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1530342 tn?1405020090 “And at the same time these women are moms and they have to figure out how to teach their children to eat well and to love their bodies when they’re healthy and to help them when they’re not healthy,” she said. Her book comes as about one-third of the nation’s children are obese or overweight, and as “The Biggest Loser,” NBC’s weight-loss reality program, features young teenager contestants for the first time.
Avatar n tn Hello JC, So sorry it's taken me this long to answer your question. I must have missed it when I was checking this site. Now, on to my response. Alcohol, by itself, can tend to lower one's glucose and can result in very severe hypoglycemia is one is drinking heavily. The reason for the risk of severe hypoglycemia is that, normally, over livers will help out when we're low -- The liver will cause glycogen stores to be converted to glucose in an attempt to raise our blood sugar.
439903 tn?1380141482 I need to get focused and concentrate on getting healthy. I purpose to do better in 09. I have alot to do and I can not do it unless I am healthy both physically and emotionally. Thanks for all of your encouragement. It is greatly appreciated. Guesito---Welcome back :) We miss the LuB :) Kele/Helen.....any new pics? How are you feeling? Any more ultrasounds scheduled? Amberlee....I want a dog but my dh said, "Not right now honey" I said....ooooook. When? Guess what? No reply yet.
Avatar n tn around lunch time i have one iced coffee very little milk and no sugar and ill eat my morning food again or a cantaloupe or something like that; and then for dinner i eat whatever my mom makes or tells me to cook which is veal cutlet, pasta, italian foods like that is not healthy but ill eat a small portion not a large one; othen nce or twice per week ill drink beer or vodka at parties with this diet can i keep my current weight or will this make me gain weight or lose weight?
Avatar n tn There is nothing inherently wrong with multitasking, which seems necessary at times, especially in the midst of family life. However, balancing this with a healthy dose of intentional activity can provide valuable insight into the benefits of doing one thing at a time, being fully present with whatever the task at hand happens to be. From the moment we wake up, we can apply intent to our situation by simply saying to ourselves, "I am aware that I am now awake.
Avatar f tn He only cares about himself after work eveb when I always make or have something ready for dinner and do all his laundry, etc. Should i suggest marriage counseling? I think they all yell a bit at his office. This is about the fourth time this has ever happened. Thanks in advance for your thoughts. .....
5685035 tn?1423936569 Yhey were confused she started falling he convinced her to trust him, they went to the gym...he took her to dinner, she learned to play pool...their friendship public, their kissing and hand holding a secret till they knew what they were...a mutual decision...though deep down she felt if he liked her why wouldnt he flaunt her....a month goes by all is well... Her car breaks down he spends the weekend...they laugh wrestle, kiss, she says she doesnt sleep w her friends he agrees they have sex....
Avatar n tn Her sister and brother have started treating her like dirt and she only hears after the fact about family parties. They were so used to this fat woman that would jump for them at a snap, who wouldn't defend herself to anyone and was subservient to the entire family structure. All the while they would berate her about how fat and unhealthy she was.
Avatar n tn Babies in the womb feel their mothers stress so now the most sensible thing to do is follow your doctor/midwifes instructions, eat healthy... plenty of fresh fruit vegetables and maybe a iron supplment (check with your health professional) exercise taking good care of your changing body and that of your unborn child and msot of all enjoy the miracle growing inside of you. Remember to rest as much as you can as youll be VERY busy once your baby arrives. GOOD LUCK!!
649848 tn?1534637300 whether one actually observes any holidays or simply follows the parties, typically lasts for about 6 weeks - from Thanksgiving through New Year's (I won't even talk about all that Halloween candy lying around). If one skips from dinner to dinner or party to party over that 6 week period, with no thought to what they may be eating or drinking, it's very easy to gain weight.
572651 tn?1531002957 It appears the holiday season swings into full gear this week - Monday night is our work dinner party, Tuesday is a lunchtime celebration with about 50 colleagues, Wednesday night an NMSS holiday pot-luck dinner, Thursday is the annual luncheon celebration compliments of the dean of my college for all of us support staff, Friday night dinner and cards with longtime friends. Our first granddaughter's 7th birthday is next weekend, so that will be more parties and cake.
198419 tn?1360245956 lol I'm going to play maid mostly, but when I'm not my 2 days are crammed up with parties and the kids sports. But, I'm not going to sweat it. Going to chill out tonight put my legs up, take my meds, and watch a movie when everyone finally gets here at one time. Figured I'd neglect most things for 1 more day. I'm quite proud of myself, because I neglected most household stuff last night'll pay for it tomorrow though! Hollar if you are able!
Avatar n tn andrea- so how did your dinner go?? well last night i had more contractions, but i think my body is confused. i'd start having a contraction with the pain in my back and so i'd have dh massage my back and then the contraction would move to the front. i have another appointment on friday so i guess we'll see if all of these speratic contractions are doing anything. you know what is weird....
