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Avatar m tn Today I brought a sex worker home and while on my bed I was naked and she gave me a full massage whith an hydrating cream I had. This included touching my testicles, masturbating me and also touching my anus (she put pressure on that zone with her fingers but didn't insert them, or maybe just a little, it was more like a rubbing/pressing). I was completely naked and she was wearing some sort of baby doll (a very thin, kind of transparent one. She did not get on top of me.
Avatar m tn Scrotum massage. perinium massage. These are all interesting techniques.will enhance your quality of life. Best of luck.
362408 tn?1236444681 You can find all kinds of firming creams etc, that claim to help reduce the appearance of cellulite, the key with these products is the action of massage them in. It will not make your cellulite to away but it will help reduce the appearance. Medically, you can have fat injected into the dimples to plump them up. Painful and expensive but it's the only way to change it long term. Weight loss can help, but most importantly you need to build muscle tone.
Avatar n tn I tried everything, anti biotics , prostate massage you name it I tried it. Some treatments worked temporarily namely injecting anti biotic into prostate and testicles, because the specialist i went to suspected bacteria and yeast - he told me to cut out yeast products for 2 weeks. there was improvement but not for long. By luck I discovered a candida test and was diagnosed with candida. I followed the body ecology diet by Donna Gates for the last year and am now 90% relieved of my symptoms.
Avatar n tn - No previous eye disorder, 20/20 vision - Good health - Lived in Bellingham WA when symptoms started - Currently live in Los Angeles. When the symptoms started, I thought it was just a side effect from stress and anxiety. At that time, my house had a Hobo Spider infestation, I was being interviewed for graduate school and I was planning my move to California.
Avatar m tn So is there any HIV risk if her saliva or maybe blood touhing my acne zone? 3) she sit on me during massage, she dressed her underwear, is there any HIV risk if her vaginal fluids comes out from underwear and touch my body? I know HIV is not transmitted through clothing, is this right? 4) i use my hand to touch her underwear and may touch some vaginal fluids which comes out from underwear.
Avatar f tn Lately, the past 3 or 4 weeks, I've been feeling a pain in the hip thigh area (saddle bag zone). Do you still do your regular workouts with hip bursitis or do you lighten it up so you don't inflame it more? What causes hip bursitis? Could that be what I have? If it is, do I have to do the shots, is there not a more natural method of healing it? I am into natural healing and herbal remedies when it comes to health.
936016 tn?1332769204 Many of the questions we answer on this Forum and also the Freedomhealth Sexual Health Forum relate to anxiety about HIV and also possible early HIV symptoms. One of the main problems in relying on HIV symtoms themselves is that they are notoriously vague and almost all the symptoms may in fact be symptoms of a different disease. The best method always of diagnosing HIV is to have a modern HIV test.
Avatar n tn at c5/c6 level a small focal left paracentral disc protrusion - effacing entry zone to the nueral foraman as well as the exiting left c6 nerve root". Things were fine for a couple of weeks. Looking back , I put myself through a rediculous amount of emotional stress . ie thinking how my wife would cope if I was six feet under etc etc... Now ( in the last couple of days )I developed a chronic eye twitch in both eyes. I even get twitching on the "bony" part of my nose .
1133274 tn?1260365528 i´m always having that fear everytime i go to bed. Will a massage theraphy help me remove the slight heaviness on my left leg. Your full and honest answer will surelly help me go on.... thanks and God bless you all.
Avatar m tn I am 56, otherwise healthy, moderately active, fit and eating a well balanced diet with relatively high protein intake (Zone). I am also supplementing since several years with the usual set of herbal remedies for an healthy prostate (saw palmetto, stinging nettle, pigeum, ….), antioxidants and found benefits in my IPSS score. I have a full record of blood and urine works since about 10 years and regularly consulting, hence my surprise.
Avatar m tn Dr., I had a high risk foolish encounter with a Chinese massage worker in Kuwait on July, 13 2008, and have soon returned home from the Middle East. We had intercourse with a condom, but after she performed oral sex on me without one. When I got home I had a baseline Elissa HIV 1/2 test on 7/18, 7/26 and 8/05 (All Negative) I told my doctor exactly everything right up front because I was scared about HIV, Herpes etc. She agreed to track me health.
572651 tn?1531002957 The workshop I signed up for is on how to get your health care story to the press. Ironic isn't it since my story is about poor health care at UNC? This was not planned. I go to this conference every year for the NMSS. I am going to keep my mouth shut at the conference. I may link up with reporters I know. I have to be careful how I present this story. I want to be sure I know what I want to achieve.
Avatar m tn Sorry, I ( the guy) went to massage parlour - had a normal massage until the end where I received mostly digital stimulation but a minute or so of oral from the female therapist. I had received a normal massage from her a few times before but got a little more than I bargained for this time. I was just stupid and didn't say no like I should have.
