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649848 tn?1534637300 html By RICARDO ALONSO-ZALDIVAR WASHINGTON (AP) - As a roller-coaster sign-up season winds down, President Barack Obama's health care law has indeed managed to change the country. Americans are unlikely to go back to a time when people with medical problems could be denied coverage. But Obama's overhaul needs major work of its own if it is to go down in history as a legacy achievement like Medicare or Social Security.
3060903 tn?1398568723 Provision of the latest information on nutrition research and current food and health trends Coordination of events in the annual National Nutrition Week campaign Facilitation of high-profile seminars for the general public and health professionals Extensive media coverage and public speaking demonstrations Media commentary Food industry consultancies Nutrition training and presentations Menu assessments Provision of products and services to address food and nutrition issues across the lifespa
Avatar n tn I don't know the provision of you insurance or pension plan, but it seems EF29% is the magic number for insurance disibility claims. There is enough variance in heart rate, heart chamber size, EF, etc. to compensate and maintain a balance between left and right side of the heart. An EF50% is in the low normal range, and between 50 and 29% is considered a weak heart but not disabling, generally.
Avatar n tn I would suggest that you make an appt ASAP to see an endocrinologist , if you have insurance I would call your insurance company and ask them, for and endo endocronogist in your plan, or your local hospital. I would also suggest asking about going on an insulin pump, once you get rid of the ketones and under control. You are right this is not normal; even though everyone is unique this is not normal.
547368 tn?1440545385 It especially focuses its attention on infectious disease, food borne pathogens, environmental health, occupational safety and health, health promotion, injury prevention and educational activities designed to improve the health of United States citizens." I guess they interpreted that to cover the administration of opiates in Pain Management. How many government agencies need to involved? Pure nonsense. It's my opinion that they over-stepped their boundaries.
Avatar n tn Well. In light of your baseline from a few years and resting heart rate at that time and your lack of bradycardic symptoms; there's good reason to feel positive. Cole, numb or painful extremities with exercise however is discouraging. It doesn't sound like this issue gets worse during or post exercise for you however, so that's good. Additionally it sounds like all extremities are effected. If it were one extremity and not another I would say that it's actually very serious.
Avatar n tn people can live a lifetime with chronic rejection, especially if their bilirubin level is not elevated too much. The treatment of chornic rejection is by increasing immunosuppression so one must be careful to avoid the complications of this. I would definitely not try to decrease the rejections meds or stop them. I would ask the team to make sure you do not have a plasma-cell hepatitis on the liver biopsy. retransplantation can always be an option but one that should be avoided at all costs.
Avatar n tn My thyroid was removed Friday after finding a lump in April and then having a suspicious biopsy in August. The plan was to take the right lobe and isthmus, send them to a pathologist and either take the whole thing or leave the other lobe depending on what he found, but the surgeon said as soon as he saw and felt it, he knew it was cancer and took it all right then. Cancer was confirmed and my entire thyroid was removed. I was released the next day and am doing pretty well.
1689583 tn?1387755994 Incivek (telaprevir) vs. Victrelis (boceprevir)
Avatar f tn It will take time, but I'll bet that after you're fully recovered, your heart rate will slow and your health will be better than ever. Keep eating, and believe in the power of your body to be healthy once more. Make sure you aim to reach a healthy weight: aim for a body mass index of 20 or higher. Talk to your doctor about a recovery plan, if you are not sure how to go about it on your own. Love your body, take time to appreciate it, and you'll feel better soon.
220090 tn?1379170787 I just placed one for someone who has a health issue and I want to get updates on what's going on with them. Sometimes things might otherwise slide past us unnoticed especially if we aren't here obsessively checking the board. Maybe it allows us to "have a life" ........or at least part of one. : ) Personally many of this type thread might not be that useful if people were trying to mine data from them. What kind of "tag" would you attribute to it?
Avatar n tn For more information on low insulin eating, google LCHF, and you will find a great deal more info and food ideas. Good health to you and your baby!
Avatar f tn The crazy thing is that no doctor ever tested her antibodies (TGab and TPOab) to see if Hashimoto's disease caused this nodule. After a VERY long struggle with health problems and I got my Hashimoto's diagnosis, I brought my mom to the doctor and, sure enough, she has Hashi.
Avatar m tn BANGALORE (Reuters) - Human Genome Sciences' (HGSI.O) drug to treat chronic hepatitis C met the main goal in a late-stage trial, but failed to show numerically better efficacy compared to standard-of-care, raising questions about the drug's adoption and sending shares crashing to an all-time low.