Avatar f tn This little girl is smart, beautiful, funny and creative. I love creating art projects with her, we have dance parties and talent shows, I love making her laugh, we have a great relationship. I love every thought of being in her and her brothers life, it warms my heart and soothes my soul. BUT I cannot stand the way my boyfriend let's her run the show.
1564991 tn?1307634409 if u did belong together u would find comfort, peace, tranquility in being in her presence and the opportunity to do so BUT u DON'T so maybe u need someone as adamant about schedules as u r BECAUSE the world does not work that way so u will need to LOOK around more than others to find a suitable mate or companion who is rigid as u or somehow finds pleasure and satisfaction in absolute strict structure of the times of the future; i.e.
973741 tn?1342346373 We're not having a huge gathering like some of you... it's only going to be my husband, daughter and myself for Thanksgiving dinner, so I can scale back on what I might otherwise cook and because there will only be 3 of us, I don't have to cook enough for an army, plus I can send leftovers home with my daughter and/or freeze some. I think we should be able to hit a happy medium where we can enjoy Thanksgiving and still maintain good habits, but that's an individual choice.
495284 tn?1333897642 It is New Years Eve today and many activities are planned for this night. Parties are happening everywhere and we as recovering addicts have to be very careful. I know i preach the dangers of alcohol and i will continue to do so as i know the he!! it creates. It is hard to turn down invites but there are other options out there. Planning a family night is one of them. Get some movies, pop, munchies etc. Most places have meetings going on tonight, check it out.
Avatar f tn And I don't know how to explain to my 5 and 2 year olds that they can't flail their arms all over and be really loud at the dinner table like thier brother does. They copy EVERYTHING that he does.
Avatar f tn At first I had several people who were trying to throw me 2 parties and they kept trying to get me involved until it was stressing me out. Finally one person took over the whole shebang and said I should not be involved at all, which is how I prefer it. She does sometimes ask me a preference of something or other. Of course I made the guest list. I've answered questions related to games that will occur. That's it. Because I trust her I am comfortable with her handling it all.
Avatar f tn so she said it will go away not to worry too much and ignore, but it has been so many yrs he still does that, I don't know what to do, as he started school, everything is affecting, he eats breakfast reasonbly well, but he does eat his lunch, he wants to eat in the car, then not hungry for dinner it takes long time, he goes to bed late b'coz of this.
Avatar f tn Basically, as long as I don't stay still too long, move too much, don't enjoy dinner parties, and don't partake in normal everyday living, I'm fine. Well....except for those times my chest just randomly decides to freak out when I've been careful and not done anything to trigger symptoms. *sigh. I have another appointment with the surgeon who is "discussing my case with some colleagues" tomorrow morning.
Avatar f tn He had stopped drinking beer 3 years ago and only drank wine if offered to him at dinner parties, but NOW has completely stopped and does not take drugs of any kind. We have read that in early cirrhosis that the liver can regenerate. (??) So I hope that it's possible is his case. I guess only time will tell. He has completely changed his diet as of this news and I'm praying that his liver is able to maintain what it's doing now and or improve.
615752 tn?1361871586 He doesn't have stranger anxiety though anyone can talk to him or pick him up and he doesnt' care. We are going to have two parties for Joel when he turns one. One the saturday before his birthday with family and then the saturday after his birthday for his baby/toddler friends.
Avatar f tn When she went to go spend the night at her grandparents I asked if she could pick up her toys listen and eat all of her dinner. Also they want to have a birthday party with a pony and blow ups.... way to much....for her and ive already made disney land plans... and they started fighting with me . I said i am her mom and her father is behind me on t his...
495284 tn?1333897642 For me it requires more meetings and avoiding most of these events. I surround myself with healthy sober people. I go for many walks in the summer along with bike riding and i cant forget about the late night fishing at the water plant!! Gotta throw this one in too......Im going to be a grandma to a baby girl in August. I am truely grateful to being clean and sober.
Avatar m tn I choose not to do the family stress of the holidays, made a choice to postpone our get together, to avoid other using family members, nor will I attend any parties where alcohol will be served, triggering me to want to use to feel part of. I worked to hard to get clean to blow it either the stress or elation of the season. Spent too many years wasted thru the Holidays ... Chasing higher highs. For those struggling, it's ok, have a plan. Or make one to get clean if you haven't yet.
231441 tn?1333896366 She looked at me slightly confused, as anyone would when they are being handed a bouquet of spoons. I explained that the difference in being sick and being healthy is having to make choices, or to consciously think about things when the rest of the world doesn’t have to. The healthy have the luxury of choice, a gift most people take for granted. Most people start the day with unlimited amount of possibilities, and energy to do whatever they desire.
Avatar m tn Ever since then, I had felt horrible all the time, fallen asleep in class without fail, and not felt very sociable (only 2 parties that semester!) Since then, I have gained 35 pounds since I came home from college even with dieting and exercise. I didn't eat food for 5 days to test my metabolism. I didn't gain weight, but I didn't lose any either! I maintained weight on no food. I am a 20 yr. old male in college as an accounting student, and in the ROTC. My freshman yr.