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1460652 tn?1340252330 i am a 29 y/o f in good health, besides thyroid problem that has been controlled since i was 15. I was diagnosed with panic disorder when I was 16, but it was under control with zoloft for 10 years. I started becoming anxious again, so i was switched to a different med. Then I started having pvcs/pacs. I went to a cardiologist and have been evaluated as just having minor pvcs/pacs. i tried 3 other types of antidepressant, but in the end decided they werent helping and quit taking them.
657315 tn?1319494987 Reforming the health care system is a key goal of my Administration. The health care system suffers from serious and pervasive problems; access to health care is constrained by high and rising costs; and the quality of care is not consistent and must be improved, in order to improve the health of our citizens and our economic security. Sec.2. Establishment.
Avatar f tn But at this point, I’ve gone to a bunch of doctors, and have learned some things along the way about getting health care without health insurance. The more I know about the health care system, the less I do stupid things like get so sick I can’t function anymore. 1. Doctors aren’t just for the insured. If you don’t have health insurance, the immediate reaction is not to go, and to chew on a couple of echinacea pills and hope for the best.
1129232 tn?1360803958 Last night i was flipping through the tv channels and came across a show on Discovery Health called. 8 boys... and i want a girl! (or something similiar). The show focused on 4 women. All of who had 4 or more boys and were desperate to have a girl. The first woman had 8 boys. she always wanted a girl and even though she was 43 and her periods were erratic, she and her husband were going to try on their own. Fertility treatments did not cross their mind.
Avatar f tn I am [post-meltdown], with a 'possible' ULCER!!!! Definitely, not what I wanted to add to my "list" of health issues. All my 'sick-feeling-like hurling-at-any-moment-miserable-mystery pain' of the past week is leading to an endoscopy next Monday...what a nice holiday gift! A garden hose down the gullet, with a little camera, semi-conscious, so doc can have a good time traveling around inside my sick stomach...just lovely!
Avatar f tn After having some flulike symptoms for about a week I was fine for about another week and then I began experiencing fatigue, tingles/pins and needles in my legs arms and mouth, visions problems (i describe it like a fuzzy tv but dark), occassional dizziness where i had to sit or lay down to stop myself from falling over, headaches (i rarely got headaches before this), pain; aching, burning and stabbing, and difficulty concentrating.
394687 tn?1290924440 After the first month I went to the doctor every month and they gave me a standing order to have that I could take to Labcorp or Quest and get my labs every wk or as needed. For my reeassurance they made it a weekly standing order because my labs were all over the place and I was worried. Now I have a monthly standing order. I am 1a and on the 48 wk plan. I will be done in May 08! Can't wait.
167426 tn?1254089835 I think its a great Idea!! Maybe try katie curic. I know that her husband died of colon cancer but she seems to be a strong advocate of cancer awareness in genral. I myself havent been diagnosed with cancer to this date but I have a few large masses in my lower pelvic area being tracked and tested right now(keep your fingers crossed girls) only after going thru a few doctors that thought i was a hypocondriac and just had GAS!!. You know I have never even been given a CA125 test....
Avatar f tn Also, if feasible, ask your doctor for a sensitive PCR that goes down to at least 50 IU/ml. Better still is a test like Heptimax (Quest Diagnostics) that goes down to 5 IU/ml.
Avatar f tn Rarely do you use electricity. Everyone got the paddles on TV. What about most TV is real. I liked Hopkins that was a good show. I just assumed all donated organs were usable. Often the transplant team finds the organs are not. Then they have to tell the person waiting for an organ at the last minute they are not getting it. That must be so heartbreaking.
Avatar m tn In my quest for health.... one thing I've learned is to get rid of ALL of the toxic cleaners that I had in the house. I realized that I no longer needed them anymore. There are now cleaners that don't have any toxins, fumes, phosphates, perfumes and dyes. Baking soda and white distilled vinegar alone are two great cleaners. I now have a bottle of white distilled vinegar mixed in with water. And I purchased Bissell's mutli-purpose cleaner with vinegar to clean my windows.
539156 tn?1281821956 Caught that show I mentioned earlier only by mistake. I don't watch day time TV, but I always have the TV on for background noise while I'm cooking dinner. Heard one of the guest mention that the symptom that bothered them most was the unrelenting itching!!!!!!!!! You could have pushed me over with a feather, I was shocked, to say the least. Stopped what I was doing and sat down and watched the rest of the program.
Avatar f tn 5 percent said a doctor or health care provider had told them their child had ADHD. The earlier study found that fewer than 8 percent of kids had been diagnosed with it. Researchers calculate about 5.4 million kids have been diagnosed with ADHD, which suggests that about 1 million more children have the disorder than a few years earlier. Scientists don't have clear answers about why there was such a significant increase.
