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388261 tn?1215403444 **A Junkie's Survival Guide to Detox & Withdrawal Symptoms** © 2008 The word junkie (or junky) was initially used to describe a heroin addict, "junk" being a slang term for heroin. EX: We are all junkies! Just one big dysfunctional family! Addiction was a term used to describe a devotion, attachment, dedication, inclination, etc. EX: I am devoted to Vicodin! Detox, short for detoxification, in general is the removal of toxic substances from the body. EX: Detox fukin' *****!
1074733 tn?1256235219 I traveled to China alone to get him, which started an entire plethora of health problems. Some of these were old problems that had previously gone away and some were new issues that I had never dealt with before. This past Thursday my husband rushed me to the emergency room with severe chest pain. I'm not sure who was more scared, him or me. When we got there it was packed, but they took me straight back and started hooking me up to monitors. Apparently they don't take chest pain lightly!
1769355 tn?1319207762 000 I was so happy and we plan to make the viroloud test for nex week but at night I've make the injection wrong.I mean ,I use siringe(from next the pen)and the needle went off the siringe and I've felt the interferon on my pant!!I hope some went on but I know i've waste,and I know that the nurse can't do anyting about .I haven't phone her jet because the day after was saturday and today is sunday,so' I want call her tomorrow.What you think? I've compromise all therapy?
Avatar f tn Yes, the pharmacies and the health plan decision makers are very busy because so many people wanting treatment plus the millions on newly insured because of ACA and medicaid. My VA doctor prescribed me SOV/RBV on Feb 5 and said I probably would start treatment within 2 or 3 weeks. Was then told a few days later that it might be up to 60 days or more. On March 5 the treatment NP & pharmacist were hoping I could start at my next appointment April 2. So do I.
Avatar f tn i know i'm just a lowly charity patient, but they shouldn't put me on something like this (by the way, paid for by the company's charity plan $259 a month) and then, make me go through 9 days of withdrawals as sick as i am to start with, the director of the clinic even told me that the emergency room will not help me, so please, what are home remedies, anyway of just sleeping through these next few days?
237509 tn?1189759428 For me, I HAVE to stay on my xanax for mental health reasons. Several MD's concur on this as does my pharmacy, who has never had a problem with any prescription I bring in or any dosages of multiple meds. I must say you are a courageous person...but is this the best way to go? Not telling you what to do, I'm NOT an MD or drug abuser, I just don't want to see anyone place themselves in harms' way. May The Lord guide you.
Avatar m tn Hi there James and welcome to the forum. This place is a Godsend to many of us that come here for help. The people are as giving of themselves and as supportive as anyone could imagine. I hope you stick around. I'm shocked at your situation as I live in Canada and our health care system is so different. I truly sympathize. We are not allowed to give "weaning" instruction; you need a health care worker to guide you with that.
Avatar m tn I had a physical and they said everything is alright and no health problems. I tried to quit on my own and i got really sick and could not do it so i went back on. My doctor said not to quit cold turkey it could kill me. Problem is i moved to another state and cant find a doctor because i have no insurance and i am almost out. i do not know what to do now.
1947387 tn?1325644930 Outside of one close friend at work and my husband, my friends and family don't know about my thyroid problems. I like to keep health matters private, but I also feel like I owe everyone an explanation. Does this make any sense to anyone? Sorry for rambling..
1301089 tn?1290670171 The other is that if you pay for any of these items with money in your flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA) — and according to a guide from FSA plan administrator Benesyst, all of these are eligible expenses — you will face an effective tax increase of up to 40 percent on these items in the healthcare bill that President Obama signed today.
Avatar f tn She then wrote on that the info was correct and faxed it back to the pharmacy .....then destroyed question you think it's taken care of?? Since she told the pharmacy on their fax that it was correct and faxed it back from the docs office that will be enough for them????
Avatar f tn If he's nice and compassionate he will put you on a taper plan. If he's just a jerk he could discharge you and give you nothing. I faced a similar situation. I was refilling my vicodin a week early most of the time. Sometimes I managed to do it two weeks early. Eventually they caught on and told me that's it, you have to wait two months for your next refill because the pharmacies go by certain time periods for controlled substances.
Avatar f tn They are no longer allowed to prescribe into the future...a pharmacy can refuse to fill the prescription if it's given over a long period of time. So, I'm sure he's feeling that pressure...
