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1252074 tn?1271545309 I have a blog that I've started in regards to Health Care Reform and I've come up with a couple of issues and I'd like the MS community to read and look at my current idea, plus a bit of satire, the part of the blog I'd like you to poll is about our gov't giving each and every american a portable usb storage device for storage of important personal medical information, like allergies, recent diagnoses, current drug regimen, etc. Also, if you want feel free to comment on the blog also.
Avatar f tn Health reform begins: What changes mean to you Many features, such as no more lifetime insurance caps, kick in by Sept. 23 Advertisement | ad info .By Mary Agnes Carey updated 9/15/2010 8:32:25 AM ET Share Print Font: +-By Sept. 23, the six month anniversary of the enactment of the health overhaul, many of the law’s provisions will be in effect. Most consumers, however, won’t see any changes until after Jan.
1310633 tn?1430227691 If no other action is taken, it will start to take effect in January, kicking off with $491 billion in deficit reduction in fiscal 2013, a large chunk of which will come from the expiration of the Bush tax cuts. Another $54 million in spending cuts are set to take place as a result of last year's debt-reduction deal. Empowered by his re-election victory, Obama is centering the conversation on increasing taxes on the wealthy.
306867 tn?1299253309 I give this president credit for trying to do the things he promised in his campaign.The last few presidents didn't want to touch immigration. Now watch everything get botched up in the house and senate. This is a copy and paste. President Barack Obama plans to focus attention on immigration next week by meeting at the White House with two senators crafting a bill on the issue. White House spokesman Nicholas Shapiro said Obama will meet with Democratic Sen.
Avatar f tn Watch the Speech The President has already signed the Recovery Act, historic reforms of our health care system, and soon the most comprehensive financial reform since the Great Depression. He has also made clear that passing comprehensive energy and climate legislation to make America the leader in the clean energy economy is an urgent need. But the President did not come into office only to leave pressing problems for the next President.
Avatar f tn Duffield, a former Senate aide to Arizona Republican Jon Kyl, literally sold filibusters, anonymous holds and the other forms of obstruction. In 2011, he reported at least $230,000 in lobbying fees.
1530342 tn?1405020090 html By Jeff Mason WASHINGTON (Reuters) - As the White House struggles to fix the problem-plagued rollout of its healthcare reform law, President Barack Obama on Thursday will try to focus attention on another policy priority - immigration reform - with a call for congressional action. The president, who listed immigration as one of three priorities for this year after the 16-day government shutdown concluded, will make a statement at 10:35 a.m.
334847 tn?1206533840 on VX-950 on the boards (not like I used to - might be because I'm not looking in the right place), but anyhow - I came by to see if anyone had posted on the class action law suit that's been filed against Vertex (on behalf of investors / stock holders). Was just wondering - have you all heard this? I've gotten several news alerts on it in the last several days. Thought some here might be interested.
876473 tn?1240167269 Clinton’s working groups on healthcare reform, and the action taken this week by representatives of insurers, doctors, drug companies, hospitals, and medical device manufacturers to pledge their undying support for President Obama’s efforts at healthcare reform. First, in 1993 the private interests were powerful and confident. They participated in the process because they felt they could control it.
876473 tn?1240167269 com/2009/06/health-wonk-review-health-reform-whats.html). Laszewski is a noted healthcare blogger and well-respected policy expert, and accordingly, his proposal is being taken quite seriously by some members of Congress. Laszewski is so smart and his proposal is so detailed that one with DrRich’s limited capacity has difficulty getting through the whole thing. But essentially he proposes to have the feds set formal cost-cutting targets which every private health plan must meet.
306455 tn?1288865671 Steve Taylor has been engaged in ministries of peace-making and justice for several years, first as a United Methodist Church and Community Worker, and then on staff at the North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church. To learn more about health-care reform, click here to visit Sojourners’ Health-Care Resources Web page.
Avatar m tn The doctor's assurance didn't make me feel any better an right now I am still terrified by the ideea of having testicle cancer ,and I am still having different temporary pains ,stinges etc in that area(more in the inguinal area than in the testicles) Finally 18 days ago I had unprotected oral sex with a guy(I forgot to mention that I am bisexual but I didn't have any other contact with guys except for the one being described) for about 10 seconds ,with NO ejaculation and as you probably imagine
Avatar f tn President Franklin Pierce vetoes a national mental health bill on the basis that it would be unconstitutional to regard health as anything but a private matter in which government should not become involved. --1912: Former President Theodore Roosevelt campaigns as the Progressive Party candidate on a platform calling for a single national health service.
1310633 tn?1430227691 It adds a surtax on wage income above a certain level, and it creates a new Medicare tax on investment income. Some high-income households will only be subject to one of those changes, and some will be subject to both. Starting next year, high-income individuals will pay another 0.9 percentage points on their earned income over $200,000 ($250,000 if married). That's on top of the 1.45% they currently pay on all of their wages.
