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4838572 tn?1367706719 I take the Twinlab prenatal vitamins from the local health food store they don't make me sick (I've had horrible nausea and ms so far).
Avatar n tn You can take materna prenatal vitamins. You can get them from any drug store. That's usually what the doctor will suggest taking throughout your pregnancy.
Avatar f tn You can get some excellent liquid vitamins at the health food store.
Avatar f tn I switched to a liquid capsile with DHA/omegas. Still a huge pill, got them from a health food/supplemental store, but I'm not throwing them up. Lady at the store said the liquid is easier on your stomach than the chalky ones. I'm in Canada, have never seen the gummies.
Avatar f tn my OB/GYN gave me a prescription for Restora when I took it to my pharmacy Walgreens I asked them if it had the same ingredients as Probiotic and they said yes I have been taking it for awhile now I am also taking vitamins from my health food store like Cayenne for poor blood circulation, which I also have, cell food for oxygen and I asked them about vitamins for MRSA so now I am also taking silver, goldensealr root and using tea tree oil for my leg rashes & it is helping alot I take alot
Avatar n tn For another thing, among the fillers and binders are several toxic chemicals, which is common in drug store and pharmaceutical company vitamins but are largely absent in the best health food store multis. But a good multi in a health food store will have higher doses of some things, will have a whole lot more nutrients, and the best aren't one a day since you can't fit absorbable minerals in any one a day -- they take up too much space.
Avatar f tn I'm 6w6d and I just bought my own prenatal vitamins. I was wondering if its best to take the ones giving by the doctor or does it not matter?
Avatar f tn The only way prenatal vitamins or any vitamins help a woman get pregnant is if she has problems with iron deficiency (or some other vitamin deficiency) and the vitamins generally improve her health. A healthy woman is more likely to get pregnant. But they are not magic pregnancy pills.
Avatar f tn (1) select a liquid vitamin alternative (2) select a capsule containing powder and open the capsule and mix it with something easy to swallow (3) if you insist on a special brans, obtain a mortar and pestle and crush the pill, then mix it with a food substance that can be swallowed (4) find a smaller pill (visit your local health food store, which will have many on display) or cut the pill in two or three pieces with a pill-cutter, as waverider suggested
12426295 tn?1426875995 Nope they're not perscription. You can get them at any health store! They're gel caps too so easy to swallow.
9663463 tn?1407525554 I take ultra prenatals. By Nature plus. Bought from a health food store. And oceans mom dha vitamins. I asked my doctor the same question because the ones I bought from walmart all made me sick really bad. And these make me feel really good actually.
Avatar n tn vitamins, meaning the ones with the fewest additives, will be found in your best available health food store. Cheap vitamins and drug store vitamins will contain more of these fillers and binders and use less well absorbed forms of nutrients. But there has to be something to make up the capsule or tablet.
Avatar f tn You can go to an grocery store and get prenatal vitamins. When you see your Dr you can for a prescription for vitamins.
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Avatar f tn Yea, i got the gummy kind.
Avatar f tn Look into the history of the discovery of vitamins and how they act in the body. Look into the history of health fads. Although many people believe the ingesting vitamin supplements will act on them the way spinach acted on Popeye, it doesn't work that way. If you do not have a deficiency then additional vitamins will not extend your life or give you super powers. Before you consult a naturopath or orthomolecular nutritionist, I suggest you read about those subjects on the web site www.
Avatar f tn There are tons of prenatal vitamins out there. You will have to try a new one and see how it goes. They are super important to take daily along with some extra folic acid. My doctor has prescribed Neevo DHA which are thought to be gentle on your tummy. I've done really well on them. I hope you can find something that doesn't bother you to take.
2167803 tn?1338529751 You might try getting your vitamins at a health food store. They have the best. I don't recommend GNC or places like that as they are too commercial. A chiropractor would also have the best formulas.
Avatar n tn Can Anyone Tell Me Where I can get prenatal vitamins and any vitamin suggestions please! I haven't been to a doctor since I barely found out yesterday. Any help?
541609 tn?1273879848 My doctor approved them, he actually said he was quite happy with what he read about them. The lady that works in the health food store said they are more natural forms of all the vitamins so they are easier to digest. I am also taking extra folic acid and extra liquid iron. ( I was low in iron previous to becoming pregnant) again my doctor was very happy with these products.
Avatar f tn Hello friend, GNC is not all that great. I use natural health store, with knowledgable staff. Like all things in life, it's about trial/error. Good luck to you.
Avatar f tn I use the 100% natural prenatals and the dha vitamins. I tried the Walmart and target kind. They made me so sick. I bought mine from a health food store. They have no additives and higher percentage of vitamins. Since taking them, no nausea or vomiting.
Avatar f tn Go buy them at store I like the narure valeys
5975291 tn?1430718287 Wats a good prenatal vitamin to buy from the store and wat store can i buy them from???