Avatar n tn I realize I'll have to let the doctor guide the T3 dosage. My plan is at least a starting point for discussion. I've taken compounded thyroid medication in the past so I understand they have fillers. The pharmacy we use is patient friendly with options on fillers, which works for me. Thanks again for all of your help.
Avatar f tn U need2talk2ur dr explain how u feel(u might wanna seriouzly consider checking n a metal health facility.Not sure of underlying issues(mental health)u may have.
Avatar m tn here that tracks everything about your health through your healthcare number. Recently I was declined from buying the T1's due to this new system Alberta has in affect and that's when I finally woke up and "smelt the coffee" and realised, I have to quit or I am gonna die. Everyone is starting to figure it out and that means it is bad.
Avatar n tn I think I might try to stay on the vivelle dot, maybe tapering down on the dose, and get on that progesterone cream, that sounds like a good plan for me. I think you would agree with that plan too. :) I have to decide if I want to get another doctor, who maybe is into the natural stuff more and is more willing to find what works for me. Mary, I appreciate you more then you know. You have a big heart to be on and help people like you do.
Avatar f tn Dear Community, I am happy to be off opiates but continue to have many health issues. It is so difficult for me to live each day from my bed or chair. I continue to be very depressed. Am seeking any/all medical advice from my doctors in considering other illnesses. I still have the runs 3-4 daily but keep up my electrolytes, eat BRAT diet. When detoxing off opiates, did anyone experience a month of runs, depression, lethargy, and anxiety? Thank you all for thoughts and advice in advance.
Avatar f tn Instead of it saying max of 5 a day it says 1-2 q 6 hrs prn pain. So, the pharmacy filled it and gave to me (it's friday) but said they would have to verify the direction change Monday with my doctor due to it being filled a few days early. Will they really call my dr. even tho they already gave me my script? And if they do what do I do? Tell the dr. that I called in to the office for a rf friday and I just assumed they approved it?? I do not and can not admit to my dr.
Avatar n tn The other factors in his treatment have been conventional surgery to get the tumors out -- there were five -- plus treatment with BCG, as well as 3X/week injected fractional doses of interferon B. His urologist has been totally amazed by the health of his system. The original treatment plan was to remove the entire bladder and prostate, followed by chemo and radiation. We turned that down in favor of keeping his organs intact and using these alternative approaches.
13746467 tn?1441844115 Your prognosis will likely vary wildly from excellent to dismal, depending severity of organ involvement, treatment plan (a functional medicine doctor experienced in this would be very helpful), other disease progression specially hypoadrenalism (suspected). other unregulated/untreated imbalances and deficiencies , gene mutations and other factors. Is your vitamin D deficiency being addressed? If not, you must start ASAP, sublingual D3 drops, I'd say at least 10.000 IU daily along with Vit.
199177 tn?1490502134 Tramadol extended-release is used to treat moderate to severe chronic pain when treatment is needed around the clock. Tramadol may also be used for other purposes not listed in this medication guide. What should I discuss with my healthcare provider before taking tramadol?
Avatar f tn Normally it would go through no prob. But today I called it in, it was filled, and then cancelled. When I called the pharmacy said there must have been a mistake because they didn't have anything called in for me. But it was, so either they already knew, or they are going to call to verify tomorrow morning.
73878 tn?1214056807 Please feel free to use this for other posts. Sorry I took this one up............ Wishing you all the best of health!
264121 tn?1313033056 I said we were only going to drive an hour to see the guy if we actually got to see him, Then my son, God bless him, told her that my case was complicated to the extent that I needed specialists to consult with my physicians about further questions and changes to my treatment plan. That there was nothing anyone could really "do" at a check in type of appointment.
1375159 tn?1311691944 I didn't have most of it! This summer, I plan on getting things in order and buying all of these items.
Avatar n tn (she talks a great deal about Progesterone either over the counter or the slightly different type you get at a Compounding pharmacy (they also make bio progesterone pills that are commercially made and can be picked up at a regular pharmacy). I would pick the book up quickly, if you can. I also like Erika Schwartz, MD. Both also have websites and Erika puts out a newsletter...actually they both do, I just keep forgetting to sign up for Chris Northrup's letter....
Avatar f tn Needless to say it was a major shock to myself and my husband. I now have accepted it and plan to do whatever I can to kill this virus. July 2010 - I saw a Internal Medicine Doctor (actually I saw the nurse practioner) - they explained to me how to keep from spreading the virus to my family. This was my first and foremost worry. My mind was put at ease. I had many, many blood tests done at that time. I do know that I am genotype 1 - I have no idea about any other numbers.