriage that it wouldnt mess me up so bad as ging to the clinic. which b.t.w. i dont think people really ever get over.
Avatar n tn My husband and I are still debating if we want to go through this again. We have two healthy children, 3 and 7. We're giving it time.
Avatar n tn I know my son, I have worked in medicine for 18 years, and myself, along with his local physicians, know darned good and well that none of this is normal for this wonderful young man. I would be eternally grateful if you could shed some light on this situation. It is destroying our lives, and he is changing before my very eyes; his pants fall off without a belt (waist went from 36 to 31-3/4 in. in 6 wks. and weight still dropping. Thank you so much.
1358341 tn?1282213443 Since she is sick she doesn't eat at all during day, but she eats a lot during night. Today she is eating during day, weird. And she had a 4 days constipation. Opinion about 3 medicines: * Katalax: no use, but microlax one day then next day neither, she stopped being consipation when I have done 1 day with no medicine, 1 day with no Fortekor and no Renalzin and no Probiotics. Then she went.
Avatar f tn I know all of this looks simple from where I'm sitting, but to be very blunt, YOU are the only one who can change where you are now, which doesn't sound like a very healthy or happy place. So, the choice is entirely yours to continue this destructive lifestyle or get pro-avtive to do something about it. I really believe that once you get your health under control, start to lose some weight, and through therapy begin to regain your self-respect, you will be able to get back into life.
Avatar f tn Otherwise, as you know, until she gets out of her denial phase, she will not seek help of any sort. Since young children are involved however, I would notify the Department of Child Welfare (or whatever its' called in your state), so that they can, at least, start a file on the situation. If the situation is so out of line, the Department may remove the children from the household for their well-being, at which time, if you desire, you could petition the court for custody.
Avatar n tn My dog hasn't been eating properly for the past few weeks, he refuses to eat his normal food so we've been cooking him rice/eggs/meat/liver etc. Then after a while he doesn't eat himself unless we feed him by hands..and now he doesn't eat at all. Though he does eat some type of snacks. Now, he doesn't seem to have the energy to get up. He would try to get up but his legs seems to be weak or something. I tried helping him up and everything but I don't know what is wrong.
1530342 tn?1405020090 If the child was obese, I can see helping her to lose weight, so she would be healthy. I don't agree with ridiculing a 7 yr old about what she's eating or making her skip dinner because she ate a snack. Nor would I make it so public; I'd think it would be very embarrassing for the child. Who knows what effect this may have on the child, down the road? Chances are, she will end up with an unhealthy attitude toward food and will have a hard time as an adult. I hope not.
Avatar n tn From your measurements his weight is just below the 25th percentile and his height (34inches) is on the 90th percentile for his age. Whatever he is eating, it is allowing him to grow. Some children this age lose interest in food due to an increased interest in their environment. It is frustrating to see your child not eat that much food. Some outgrow being a 'picky' eater. Suggest letting him eat with his fingers for all his meals and eat with the family together.
627733 tn?1222177360 2 abortions(1992,2003), 2 premature births (1995,1998) both children are deceased, 3 ectopic pregnancies(1997removed a portion of fallopian(l),2003removed the entire right tube,2004removed another portion of the left), 4 miscarriages(1995,2000,2003,2004). i also have had a few std's in the past; trich(2000), clamydia(2007), PID(1990).