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Avatar m tn They tested the young man and found out that he had contracted the Valley Fever. (Here, I am not sure if he had a Valley Fever before or not). Then, the doctor explained to him and to the audience that the Valley Fever does not get out of the system, rather, it remains dormant and could resurface again. I firmly believe that the doctor was right even tough my doctor here does not agree with that.
Avatar m tn i'm on duflucan until my coxy levels go down and I show negative for valley fever, unfortunately rest is not the way to treat valley fever, valley fever will never go away but the diflucan stops the valley fever from spreading and gives your immune system and opportunity to fight back.
Avatar m tn My PA during my visit said it might be Valley Fever which is a known problem in California and Arizona. I live on the western slope of Colorado. I was in California 2.5 years ago. Supposedly it can be dormant for 20 years in your system. This would be a fungus type of infection. My PA said that my sputum showed a growth that should be able to be cured with this amoxicillin that I'm taking. As in the first post on this community it was the first time that I saw the same symptoms that I have had.
163305 tn?1333672171 In a trailer park tucked among the irrigated orchards outside Fresno that help make California’s San Joaquin Valley the richest farm region in the world, 16-year-old Giselle Alvarez, one of the few English speakers in this community of farmworkers, puzzles over the notices posted on front doors: There’s a danger in their drinking water. Tests for uranium, the notices warn, show a level considered unsafe by federal and state standards.
Avatar f tn 50pm 7/31/2013. Any support anyone can give me, as I go through this, would be great. Thank you.
Avatar m tn Nothing new, but the following article again highlights the relationship between eating certain fruits and vegetables and potentially reducing the rate of certain cancers. Adding fruit to the diet isn't difficult, but adding enough vegetables is more of a problem, especially when an article like this suggests that RAW vegetables are the way to go since cooking can signficantly reduce whatever "good" stuff is in them.
Avatar m tn Wednesday, April 21, 2010 NaturalNews) Mainstream health care isn't based on "health" or "caring." It's actually based on an ingrained system of medical mythology that's practiced -- and defended -- by those who profit from the continuation of sickness and disease.
1530342 tn?1405020090 said Melaney Arnold, a spokeswoman for the Illinois Department of Public Health. Lehigh Valley Hospital, outside Allentown, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday set up a large tent outside its emergency room, which it is using to see patients who arrive with less-severe flu cases, said hospital spokesman Brian Downs.
1530342 tn?1405020090 having higher per capita and total health care spending than any other industrialized country, and also scoring among the lowest on key health indicators, such as infant mortality, obesity, and health system performance. The Affordable Care Act will change these incentives and strengthen Medicare.
Avatar f tn Hans Coester University of Colorado Formerly Poudre Valley Health System 970-495-7421 Fort Collins, CO Dr. John Oro Chiari Care Center Aurora, Colorado (303)-481-0035 I understand travel is not the best option for you.....but many of us find it is the only way to get to the right Dr that has not only the experience but also the knowledge on ALL related conditions.
Avatar f tn Hi there! Good to see a website that addresses health related questions. I recently had pimple like rashes that appeared on my tummy and some also on my back. Sometimes they are itchy, sometimes not. This is the second time it appeared on my skin and on the same area. The other time i had it was lastd September. I went to ER, Occupational Health and my primary doctor and they all can't diagnose it. Occupational Health tested me for varicella which came out negative.
Avatar n tn She doesn't believe me because she can't see any outwards signs of there being a mold problem. I am highly allergic to mold and I also have Valley Fever. Within 5 minutes of being in her home, I was wheezing and had to leave. Does anyone here have any links to resources that are from medical resources that would show her what this could be? If not SBS, then what else might it be? She is overweight and the Dr.
Avatar m tn Potassium, like sodium and chloride, is an important electrolyte in your body, involved in the proper functioning of the nervous system, skeletal system, cardiac muscle, and metabolism, as well as maintaining normal blood pressure. Most people get enough potassium from their diets , so potassium supplements are typically used only to treat or prevent potassium deficiency caused by excessive potassium loss from the body.
Avatar f tn Both of us actually seem VERY okay in that region.. He went through an intense prob with valley fever last yr..which I expect would have quite an effect on his immune system with the stress his body went through and all. ...But no symptoms of ghsv then either...I'm always stressing and my health has been up and down...I don't eat very regularly, as my weight goes up and down..all factors I would think would trigger an outbreak..but nothing either.
Avatar n tn More info on Valley Fever. There are several good websites on Valley Fever. You can search under the full medical name and also valley fever. Both will net several websites for info resources. and Good luck! There is much info out there on this disease. And you will recover from it too!
Avatar m tn there is one other listed for CO and I do not know that one at all. COLORADO Dr.Hans Coester University of Colorado Formerly Poudre Valley Health System 970-495-7421 Fort Collins, CO Dr.
