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Avatar n tn I'm desperately trying to gain weight. I'm 5'7 130 lbs & I do light weight training 2x a week. I have a high metabolism Please help.
6647728 tn?1383446143 One week weight loss recipes Daquan Monday: tri-color silk melon Ingredients: melon, carrots, green pepper. Spices: salt, monosodium glutamate, salad, starch. Practice: 1, melon, carrot, green pepper, cut wire, with warm oil boiled, picked up the stand. 2, all the vegetables in boiling water and then boiled to remove greasy. 3, pot put a little oil down into all the raw stir fry, seasoning thicken, you can.
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1403867 tn?1281009744 So, I know that the common healthy weight loss goal is about 2lbs per week. Is there a different recommended weight loss goal per week for women with PCOS? Also, does anyone have any tips for how to deal with the emotional trip of not losing weight as fast as others/you would like?
Avatar n tn Hi I'm 15 and I need to lose weight..
Avatar m tn I want to lose weight and become healthy. What is a food essential for weight loss and overall health? I am also wondering if there are any foods that can help with the negative effects of over-masturbation. I have some other posts, please look at them, I think they will help in answering my questions.
Avatar f tn Try running your buns off. Eat lots of fish and veggies. If you can't run, walk 2-3 miles daily. My Dr says drink lots of water too.
Avatar f tn I agree with Kittygurlx3 you can follow natural and healthy diet for Great Weight Loss
Avatar f tn My doctor said that was totally fine. As long as I was losing the weight from eating healthy (like you fruit veggies yogurt ect) and not from not eating. The main goal is to pick food that is quality over quanity. As long as you are taken your vitamins and are eating healthy you should be fine!
Avatar f tn Safe weight loss is 1-2 lbs/week, so it's feasible to lose 10 lbs in a month. Whether it's healthy or not, depends on how you do it. If you simply calculate your daily caloric needs and cut your intake to that, eating healthy food and getting a reasonable amount of exercise, then it's healthy. If you're going to take drugs or weight loss supplements and try starving yourself, it won't be healthy.
Avatar f tn Skipping any of the food components is not considered healthy. Also when aiming at losing weight the protein intake may be slightly increased and the carbohydrate intake slightly lowered. The calorie requirement should also be adjusted for one’s physical activities as well. Lower than adequate calorie intake can also cause weight gain, due to the stress hormones kicking in. Start with a healthy breakfast, moderate lunch and light dinner. Also keep a track of calorie intake and your work out.
Avatar f tn For your weight, 1000 calories/day isn't enough and you probably aren't eating enough proteins and fiber to keep you satisfied, which leads to binging. Make sure you eat protein with every meal/snack, because protein keeps you fuller longer and it also helps build muscle. Fiber, as in veggies, also helps keep you fuller, but you need the protein with it..
Avatar f tn You don't lose 20 lbs in 15 days, even with a gym membership and weights. You'd have to cut your calories way too much to do that in a healthy manner. There just really is no short cut to healthy weight loss. It's one of those things that we have to work at, on an ongoing basis, not just when we have a special event or reason for losing weight. Eating healthy foods in proper proportions and getting moderate exercise are the best ways to lose weight, but it takes time.
Avatar f tn t usually coincide with healthy. The average weight loss at a low caloric deficit is 2 lbs. per week safely.
Avatar n tn Can you give us an idea of a day's food intake? It could be that your healthy choices aren't quite so healthy, or that you're eating too large portions. With all that exercise, you should be able to lose weight, but then you probably also have a lot of muscle, which could tend to keep you from losing pounds. A good thing to do is to track your measurements to see if they show changes in your body composition.
Avatar n tn And how can I get back to my previous weight a healthy way? My weight was always steady and I felt more comfortable at 130. I know this must sound crazy with today's world where people are trying to lose weight but I am having a problem gaining weight. Any suggestions? Thanks.
Avatar f tn More can be lost through water weight with diuretics and crash dieting can also increase fat loss but only for a short time. When we lose fat too fast our metabolism will slow in order to conserve fat (fuel) deposits (starvation mode) and that creates new problems such a resetting the metabolic rate and fat gains during the plateau, etc.
Avatar f tn Now that I am four months pregnant I have lost some weight. Is weight loss ok at four months? I am wondering because my doctor questioned my weight and ordered another sonogram?