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Avatar f tn Hello i was hoping to gain some help. I was ill back in Feb the doctors i saw before this queried labrynthitis, sinusitis or migraine, It was the first time in 26yrs i had been ill really & it scared me as i felt rotten. Since then i suffered badly of health anxiety all related to my head & thus overtime this caused a nervous breakdown & depression as i was so worried that i had something serious wrong with me. Overtime this has improved through the use of a natural drug 5-htp..
Avatar n tn Also, I have a tremendous amount of responsibility with work and family, stress is a serious threat to my health, and if these are scare tactics, I feel it is extremely irresponsible and unethical. If anyone else tells me how great it is I stopped smoking, I will start screaming. What concerns me most now is misdiagnosis. What I need to know is if anyone else had a similar experience with a physician or similar diagnosis.
306867 tn?1299253309 The lies are just rediculous. It's not Universal health care. It's with private insurance companies. Duh...Congress and the President already have the same health care they are now offering all Americans. The people that spread this crap are either ignorant or just not interested in the truth. READ THE FREGIN BILL ! AT LEAST TRY AND KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT !
Avatar f tn There's very little to worry about. Your doctor will surely have mentioned anything about your health that may complicate issues, and if he hasn't, then there probably aren't really anything. I have had a total of five surgeries (ENT, cyst in arm [3rd grade, was afraid of local anesthesia and seeing inside my arm *was silly*], heel, wisdom teeth extraction, and an ovarian cyst) where I was put under, and the most recent was two years ago for the removal of an 11x10cm dermoid cyst.
Avatar f tn If your son is low income,he may qualify for state health insurance. I belive its actauly federaly funded. In California its called Medi-Cal,in Maine its called Mainecare. I dont know what its called in your state. Then look for a hospital that has a detox/rehab department and try to get him in there. In Maine, they take state insurance, detox four four to five days, put you on Suboxone and set you up with aftercare/counseling. The NA is also a VERY good idea to start.
Avatar f tn Change in hormones is the likely cause and I do not trust HRT at my age. Other than that, I look and feel fine. More stable without dealing with a monthly cycle, in fact.
Avatar n tn Although without being able to examine you I can not offer you the specific advice on diagnosis and treatment that you need, but I would try to provide you some relevant information about your health concern. It is called” tinnitus” when you hear a ringing or buzzing sound that no one hears. It is mainly heard in ears but sometimes few persons feel that it is coming from head.
4254325 tn?1355667575 I had a friend who ripped and was in misery. (Bad doc on top of it) I completely trust my doc but im scared of everything that could go wrong. Sure i heard the stories the first time but didn't phase me. So I need your opinions. Do u think its "ok" to be scared and opt for my 2nd c-section? Or should I suck it up and try for vaginal?
402702 tn?1325891412 i have read women getting preg with 5 and 6 but this was through out the websites that i have read, but i trust someone more from this site... i am just asking for some hope to keep going with this... i am becomming very stressed and an emotional reck... we want to have a baby so bad.... any words of encouragement would be great to!!!
Avatar m tn dude, it's called girl on top...tell her it's the least she could get to enjoy without getting all breathless!! besides, a little effort will raise your white count....another good thing.
1310633 tn?1430227691 Some overlap 10. "No, no. I have been practicing...I bowled a 129. It's like -- it was like Special Olympics, or something." –making an off-hand joke during an appearance on "The Tonight Show", March 19, 2009 (Obama later called the head of the Special Olympics to apologize) 9. "I didn't want to get into a Nancy Reagan thing about doing any seances.
Avatar f tn I was given the option to stay if he needed to. Good luck, and trust your instincts on what you want. Cam will be 1 in March, it's a great month!
765439 tn?1292964014 As I've said before, you may have many health issues, but neither a colonoscopy, nor sedation, nor not remembering what happened, nor general anesthesia will make any of your health problems worse or create new health problems 99% of the time.
Avatar f tn I don't think a lot of is only doctors though. I've seen women who get c-sections because they're proud of it down there and don't wanna make it look bad. You are right though Joy. When the c-section rate is over half (or close to half) there are huge problems. I read an old post on another forum on here and was shocked by some of the reasons women gave. I mean, to each their own but it is just shocking why some do it.
Avatar f tn Jim, Thanks for your lending your opinion here. I registered so I could read that article. I'm partway through and it's just what I'm after. I've found a couple others too and each one I read says pretty much the same thing. In approximately 30% of the cases, ALT/AST does not correspond with the progression of the disease. R Glass, that's the question, isn't it.
Avatar f tn This is too much for one person to deal with, you should tell your family, they would want to know. You are too brave, it is better for the health of your spirit, now that your body is having such a difficult time. If you carry this by your self it is like a load on you chest/spirit and you sure need that to be cleared off. Because you have to try to keep up a positiv spirit to stay strong. Sorry for my English, hope you get what I meen.
649848 tn?1534637300 Nov 7, 11:05 AM (ET) By CALVIN WOODWARD WASHINGTON (AP) - The election laid bare a dual - and dueling - nation, politically speaking, jaggedly split down the middle on the presidency and torn over much else. It seems you can please only half of the people nearly all of the time.
Avatar n tn I have thought of that idea, trust me, but why go through the chance of adding more side effects again, plus putting opiates back in my system. Trust me, the idea has crossed my mind all day....just take half a pill and see if it helps. Then (I hope it is my better sense) takes over, and I put it back in the bottle.
385668 tn?1301797480 today have NO plan it is really scary. It is frightening to have to trust them, in my opinion the trust you have in GOD is what carries a person through. My solis is that I have great neighbors that will look in on me to make sure I am ok.......but its not the same as when you have someone actually living in your home...very scary stuff. I understand your message, even if you think you are not coming across really well. Let me say this..
Avatar f tn babyhope - welcome to the train! I've just added you to my spreadsheet, so I'll be sure to get your name on the list next weekend. Good luck northern!! Lori - I'm praying right along with you! It's not like that witch to tease with you. I hope she decided to take that 9 month vacation she was planning after all.
Avatar n tn I think I/we can guess or prognose just as well or better than they can at times particularly if we know something about health and or ourselves and our own health. Never be afraid to speak up because I feel strongly that digestive tract problems are real and translate into other real nasty symptoms like this. Fortunately we can prevent much of this & need to prevent it from happening.
1942586 tn?1361027646 Had the first one in December and got a bfn which broke my heart. Anyway, this is a new beginning for me and i trust God to do it for me and you wonderful ladies this cycle.Amen! Am doing a fresh cycle too because i didn't have enough eggs in December. I trust God will have mercy on us this season and bless us all.Amen!
Avatar n tn Oh, I've decided not to try to inject myself. Better to have someone else do it. Plus, not sure I completely trust buying something to inject into myself from overseas. Just a bit of afraid of it. How much are they charging you for your treatments?
Avatar n tn I hope pain management can make that possible. I have opted to file for SSI, as I have many many more health problems that also keep me from working, however, if I didn't, this alone makes sure to guarantee that work is not an option. I can't sit, stand, walk, reach, bend, turn my head very far, etc etc.... between the cervical pain and lumbar pain as well. I hope someday we all can find a answer! Good luck to all of you, my thoughts are certainly with each of you. You are NOT alone!