342335 tn?1240189874 The show which will tape/air this Thursday will focus on those of us who've tried, without success, almost everything Assisted Reproductive Medicine has to offer yet remain committed to the quest. Producer Anne Redecki is looking for articulate women who will speak candidly about their experiences, the emotional, physical and financial costs associated with ART, and their determination to stay the course.
594352 tn?1222461775 Ditto to what Cathy said above - --- - I would also suggest that you tell your "friend" where you are in your quest - ------ There is something good about burning your bridges with these type of friends so that it gives you strength during your weak moments - -- at least both of you know that you need help -- and that may be just the edge you need to overcome this - -- best to you -- you will make it.
1045086 tn?1332130022 I had a new experience last night that I definitely would have taken a pass on if I'd been given a chance. I was just sitting in the recliner watching TV when a felt a deep ache in my armpit and then a heaviness/numbness along the inner part of my arm. It was followed immediately by a very painful cramp in my back (I think at or just below the shoulder blade). I called out to my husband for help.
422120 tn?1203210419 Thank you to any and all who have taken the time to read this lengthly venting and honest quest to gain as much health for my eyes... and my life. And bless any who might respond...
Avatar f tn Here you will find acceptance, encouragement, a friend. We understand, we will stand by you on your quest for health, and stand by you when you're having a bad day, a bad hour, a bad minute. Because we all know how it is, we all are in the trenches with you. So, welcome, my new friend. Welcome to pure acceptance, pure support, and unconditional belief that this illness can and will be cured. Peace to you.
1219510 tn?1266713553 sitting on the sofa watching TV he does it, in bed while Im laying with him to go to sleep at night he does it. not really while he is playing (too busy) more when he is sitting, watching TV.... has anyone ever heard of such a thing? He has been doing it for a long time, I would say since I can remember... is it a habit??
505521 tn?1211932841 Welcome to the forum. I wish we had met under better circumstances. There are several wonderful and informative articles found under "Health Pages" (upper right-hand corner). The very bottom article should be of help with your question. Hope you find the information you need.
Avatar n tn Hang in there - on the worst day I try to look it like Magnum and say you know my liver is getting better no matter what. Just the fact that I am not abusing it like the old days, and taking vitamins and drinking water alone has got to be doing so much for my ENTIRE body. I do focus on the liver so much but you know generally I have to believe that treatment at least is buying MORE time for when a proof positive treatment comes for those of us who have trouble! I'm not giving up.
931415 tn?1244681111 Given this unprecedented level of success, which has made Oprah a billionaire and a ubiquitous presence on TV, her own magazine, her own satellite radio station, and, soon, her own cable channel, Oprah has developed a media empire that few single individuals can match or beat. Indeed Rupert Murdoch is the only person that I can think of who likely has a wider reach than Oprah. Personally, I have no problem with Oprah’s level of success.
678330 tn?1274156607 I will loose everything if I cannot gain control of the beast in me. I can have a good life, like the people I see on TV, but I can't do it alone; and I can't overcome it with the therapy and medication I have been relying on for the past 5 years. In search of the one true fix, I hit Google HARD, and found out about DBT. Everything I read sounded like just what I needed to fix my broken. I found a place that looks really strong.
590231 tn?1285432264 10/01/08 - Quest Labs - HCV RNA Genotype, LIPA - 1A, HEPTIMAX (R) HCV RNA - 157,000 <50 IU/mL, HEPTIMAX (R) HCV RNA - 5.20 <1.70 log IU/mL; Needle biopsy - Grade 3, Stage 1 Thanks!
398059 tn?1447949233 So if you have an attorney, and you trust them, use them, they are usually worth whatever they get paid. Good luck in your quest!!
Avatar f tn ), zantac for the tummy, melatonin to help with sleep, a good Vitamin B complex to help with energy, the D's to help at night, easy to fix meals....grab stuff like bananas, crackers, etc. If you have any anti-anxiety medication and/or muscle relaxers they will help immensely too but be cautious on usage so you don't wind up hooked on them too. Most of all...the worst part of the withdrawals is your is going to do everything it can to try to trick you into taking a pill.
Avatar f tn Please know that my super ultra stubborn quest was only to ease suffering, gain better health while reducing the fear that comes will these infectious diseases. I have been on this quest for me, my ex and 6 other family members with HBV. That feeling of being free from HIV reducing my HBV viral load his HIV load, I wanted others have and inspired my posts here. I know I have no business here and respectfully wont return.
Avatar m tn One particular patient blog, In Sickness and In Health, has a unique focus. The blog's author, Barbara Kivowitz, wants readers to understand that chronic illness is rarely, if ever, faced alone. Rather, it touches the lives of everyone around the patient, especially a significant other. She should know, as she has gone through it personally. Ms.