489725 tn?1280056153 study NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - In a prospective clinical study, the consumption of fish oil supplements had the effect of reducing the electrical irritability of the heart in people with heart rhythm disturbances. "This stabilizing effect may be one way in which fish oil reduces mortality in patients with coronary artery disease," Dr. Glenn D. Young from Royal Adelaide Hospital, Australia told Reuters Health.
391038 tn?1298740986 I'm sure the weather effects my health. When it's cold and dry I'm great but when a new system is moving in I feel it and start hurting more. I live on the east end of Long Island, NY where the weather changes frequently. I'm wondering if I should seriously think of moving elsewhere. Has anyone done this and had better health because they moved?
3486886 tn?1350413731 Philadelphia is a little far and Pittsburgh has a hugh network and speakers from Health System at U Penn in Philadelphia are going top speak about Mito next week. It's a good 5 hours. Good luck with the NY Dr.
Avatar n tn Then came signus infection because my immune system started defending my respiratory system because of mucus created in my chest due to acid reflux, so that was it. Why doctors wont explain in that details and keep you on an allergic medicine for rest of your life???? Well it has to be industry trend, why not solve the issues that make your body extra sensitive to smell and food so your body could protect itself??
Avatar n tn Your cousin is close - I live in Midvale, the suburb just to the west of Sandy. Small world! There has been a lot of talk the past few years about the U.S.'s "broken" health care system. Yup, I'd have to say I agree. It's pretty sad when insurance companies can deny you the help you are willing to pay for and leave you high and dry. And the cost is incredible - if I went on COBRA it would cost me the same amount each month as my mortgage!
Avatar n tn Stopped couching but so very tired .and my stomach still bothers me. Some one suggested I had valley fever……….does this ever go away. One day I feel fine the next day I am exhausted.(?) My xrays came back normal and my blood work OK. So why do i feel so tired and unwell.
198154 tn?1337790865 So, when you cold turkey stop the external source, it jolts your body and whiplashes your system into wakeup mode. All those little workers have been snoozing for however long you have been administering the external supply source. Now the alarm bells are ringing all throughout your system, and they are running around like keystone cops screaming “oh s**t!!!!” They will get back on the job for you again, but it takes a while for them to get synchronized and functioning efficiently again.
Avatar m tn Hans Coester University of Colorado Formerly Poudre Valley Health System 970-495-7421 Fort Collins, CO Dr. John Oro Chiari Care Center Aurora, Colorado (303)-481-0035 Dr David Adler Emanuel and Providence Colunbia Neurosurgical Assoc. 1040 Northwest 22 nd Ave. Portland, OR (503)796-2743 Dr. Yashail Vora Mt. Talbert Medical Office 10100 S.E. Sunnyside Rd. Clackamas, OR 97015 503-652-2880 Dr. Buchwald Dr. Maravilla Dr.
Avatar f tn Hans Coester University of Colorado Formerly Poudre Valley Health System 970-495-7421 Fort Collins, CO Dr. John Oro Chiari Care Center Aurora, Colorado (303)-481-0035 If you have any other questions please feel free to ask.
Avatar f tn Ralph Reeder Sioux City, South Dakota And COLORADO Dr.Hans Coester University of Colorado Formerly Poudre Valley Health System 970-495-7421 Fort Collins, CO No need to apologize for how you are we all have been there before too. I went to 3 different Drs and they were similar in how they disappointed me....but I did continue on and found a Dr that I knew was not only right for me but well informed as well as experienced with Chiari and ALL related conditions.....
Avatar f tn It was founded in 1969 as the Lehigh Valley Committee Against Health Fraud and was incorporated in 1970. WORDS from a DOCTOR...need i say more???
333672 tn?1273796389 In the analogy the river nourishes the fields of the valley, collects into a drainage system and then makes it's way on out of the valley on it's way to continue the cycle. In "venous insufficiency" the drainage system is inadequate. The blood cannot drain off like it needs to and it backs up. If you prevent a field from drainage the water backs up. the result is not good. You get soggy fields, where moss and algae grow. It may become swampy or form stagnant ponds.
Avatar n tn I don't have any fever so its not valley fever I assume..and I worry about cancer though it wouldn't make sense since no family history of such. I have a good thyroid, no std, no diabetes, no high cholesterol, and the only abnormal thing that the blood tests showed was a liver with a little extra fat but the doc said it didn't look bad but to watch it....I have acid reflux or heart burn that I never got diagnosed but I know I have. So what's wrong with my health, whats the illness?
401095 tn?1351395370 helps stabilize central nervous system) Green Tea-great antioxidant to help cleanse your system of toxins. Get te real stuff from the oriental market. Peppermint Tea & Peppermint Candy-Nausea. Walmart also has an anti-nausea medication that is less than 3 dollsrs. very sweet. Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Bars-has antioxidant & central nervous system coping properties.