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404138 tn?1308945256 That's a good idea!! I am first grade teacher myself and I think it would be neat chat with other teachers and share ideas!! I also love hearing all the funny things that happen in the classroom!! If they don't start a thread for this, we can always start our own topic on the Medhelp Social Page. Just a thought!
Avatar f tn Cody has not seen the homebound teacher since Dec 2nd. She came today-yeah! Cody was up and about by 1pm today. I don't know what it is about December, but this is his 3rd year in a row of having bad Decembers. I have become so addicted to 'Mystery Diagnosis' on Discovery Health channel. So many people have the same problem as we did get a correct diagnosis and being dismissed as anxiety or depression.
Avatar n tn This seems a little early in age, but yes, I have worked with a 7 year old girl who does the same thing. From what I have heard ( I am an autism teacher) females who have autism go through puberty a lot earlier- although she would not start her period or anything like that, they do tend to touch/ pleasure themselves at an earlier age.
Avatar f tn While he is currently in public school he has a special form filled out for his school that informs the teacher that he has certain issues and how to deal with them. So far so good- there are some gems in special education his schools and they've been really good at helping him figure out his strengths. (A week into his 2nd grade class his teacher realized he could read 2 grades higher and do pre-algebra so she gave him special homework and a special teacher.
Avatar m tn one more thing i want to inform you about is that when i am sitting in a class to attend a lecture.when i try concentrate what the teacher is speaking immediately my left ear starts paining and i am not able to understand a single word of that.also in a group or so with friends sometimes i am not able to interpret what they are saying and left part and back part starts paining as if somebody is compressing my nerves.due to this problem i am not able to perform well in the studies also.
Avatar f tn As I mentioned, everybody learns differently. I know because I'm a teacher by profession and I've studied the ways in which people learn things. Most people have an a visual and auditory memory. Some people need to touch things. They're called tactile learners. I could go on, but you get the idea. I find it interesting that you've posted your comments in the schizophrenia community. Based on your comments, I don't think you have schizophrenia.
Avatar f tn After we were done she started talking about my daughter. She said her teacher said her hair was messy and her clothes were unclean. I was so upset I began to cry. It ruined my day and it is ruining my Xmas vacation. Worse yet, she was hiding when my husband and I were talking about it. She overheard it all. She is crushed. I am crushed and angry. My daughter has babyfine flyaway hair that is always out of place, even after brushing. She doesn't even let me brush it.
1780057 tn?1314594562 As far as I know, I am very concerned about my health. I'm scared, worried, sad, depressed, lonely, and agitated. I feel like I need to constantly pee, but have none or little come out. I don't think I have any pains at all. Also, whenever I feel hungry, I haven't been able to finish any meals much. It just suddenly happened and that's why I'm worried and scared. Even my three year old brother has eaten more then me this morning. It helps whenever I sleep with my mom and brother.
Avatar n tn Just tell her how it makes you feel. Ask for her help. Is there a teacher you can talk to at school? Maybe they could help too. It sounds like you will need some kind of counselling but don't panic. Those guys are great at making you feel relaxed.
Avatar n tn I have gone on/ off for years, the stigma of being on meds. gets to me. I am a healthy, school teacher and am not depressed.. more like a cat on a hot tin roof, worry about alot, especially my health (not really a hypocondriac, but close!). I have had weird things happen like a virus of some sort that made my liver enzymes go out of whack.. so, 6 months of blood work, ultrasounds on liver etc.. so , I became LIVER worried all the time. Went for CT. scan for gyno.
994817 tn?1249741878 to make sure it isn't something serious like my heart. Well, I'm a self pay; I don't have any health insurance. Or I should say my mom doesn't have health insurance for me because I'm only 17, so it would be her who pays for it. Well, shes a single mom who is a teacher, so she isn't going to be able to afford all of the expensive tests I need to have done in order to rule out a potential heart problem. But if I get health insurance, that is going to be quite a burden on her wallet as well.
1706331 tn?1307711667 Well medical is concerns about the persons health with a STD and transmission to another partner. Scientific is probably STD's becoming resistant to medications.
Avatar m tn HI AND I can feel your frustration im on the state of arizonza's mental health care and it can be frustrating at times both my wife and I are bipolar and recently had our meds changed do to budget cuts ....we went threw 3 weeks of hell coming off a non addictive med it can really be frustrating risperdal was the only med that worked on my wife now she is on something new and having problems ....
Avatar f tn Alberta Health Insurance (publicly funded) covers 100% (no premiums, no co-pay) of ALL my basic health care incl. all physician appts incl. neuro, neuro-ophtha, etc; all diagnositics incl. radiology; ER visits; outpatient services incl. IVSM as needed; OT; physio, etc. Alberta Blue Cross Group (employer) Plan covers a long list of things I don't take advantage of or don't currently need. It provides 90% prescription drug coverage; 100% physiotherapy, massage therapy, nutritionist, etc.
