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Avatar m tn Dr., I had a high risk foolish encounter with a Chinese massage worker in Kuwait on July, 13 2008, and have soon returned home from the Middle East. We had intercourse with a condom, but after she performed oral sex on me without one. When I got home I had a baseline Elissa HIV 1/2 test on 7/18, 7/26 and 8/05 (All Negative) I told my doctor exactly everything right up front because I was scared about HIV, Herpes etc. She agreed to track me health.
6539069 tn?1383243807 one of the reasons why I'm anxious about going back to manila is that it's the first time for me to be away from my husband since we got married though he once went home in Egypt for several days before and I was left here alone in Kuwait. I'm looking into being away my comfort zone.
Avatar f tn kc ang nabasa ko dito my category un advisory ang health ministry dun... i will be working there as a cash register clerk..wla p naman ang final interview but still im worried lalo na sa medical check up...
1677515 tn?1304485115 recently ko lang nalaman na may hepa ako, paalis na sana ako punta kuwait at ung tinawagan ako sa agency na my findings ako sa hepa b subra lungkot, umiyak ako dahil hindi matuloy ung pg alis sana ngayon buwan MAY 2011 , pero hindi ako naniwala sa findings ng pa check up ako ulit, parehas ang result. Anu ba ibig sabihin ng TEST: HEPATITIS B SURFACE ANTIGEN RESULT: REACTIVE sana matulungan niyo ako at mka recommend kau ng possible treatment.. thanks poh, antay ako.
Avatar n tn So, your doctor may take an approach of wait and see, which is not exactly unreasonable, and could even be those immune proteins did not show up in a spinal tap, altho that's not an absolute in arriving at a diagnosis, or maybe your doc will use his years of experience to back up the idea that you not have MS. It's just I think you do.