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1530342 tn?1405020090 In many cases of C‐section in recent years, the benefits may be questionable and important healthcare organizations, including the Joint Commission and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, have endorsed safely reducing C‐sections rates in certain types of pregnancies," wrote the study researchers. The new study was performed by HealthGrades, a company whose website allows patients to search for and rate physicians.
2105146 tn?1334597383 This all is not quite the same as your full Social Security retirement benefits which often kick in when you are 67. A lot depends on the month you were born. Anyway, I only know how things worked out for my husband so I don't want to mislead you though I would not rule this out as a resource. Glad you found a GI/Hepa. Hopefully it will be one that has experience with treating HCV or is studious enough to learn. * Either way, quitting drinking now may not be such a bad idea.
Avatar f tn YOU pay his paycheck...hence, he can't just treat you any ole way. Report him...give him bad ratings on healthgrades and vitals....then, when somebody else reports him or he same thing...hey, who knows. There are good doctors out there the problem is once the word is out....everybody wants to see them...and appointments are booked for months....
Avatar n tn The decision between which treatment will depend on the patient and doctor's personal preferences and well as a weighing of the benefits and the risks. The benefit of ablation is that the problem can be cured in >90% of cases and there is no need for continued medication. The risk of death during an AVNRT is very, very small but is still possible (perhaps 1 in 10,000 or less). The more common complication with AVNRT ablation is the risk of a pacemaker.
Avatar n tn Hello, I was reading about all of the benefits of garlic and read that if you eat 3 cloves of garlic and drink it down with hot tea before bed it could kill bacteria and parasites and all kinds of bad stuff. So I tried it, and the next day I didn't have my usual pain under my rib. I always have the pain every day and if not during the day it ALWAYS starts at around 10pm, but yesterday the pain never came and I stayed up till 4am with no pain.