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Avatar m tn I recently took a HIV 1/ HIV 2 Test here in Kuwait at post nine week potential exposure. The lady I was involved with took the same test at four weeks and nine weeks, both of our test came back negative. I have two questions. How reliable are HIV test at nine weeks? Do you know what type of HIV test are used here in Kuwait? All HIV test here must go to the Ministry of Health.
Avatar m tn Hi Gary, I don't know if you have health insurance but I can recommend a good Dr in Kuwait. He is based atthe British clinic, just off the gulf road going from mangaf to fahaheel. It is the road going up to the 30 almost opposite the sea club. Its a pink and white striped building, they have the road all dug up I think. He is called Dr Hasan, I think, he trained in the UK. He is very sympathetic, and can send bloods out of the country to get tested, if you are really desperate to know.
142354 tn?1228246748 I have been HVC clear since 2006. I still carry antibodies i think. I will be taking visa medical exam in Kuwait. My question is will a positive antibody for HCV make you unfit for residency in Kuwait ? or will they test PCR ?
Avatar m tn I am a government contractor working in Kuwait, before coming here I had had about 3 years of moderate to sever lower back pain. For the past 1 1/2 yrs prior to coming here I was prescribed all sorts of meds to try to help me manage my pain accordingly, so that I could proceed with work and continue doing what I needed to do. Finally, the doctor did prescribe me Hydrocodone 7.5mg and this seemed to help the best.
Avatar m tn 1. my friend have told me using 3 condom is risky as it tears during intercourse 2.shld i do a test after 3 months 3.
Avatar f tn Just want to ask if this is dangerous. And also i am applying for work in kuwait.
Avatar f tn I live in kuwait .. I had portected sex with a sex worker .. after that I took hiv ag/ab test and it came non reactive at 14 days post exposure and after 18 day post exposure i ordered a multiplex pcr rna test for hiv 1 hiv 2 hbv hcv and it came not detected for all the 4 viruses * the hospital in kuwait send my blood sample to a london labartory ...
Avatar f tn nkpagwork po aq sa pinas n ang result ng medical q negative after that my visa came nagpamedical po aq negative din ang result .ng nand2 n po aq sa kuwait ngmedical din aq negative ulit....anu po ibg sbhin nun?mgling n aq?pwde bah aq mgpahepa vaccine?so far po 4yrs n aq d2 sa kuwait as nursing assistant...and im planning po n tapusin ang nursing q kso nttkot aq bka pagmgmedical ulit mgpasitive....
Avatar m tn I am a 41 y/o married male. I do not use tobacco of any kind and I only drink alcohol 2 to 3 times a year. I am not overweight and I live a decently healthy lifestyle while staying very active. My worst habit is that I drink a pot (12 cup size) of coffee every morning. I have a physical once a year, every year, without fail. This includes blood work and x-rays.
Avatar n tn Its misaligned the pleasure zone. Has anyone had this happen? Could it be wellbutrin use? Any physician advice or recommendation is appreciated! Thanks in advance.
Avatar m tn Have they done any tests to try to pinpoint what is causing your infertility? I'm not familiar with clinics ion Kuwait, but if you've been trying IUIs for a while with no success, in two different countries, I'm not sure changing clinic will help. I would say, the first thing to do, if you haven't already, is checking if her fallopian tubes are open. Otherwise, IUIs will not help, as the sperm and egg won't meet.
5674430 tn?1377507862 this causes a lot of problems for my future career.. im just only waiting for my visa in kuwait,i have a 2nd medical here in the phil and the 3rd is in can i overcome this is posible to negative a HbsAg Reactive...what can i do? please help so depressed and suffering from this kind of virus..
929537 tn?1244287664 hi every one my name is jamal from kuwait ..i tested possitive of hapatitis c untibodiesw..but R N A NO VIRUS ..SO PZL TELL ME WAT I SHUD DOO NOW ..MY UNTIBODIES RATIO WERE 2.80 THAT TIME DONT KNW RIGHT NOW ...SO PLZ TELL I HAV HCV?OR NOT IF I HAV ONLY AUNTIBODIES THEN HOW I CAN KILL THEM ...
Avatar n tn Hi DR. H. Hunter Handsfield,…I am a male writing from Kuwait. I had an exposure with shemale and I am not sure if I have to test. It was my first time with shemale as I am heterosexual . 1.she played with her penis for a minute then placed a condom and after few minutes she asked me to do oral but I got another condom and placed in the top of the first condom then I kissed the shfat for 5 second with closed mouth…only my lips touched the condom.
Avatar m tn i am from bangladesh but now i work in kuwait. in kuwait i cant go to hospital coz if they know then they will packup me but in bangladesh dont have good treatment i thing so even need long time rest which i cant. i have to support for my poor family need more then 4 years form now.i do a tecnical job that why they dont monitoring to me but here not supported wether for hbv positive person. very hot tempereture.thanks.
Avatar f tn No overseas tours, I volunteered, but never deployed to combat, though I did spent a year in Kuwait as an Army civilian. I am 26 now, and a E-5/Sgt. in the Army National Guard. Full-time, I am civilian service in the Army community. My MOS is Public Affairs, and I am attached to an MPAD (Mobile Public Affairs Detachment) National Guard unit. In one capacity or another, in uniform or out, I have served this country since 2003.
Avatar f tn Twas on january 17-20 as far as i remember and i had my checkup in kuwait on february 15-17 of the same year also. I know its the worst decision i made in my life but somehow the result was Negative through blood test by finger-pricking. The question goes like this: 1. Is it a reliable result? 2. When you say finger-pricking blood test, what kind of hiv test is it and its reliabilty? Its my 6th month now and all i experienced was just a slight muscle pain for an hour or two.
Avatar n tn i am only 3 years younge then yourself and i too suffer from the feeling of not living up to my potntial to jobs, i also zone out ALL THE TIME, i forget the simple to big things and then beat my self up about it when i do think about it. i suffer from depression as diagnossed from my doctor.
Avatar f tn My mom is coming home from kuwait for the first time in 3years and I would really like for my baby to be here and me be recovered by that time.
Avatar f tn Since my last expsoure Low Risk as per your assesment (possible condom failure with a CSW in Kuwait), and my 7 weeks negative antibody test, I need some reassurance for the below purposes: Since I might be in my window period if Infected am scared about my GF since we indulged in the below activities: 2 Times protected Sex,got down on her briefly and externally 2 Times masterbation,my fingers inside her She used my tooth brush couple of times she got scratched by my cat, and i kissed her on