Avatar f tn the recommendation is to be thouroughly evaluated by a mental health worker the above posters have mentioned Good luck to you both..... Will Prevalece Suicide and suicide attempts during IFNα therapy remains a rare phenomenon. Fattovich et al. [23] surveyed clinicians to determine the prevalence of fatal adverse effects of IFNα and identified a 0.02% rate of suicide attempts in this sample of 11 241 patients with CHC.
10947 tn?1281407852 I would like to see an app geared towards nursing moms (or forumal feeding) that enables tracking of feeds ie when, for how long, what breast baby started/finished on as well as tracking of wet/dirty diapers , fussiness (as related to feeds to enable mom to backtrack and find potential pattern) and mobile growth tracking and vaccinations so you can input data while at the pediatricians office.
915119 tn?1341952589 Are you in really good physical health? Aside from fertility problems do you have any other health issues that could affect a pregnancy be it single or multiple? As juvenile as this may help to sit down with your Husband/Boyfriend and make a list. Put all of the risks and cons on one paper and all of the pros and benefits on the other. Then you need to weigh the negative against the positive.
12584065 tn?1436324114 The other kids had already learned the technique and so I was behind and struggled to keep up in that facet. Also it is important to keep up with the trends. My step son who is 10 is learning a completely different way to multiply and divide using a "box style". I guess it has been shown to be easier for kids to learn this way but I have a hard time keeping up.
Avatar n tn thrilling eh? i love your approach! i plan to keep my chin up sounds like these chats will help. I am curious tho, my Dr. said if i didn't respond in 12 weeks there was no hope to go forward and that the 48 week plan was basically all there was to do yet different posts mention 72 weeks etc. should i question my Drs information?
Avatar m tn We always hear how great our healthcare system is and it is great if you can afford a good insurance plan. But, for those unable to afford health insurance our system has not been good at all and that fact is reflected in this study and in many others like it.
Avatar m tn From Reuters Health Information Fecal Transplants Conquer C. Difficile Infections By Kate Kelland, Health and Science Correspondent LONDON (Reuters) Jan 19 - Once a year, every year, Professor Thomas Borody receives a single-stem rose from one of his most grateful patients. She is, he says, thanking him for restoring her bowel flora. It's a distasteful cure for a problem that's increasingly widespread: Clostridium difficile infections can be hard to treat with antibiotics. But Dr.
Avatar m tn But my friend, that is part of my point. I don't know much about how the Universal Health Care Plan is drawn up in the US, but if it's anything like ours, they really aren't capped. I think the confusion comes from folks seeing the gov't acting as an Insurance Company...setting fees, declining procedures, etc. But that's not how it works. It isn't the Insurance Company.
979080 tn?1323437239 The deal was that the GI would execute the plan that the liverhead came up with. It was not a normal by-the-book plan since I was a relapser. The GI followed the liverheads directions. During treatment I saw a hematologist for the blood work and any meds to fix the blood work (Neupogen/Procrit) and my regular doc for all else (sleep aids and AD, if I needed them). It all worked out well. Each doc had a defined piece of the action and I kept the circle tied together.
Avatar n tn HepC is rarely a death sentence, only 10-15 percent develop liver cancer or cirrhosis in there old age from hep c. I ve had hepatitis C for over 17 years and I am still in good health . I have fathered 2 daughters in that time who are healthy, normal and free of hepc. I have had regular sex with my woman and she also has not contracted hepC.
683231 tn?1467326617 If current trends continue, the prevalence of[non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is expected to increase to 40 percent of the population by 2020. NAFLD affects a substantial portion of the general population and is associated with metabolic syndrome, which includes obesity, insulin resistance, hyperlipidemia, and hypertension. Portal hypertension is hypertension (high blood pressure) in the hepatic portal system, which is composed of the portal vein and its branches and tributaries.
Avatar n tn We are so grateful. So far, we have have needed no fertility treatments. Now, at 41 (good health and condition), we conceived in May which ended in miscarriage (m/c) at week six. In July, I conceived again, but the joy was short-lived since at 6 or 7 weeks into the pg I sensed my "symptoms" suddenly waned. I was told that I had twin gestational sacs, but that neither of the embryos had made it; blighted ova (BO). We did the Hcg monitoring and serial ultrasounds.
Avatar f tn For 2+ years I have had abnormal thyroid tests with inability for any doctor to commit to a definitive diagnosis. I am *very symptomatic.
787406 tn?1339206783 You don't get an actual grade on them like you used to in school. They should probably be more accurately labeled as TOOLS. They are often looking for trends more than right/wrong answers. Can you be sure the normal or average person is able to remember all 20 things? I know I couldn't. Few evaluations anticipate every person to answer every question with a predetermined answer. If they do, they are worthless in my mind. I took that true/false thing a long time ago.
206807 tn?1331939784 The Canadian health care system is not perfect, in particular it does not allow choice of private health care. But, it offers universal health care.