Avatar m tn -- or relatively inexpensive -- small-group or individual policy would increase on average by 169% in five markets in 2014, a survey of major health insurers by the conservative American Action Forum (AAF) found. Meanwhile, premiums for an unhealthy, 55-year-old smoker in a more generous gold-rated policy would decrease by 22%, on average, in those same five markets in 2014.
Avatar f tn By CHARLES BABINGTON, Associated Press Writer Charles Babington, Associated Press Writer – Fri Apr 16, 6:42 am ET WASHINGTON – In a move hailed as a step toward fairness for same-sex couples, President Barack Obama is ordering that nearly all hospitals allow patients to say who has visitation rights and who can help make medical decisions, including gay and lesbian partners.
Avatar f tn I'm the first to agree that our health care system needs reform ----- but never will I sit back and agree to something being jammed down my throat because it's "good for me" when these people don't even know me or anything about me - or even care.........
475300 tn?1312426726 I know it was not a viral load test, I am pretty sure it was an antibody test that was positive. I am working on getting a copy of my whole file. I think he just never looked back in my chart, even when my liver enzymes were always elevated. I did have a liver ultrasound way back when. for the 3 years prior to being diagnosed (by my dermatologist-2007) I would bet he called in Z-pac at least twice a winter for bronchitis of the flu.
1530342 tn?1405020090 After Obama won a second term, however, Scott began to soften his rhetoric and met with Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebeilus to discuss finding common ground on the implementation of the health care reform law in Florida. Obama's reelection and the Supreme Court ruling make Obamacare the new reality, Scott said Wednesday. "I believe in a different approach but it doesn't matter what I believe. It doesn't matter what anyone believes.
910419 tn?1289487327 Neurologists also provide comparable care for patients with other major and costly diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, stroke, ALS, epilepsy, MS, peripheral neuropathy, fibromyalgia, and traumatic brain injury (TBI). The recent health care reform act, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), provides incentives to encourage primary care but failed to include neurologists among the eligible health care providers.
Avatar f tn WASHINGTON (AP) - The Obama administration is launching a special coverage program for uninsured Americans with medical problems this week, the most ambitious early investment of President Barack Obama's health care overhaul. But here's the catch: Premiums will be a stretch for many, even after government subsidies to bring rates close to what healthier groups of people are charged. And $5 billion that Congress allocated to the program through 2013 could run out well before that.
1310633 tn?1430227691 Washington (CNN) -- An energized electorate inspired by a groundbreaking election and expectations as high as Mount Everest had grown accustomed to greeting him with spontaneous chants of "yes we can." He promised to take "bold, swift action" on the ailing economy and break the partisan grip on Washington by ending what he called "petty grievances and false promises.
Avatar f tn In July, a California man known for his anger over left-leaning politics engaged in a shootout with highway patrol officers after planning an attack on the ACLU and another nonprofit group. The man said he wanted to "start a revolution" by killing people at the ACLU and the Tides Foundation. Giffords herself has drawn the ire of the right, especially for her support of the health care bill from politicians like Sarah Palin.
1747881 tn?1546179478 one needs to bring in a letter (Official) to be reviewed stating your health problem. I am sure there are abuses to the system. So what,it is still preferable than buying it off the street and supporting the dealers and ultimately the Cartel. MJ use will not stop because it is illegal, so we need to create safeguards and regulations to do this right, not to mention adding revenues for the State.
Avatar f tn Starting last year I began working in my community to build awareness of the problems in our health care system and gather support for reform. I live in the Chicago area. We are having a rally the day before the President and Congress have their health care summit next week. Please join us or spread the word to any you know in the Chicago area that may be interested. Thank you for listening. Wishing you health.
Avatar f tn Starting last year I began working in my community to build awareness of the problems in our health care system and gather support for reform. I live in the Chicago area. We are having a rally the day before the President and Congress have their health care summit next week. Please join us or spread the word to any you know in the Chicago area that may be interested. Thank you for listening. Wishing you health.
1310633 tn?1430227691 It's long been clear that one of Paul's biggest challenges in winning the GOP primary would be his anti-interventionist views, especially as the public has grown more favorable toward military action in the Middle East to defeat ISIS. His position against foreign aid also received renewed attention this week. Paul has been an outspoken proponent of ending all U.S. foreign assistance, including to Israel.
Avatar f tn // I check in at Health Action Now on a fairly regular basis. It's writers tend to be liberal, but I think they take a fair, measured approach on health care. The White House also has a web site set up called Health, which is located at If you tend to vote Democrat, I'd encourage you to read Keith Hennessey's blog on Health Reform.
Avatar f tn The best we can hope for in a candidate, is one who supports true health care over insurance co. profits. So if the lobby system doesn't change...
Avatar f tn Rush Limbaugh Knocks Glenn Beck; Criticized for "Reparations" Comment Posted by Brian Montopoli 68 comments Share7 Share E-mail Print Font (AP Photo)Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh is criticizing Fox News host Glenn Beck over Beck's criticisms of the Republican Party at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Saturday.