Avatar n tn I have read through the STD General postings to find my risk assessment, but I still need some help. Basically, my story is similar to others. I went to a massage parlor. The two following things occured: 1. To my surprise, the masseuse perform fellatio on me WITHOUT a condom. The entire fellatio lasted NO more than 2 minutes. Her mouth was NOT bleeding. She did NOT have any cold sores, and actually her dental work (i.e., her teeth) was quite immaculate. 2.
Avatar m tn Hi, I have this problem- I have bowl movement and then I have to lay down on bed, and massage all over my head for 10 minutes. When I take probiotics, this feeling gets worse. I do take olonzapine for sleep and have been on several anti-depressants before. This annoying thing began happening summer of 2009 and is not healing by itself. I do suffer from constipation time to time and sometimes it is chronic. I discussed this issue with my GP and she doesn't know what's going on.
923105 tn?1341831249 As you can imagine, the office will get pretty busy with all sorts of paniced students and faculty as they realize the end is here. I'm counting to NEXT week for my massage appointmnet if I get through this week first. VV - just be yourself and use the best description you can think of. A good neuro will want to investigate further.
Avatar n tn time that doesn't involve unpleasant things. I try to take my ipod in the bathroom, shut the door, put on some classical music and just zone out in the tub. I was also told to go to a gym and get some aggression out on a heavy bag which is great. Stay away from an excess of caffeine (as I sip some coffee).
4628530 tn?1369112686 So I've been dealing with this for about 8 months now. Diagnosed when I was in my first trimester of pregnancy. I now have a healthy 2 month old. I am currently under no treatment and have had some improvement.However, I will be seeing a rheumatologist today (Can't wait!). I go through days at a time of no open abscesses and little pain. A hard lump still exists and my right breast is noticeably smaller almost as if the tissue has been eaten away and I have many scars.
Avatar m tn Do not take any sexual tonic.Keep your general health well.By exercising, massage and nutritional food wish you best of luck.
Avatar f tn Once you get her relaxed, try a litlte VERY gentle massage with the tips of your fingers. Slowly compress the muscle in the direction it grows, from the spine and then outward. If she seems to relax, you can go a little deeper - just watch her reaction to see if it's too much. Massage is a wonderful thing for animals just like it is for humans.
Avatar f tn Just to backtrack a little, I wanted to give you a link that sort of explains what that cognitive therapy was your docs originally talked about. I went thru that type of behavioral therapy becuz of fear of cars from a car wreck, I'm good now. It just helps you identify, manage and deal with stressful stuff.
Avatar f tn I have been off work this past week so to deal with pain I take several soaks a day in my jacuzzi bathtub with Dr. Teals Epson salt with eucalyptus (it's great), lidocaine patches, massage heating pad, 12 Advil Liqua gels (max safe dosage) and Flexeril. However when I return to work before the day is up the pain is excruciating and at the age of 50 I'm no where near ready to retire financially!
Avatar f tn -) Today marks the 4 week anniversary of my final Tysabri infusion. I'm entering into the DMD Free zone for the first time since my DX. It should be a short stay in the zone as the plan is to start Rituxan in September. This weeks big day is Friday. I'm taking the day off to accommodate the delivery and assembly of my new recumbent exercise bike. While I'm home waiting I will also be baking the Official Sock Monkey Cupcakes for the GF's grandson's first birthday part on Saturday!
1126418 tn?1326169592 I wanted to go to cosmetology school or medical massage therapy school. And now how am I going to stand up that long to cut hair or give a massage?? And then with no feeling in my fingers too! They are the only two things I REALLY wanted to do in life as a job. And now it's a struggle just to take a shower and do daily house hold chores. I still do them it just takes extra long to get anything done. I do appreciate things a whole lot more though.
Avatar f tn Low Serum Ferritin - Hair Loss Low serum ferritin hair loss is a serious issue in women's health. Though hair loss (alopecia) does not cause any physical pain or ill effects on the workings of the body, it can have a significant negative impact on the emotional and psychological state of a woman. Therefore, it is important to understand the relationship between ferritin levels and female hair.
Avatar f tn I have slept wonderfully for 8 hours per night for the last 35 years of my life without ever encountering a single problem but 4 months ago we did a 8 week trip over the Summer to a different time zone. I came back home and encountered some jet lag...this couple of days of jet lag has escalated into a major problem.
401095 tn?1351395370 For me yoga helps me alot..I have DDD and fusions/scoliosis..also injections, steroids here and there, ice and heat, massage and anti-inflamatories, chiropratic, acupressure with a machine not needles..a half hour in a.jacuzzi helps ..I have so many machines and contraptions and special pillows it is a joke...but i guess we gotta try!
Avatar n tn They encourage you to take your pulse and try to work out within the target zone. One of the instructors saw me take my pulse using the carotid artery and just about blew a gasket. She said taking your pulse that way could be dangerous, then showed me a newspaper article about a man that dislodged some plaque from taking his pulse against the carotid artery and almost died. I have a great deal of difficulty feeling my pulse anywhere except on the neck.
620923 tn?1452919248 posting early for our friends in a different time zone : )