Avatar f tn I am desperate. My 6 year old boy is at Kindy. He loves school and loves his teacher and misses her when on holidays. He knows his numbers, his sounds, his sight words. He can do a lot of stuff. However, some days are better than others. His teacher knows he's capable of doing things, specially his writing.
Avatar n tn The hyperness has calmed dramatically, but her inability to pay attention and stay focused both at home and at school are a huge issue. The teacher has contacted me regarding having her tested, suggesting it may be ADD. While I agree that my daughter presents all of the classic symptoms, she also has other ones that do not fit. Such as impulsively lying, telling people things like her dad just died, when he did not.
139792 tn?1498589250 Meditation: Second Chakra Meditation Mantra: Ek Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad Teacher: Dharma Singh Khalsa MD Posture: Sit in easy pose or in a chair with your spine straight. Apply Root Lock. Lift the chest high, chin in (i.e., Neck Lock). The hands are open with fingers straight. Begin by bringing your arms out to the sides, elbows bent, with the palms of the hands facing each other, about shoulder width apart. The hands are angled toward each other at a 60-degree angle.
Avatar n tn I really need it because it is getting to the point where I will pass out because I don't have the energy or motivation. My p.e. teacher told me that by being active, I will have more energy but I've been inactive for so long, that I don't know how to get back. Any ideas would be much appreciated.
1192727 tn?1282739142 Advanced Maternal Age and Egg Quality Randine Lewis, Ph.D., Lic.Ac. Biologic Age vs. Chronologic Age Many humans live over 100 years. Most forms of medicine throughout history have sought to improve longevity. In the ancient Chinese medical text, the Nei Jing, there is a dialogue between the Yellow Emperor and an old Taoist teacher named Chi-Po. The Yellow Emperor asks, "Why does medicine exist?" Chi-Po's answer is, "...
Avatar n tn We have also had school psychologist talk to him and she sees nothing and his teacher says she see no change in peer interaction....Things at home been same as always..School comes naturally to him...he does not struggle..He loves sports. ANyone have any ideassss??? I am so stressed...I am trying to tie all this together...
Avatar m tn I don't know if I am jumping to conclusions but I have that feeling in my gut like she needs help and isn't getting it. I wouldn't even know where to begin with addressing my concerns. Teacher, principal, possibly? Obviously the parents are no help..
Avatar n tn Yesterday it got clotty and crampy again. I just moved and I have no health insurance and I am currently unemployed and I am worried and don't know what to do. I have been getting very fatigued and I start a substitute teacher position in one week. Please share with me ANY thoughts, advice, ideas relating to any of what I have said above. Thank you so much!
899491 tn?1243777227 but I think they will suspend my license because I'm not fit to be a teacher because I can't handle the pressures of the classroom. Should of keep my problem a secret.
1632068 tn?1299962490 I don't know what too do anymore. Can anxiety cause you to convince your self that you have varieties of health problems. My boyfriend can come up with a new health issue he has every few days to a week, from diabetes to testicular cancer, brain tumors.. He can come up with just about anything! And he will research it on the internet and freak him self out about it and totally convince him self he has what ever it is he thinks he has at the time.
Avatar f tn Oh yeah - I took anything fun away - games, toys, ect. I talked to her teacher. when she did good the teacher wrote me and i decided if it was enough to get something back. It worked for me. I have to go, but I will be back about 10:30. It's 6:30 now. I have to get my kids to school. If ya wanna talk, just post me- I'll answer.Sorry if this doesn't make sense. It's early, and no coffee yet.I can barely see the screen.
Avatar m tn The American Journal of Public Health published the results of our study examining health systems of 27 high income countries over 17 years, and their efficiency at turning dollars into extended lives. The United States was near the bottom, ranking 22nd. Every hundred additional dollars spent in the United States was associated with a gain of less than half a month of life.
Avatar n tn specialy sexual health problems. decrease the desire of sex,low libido,low amount of sperm(that make me so easy to tired),decrease the size of testicle,weakness erectile,(another fields:low energy,low muscel power,...)... I should mention that I have just 23 years old and pre tx I had very high libido and sexual health.and I am sure that all these problems have been indused from the result of that toxic garbage(interferon and riba).
15206917 tn?1441194009 If you have a serious health condition then it is an option since these people are replacing far stronger and more toxic drugs with the cannabis. i.e people who suffer from seizures for example, I have one such friend and it's far better than all the shiz the Doc's have him on. There are cases you can search on Youtube, some are amazing... The thing is though, these people have very serious issues.
Avatar f tn CEDAR HILLS -- Wendie Louise Edwards is a part-time teacher, nurse, athlete, wife, mother of nine and the author of a now 10-book-and-counting series, "Millennial Glory." And in August, she'll become a grandmother. The Edwards's children range from 24 to 7 years old, with seven boys and two girls. With major scheduling and dedicated routine maintenance, Edwards described her family life: "I call it controlled chaos." Her oldest son, Braun, agreed.